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The red shift is the phenomenon by which light emitted from an object has a longer wavelength than that which had in emission. This means that the color turns to red. Most ...
italjet Dragster

italjet Dragster

The Italjet Dragster is one of those icons of the 80/90 that will remain forever in the memory of our relegated exclusively to the 'desire'. We probably dreamed more of Kim Basinger , perhaps because both inspired desire to despoil, of ...
Samurai Chopper & quot; Officine Riunite Milanesi"

Samurai Chopper “Officine Riunite Milanesi”

When I see our Samurai Chopper fell silent ... Low , long, narrow and black so that ...
Vespa Tattoo

Vespa Tattoo

What can you say about the Vespa that has not already been said ? Maybe give her ...


Thanks to our experience in motorcycle design, in design and style and three-dimensional modeling, ...
T-Shirt GIVEN Motodesign

T-Shirt GIVEN Motodesign

T-shirt GIVEN in limited edition. Having a different shirt from the common, It is the desire of ...

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Our processes Design Motorcycle

Given is a company with extensive experience focused in motorcycle design. With over 10 years of project design, engineering and the motorcycle style, we can develop and follow any type of project, starting from a basic Concept via a first pencil drawing, until the complete development of a series of motion or pre-series. We have different tools and features in-house and a list of suppliers that can satisfy any request for us. Our aim is to push us to new levels of development in the design and help companies build better products at lower cost. DESIGN Il principale obiettivo della Given è la progettazione di moto e servizi correlati. We work hard and with 3D software in pencil, paper and computer, but also with welding equipment and complex CNC processes. ENGINEERIng L'engineering è fortemente correlato alla progettazione poiché consente al processo produttivo di essere efficace e realistico. This is why we specialize in easily transfer our and your ideas from paper to reality. TOOLS Sappiamo che i nostri clienti hanno bisogno di servizi in tutto l'ambito del design. They need details, finishes, logistics, display systems and other services to showcase their products to market and receive feedback from this. STYLE Il design è niente senza stile! The style means interpreting trends, fashions and work on finishing details allowing the final customer to feel his motorcycle as the most desirable object that there is.


One of the most important steps in motorcycle design is certainly build a model "Clay". The so-called "automotive clay" It is a synthetic clay developed in the 70s specifically for the transportation design sector, It has the characteristic, compared to clay (Clay editor's note) Traditional to be reshaped infinite number of times and being thermoplastic, then soft and mouldable at the working temperature (55/65 degrees) is hard, compact and milled at ambient temperature. This allows maximum freedom to the modeler, and it allows him to be able to give to the artifact exactly the desired shape, with a precision of a few tenths of a millimeter by simply using the modeling tools or removal. Once we achieved the desired shape can proceed with an evaluation stage via "Highlighwall", where by means of special lights and special coatings (in film or paint) we can evaluate the formal correctness of the surface. The other evaluation we can do, together with the customer is obviously the aesthetic and ergonomic, checking that the shape and the volumes are correct, engaging and proportionally fair. If changes were to be requested, It will not be a problem, return to "Clay Room" and reshaping the object according to the new criteria. The Clay is a very long and complex process, that requires much skill and dexterity, also it requires a two-phase computer design, in the first instance in the style of phase with a CAS / CAM analysis which allows to have a clear idea of ​​what we are to achieve, and derive suitably dimensioned media, Finally, in the final abutment of the surface it requires a transformation process in the 3D model (Reverse Engineering), it also very long and complex, so its cost is definitely high and it is recommended (in our opinion) only in some cases it is not possible to proceed with the most direct ways.

