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The maximum expression of technology ever seen on a duu ...

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Super Special N°14

8 August 2019

Last 4 July at the Milan garage Given Motodesign was presented REDSHIFT, una moto custom su base CR&S DUU. We all know CR&S and his works on two wheels, we all remember the duu with its powerful twin-cylinder, a motorcycle "handmade, his heart, in Milan", designed for the production…


29 May 2019

Looking at the bike, You can not know the brand. Much less whether it is good or not to drive. But one thing is certain: like it or not motorcycles, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the custom machine for Given, a small design company located in Milan, in Italy. It is there that the Brazilian Luiz…

DUU REDSHIFT – The Contribution of the designers in the customization of motorcycles

17 April 2019

Motorcycling is an activity in which converge harmoniously different aspects of design, the main one is to find a technical solution to the problem "of the transport functions". Manufacturers constantly seek to optimize performance in all its variants, the goal is to make the most effective means and able to solve the problems of the…

A screw… but giant!

12 December 2018

In GIVEN do not just motorcycles, but design projects in general, We realized for the company EJOT a most unusual prototype, it is a screw on the size never seen, whose height is 1,60m for weight 290kg. This project has served the company to beat a world record lift, and I'd say…

Given Motodesign Presentation

23 November 2018

Below is our company introduction, basically you can download the PDF file.


15 March 2018

ROBERTO A VA Boneville The navigator of the Multivan past nine stops us in front of the closed gate of a farm. off the car. In the courtyard of an old lady already he knows what will be the question that will turn. Before me beyond the gray gate he heard the same words from Graziano Rossi, Marco…

Just returned from EICMA 2017

17 November 2017

A beautiful gallery of photos of the event EICMA at the UM Global stand that saw us partakers of the creation of the prototype that you can see in the pictures and the preparation of the “Customization Corner”. The aim of both projects was to assess the Italian market response to the motion produced UM and also to analyze…


30 November 2016

Reverse this order: what you are reading is the comment and who will want from you readers will write below the real article on special and custom display at EICMA 2016: I place myself outside the journalistic and within straight into the wild uproar of personal opinion, antipathy / sympathy something like customizing, and its…

Just returned from EICMA 2016

16 November 2016

We are having just returned from EICMA 2016, we still have hands stiff from all the shaking exchanged hands, a heart full of emotion and pride for the many compliments received. We want to thank everyone who came to visit and associate all those who could not come. Thank you

Study techniques and design

26 September 2015

  Posted in China with a circulation of 75.000 copy, for use as a technical manual in Chinese engineering faculty, he volume “Technical Study and Design” is the third in a successful series of technical manuals written by the prolific Professor. Stone Wen. On Inner describes some production processes adapted from us, bringing them to…