Harley Davidson XR1200 custom

Harley Davidson XR1200 registration Year: 2009 Mileage: 30000 Price 9.400 Moto in excellent condition, a Harley Davidson myth taken recently by the parent company for LIEE driving the latest models. The only sports Harley, funny, reliable, charming and appropriate for both laps in solitary for everyday use. The bike has been revised aesthetics while leaving intact the original attacks and the frame, all changes are reversible in a short time. Among the standard accessories, good anti-theft typical Harley eletronico, minimally invasive and annoying but excellent deterrent, although in general this is not a motorcycle "interesting" for theft. For the rest retains the series chassis with the original rims (from the front 18") and original front fork, But the latter has received full review and fine tuning, as well as new aesthetic treatment of orange anodizazzione. At the rear shock absorbers instead of the originals they have been replaced by two units from the race and greater total length:, aesthetics and driving pleasure have received much benefit, currently the saddle height is great for people of height greater than 175cm, for the less high you can change the setting, alternatively use shorter shocks. The standard instrumentation was acting with a pro Motogadget Motoscope, very beautifull, super functional and super bright, here the change does not require wiring changes, semplice plug-n-play, Original equipment available. The exhaust system is crafted with manifolds, the beautiful sounds, profound and worthy of a Harley, but civil. The body has been revised in the shape of the tail (without changing any attack) and in the particular coating "rough" with new logos and graphics. The license plate was handcrafted in an extremely robust with a very nice style and inclination "legal". The brakes are worthy of the name, with braided hoses and system disks "braking" the profile "wave" and levers with two fingers, a 'system that restrains as must restrain a plant on a motorcycle similar. Sella rifoderata synthetic leather suede effect for both the driver and passenger, low handlebars Bitwell by 780mm wide with more diamtero from 1" and cables to pass quarries. All changes are aimed at improving the aesthetics and function without creating strange mix or disrupt the many good things serei, a custom bike but works well as a production bike, created to have fun both on the journey to work, is the most impengativi mountain passes. The engine is in excellent condition, around 30k km, regular coupons, and perfect brake pads, tires to be replaced, full of keys and alarm remote control. On sale at € 9,400 with € 9,700 or actual tires with new tires.

Zongshen Breakout

short description ...


GIVEN The company is strongly oriented towards the digital world, Computer-aided design and the most modern and innovative technologies. At the same time, however we abbimo a strong vocation for Design also as "style" of sources "aesthetics" dell'oggetto.Quindi our interests are not limited to the design and the solid parts, but also to their finitura.E 'why we have taken care of a range of manual finishes that can "to decorate" the external appearance of our punch mark parti.La falls fully on in this vein, since it allows to give a further stylistic detail in finished parts while as it is believed, so that they can be polished, brushed or even verniciate.Per take this beautiful technique (or better "art"), we with patience, sweat and tools created specifically.

A screw… but giant!

In GIVEN do not just motorcycles, but design projects in general, We realized for the company EJOT a most unusual prototype, it is a screw on the size never seen, whose height is 1,60m for weight 290kg. This project has served the company to beat a world record lift, and I would say that we were able to meet the customer's expectations both from the weight standpoint reached, obbligatorimente 300 kg, with the ability to change it to + -20kg, both from the point of view of aesthetics final. As a first step, we first carried out a study design and engineering. This was a mandatory step but crucial since it allows to better evaluate the possible procedures to be carried out for the realization of the object; especially if, as in this case, They are required many operations and many processes. The approach differs depending on the project you have in front, in our case allowed us to evaluate a realization through a mix of techniques and materials. The soul of the screw is composed of a welded steel block, the surface of which have been glued 3D prints that are going to reconstruct the appearance of the vine. These external parts were printed in PLA from us "in home" dove, After a few weeks of release, They have been sanded, glued to steel, grouted and finally painted. During the assembly and construction of the screw, a continuous weight monitoring has enabled us to keep under control the screw, while confirming the engineering studies previously. The same procedure was done for the trolley, the steel girders have been welded together (so as to be able to act both as a support for the screw that transport) and then painted red. Here are images illustrating the various steps carried out for the construction of the prototype. Stay tuned and stay up to date, a similar project ( if not even more bizarre) could knock on our door at any moment.

Given Motodesign Presentation

Below is our company introduction, basically you can download the PDF file.

italjet Dragster

The Italjet Dragster is one of those icons of the 80/90 that will remain forever in the memory of our relegated exclusively to the 'desire'. We probably dreamed more of Kim Basinger , perhaps because both inspired desire to despoil, to see if the covered was as beautiful as I discovered ... Being able to work on such an icon of our youth was thus an immense honor, pleasure and responsibility for us. Italjet had very clear ideas of how it should be their flagship scooter in the new millennium, But these ideas were translated into reality or better in math 3D. We then made some versions in 3D then passed to a digital maquette then merged into the product that it was possible to admire the motorcycle show EICMA 2018.


For sale this bandsaw, in excellent condition, the handle is broken and has been repaired, but this does not affect the operation. new tape, still no cutting. Article description: Cutting angle from 0 ° - 45° . Guide adjustable blade . arc block for transport device . Practical blade tensioning device . Vice quick locking cast iron . Engine induction singlephase. STANDARD . Iron Lama . Service tools. Motor 230V - 50Hz single-phase induction. dependent Power consumption: 1/2 HP. No load speed: 45 mt / min. blade size: 1.470x13x0,65mm. Cutting inclined to Sx up to 0 ÷ 45 °. Weight: 22Kg. Cutting capacity at 90 ° (Molded and full): ø=100mm, 100x100mm, 100x150mm. Cutting capacity at 45 ° (Molded and full): ø=75mm, 63x63mm, 63x100mm.

Front Page

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Serbatoio gas tank Harley Davidson xr 750

Serbatoio gas tank Harley Davidson xr 750, original parts, preserved and not used.

Fairings VTR for Ducati Panigale 1199 899 1299

Fairings VTR for Ducati Panigale new. Made of fiberglass, with ready-attacks. They should be fitted on all models Panigale, included 1199 899 1299 Focus Superleggera and R, Focus S, and Tricolor. Well made, already painted with primer. We have not tested it used, si vendono I, for any questions or information please contact us. They include: Left Side Right Side Screen Vascone Front fender cover tank Tail crupper

tank CR&S VUN in hand-beaten aluminum

short description .... Working time 8 weeks ARO.

Polo GIVEN Motodesign limited edition 4 specimens

Polo GIVEN in limited edition. Having a different shirt from the common, It is the desire of many people, and we have decided to please them, we are inspired to the Japanese painting technique and the use of brushes, putting into practice this interesting technique together with the use of sodium hypochlorite which lightens the colors, we created our hand GIVEN Logo. Limited edition of just 4 specimens, 2(M) 1(L) 1(S). FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

progressive gas Command for CR&S OF

Our throttle your VUN will lose part of that annoying on / off effect due to the accelerator too fast. Our command provides for a progressive design, this means that the total stroke will always be of the same magnitude, but it will be very progressive in the first part, then soft at low angles of opening, but just as fast accelerator ... how to say... wife cake and eat it!

Patch Ufficiale GIVEN

Patch ufficiale Given, perfect for every occasion from the most elegant up, obviously the motorcycle rally Chapter. Patch High quality embroidered, with backside thermal adhesive, 50mm diameter.


The red shift is the phenomenon by which light emitted from an object has a longer wavelength than that which had in emission. This means that the color turns to red. The most important is the REDSHIFT in cosmology, due to the expansion of the universe. The stars in particular show a redshift corresponding to the speed with which increases their distance from the earth. Copper is used on our duu its displacement from the original duu, aging will change its color, assuming the chromatic variations that the material will take. Our CARRIES "Redshift" He won the award "BEST OF SHOW" IMC at the national contest , clashing with other bikes beautiful and of the highest level.

plate CR&S large tank Silver 925/1000

Available as replacement of the original plaques CR&S lacquered for duu, silver 925/1000, with rear fastening pin. CAUTION: PRICE REFERS TO SINGLE PLATE!!! NB: Time required 4 weeks ARO!

T-Shirt GIVEN Motodesign

T-shirt GIVEN in limited edition. Having a different shirt from the common, It is the desire of many people, and we have decided to please them, we are inspired to the Japanese painting technique and the use of brushes, putting into practice this interesting technique together with the use of sodium hypochlorite which lightens the colors, we created our hand GIVEN Logo. Limited edition of just 14 specimens, 4(M) 8(L) 2(XL). FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

Targa engine CR&S X-Wedge duu original black lacquered brass

Available as replacement the original plate CR&S coating of lacquer to the engine of duu, X-Wedge della S&S, brass, with artisan lacquering to a color, original parts. NB: Time required 4 weeks ARO!

plate CR&S lacquered brass 2 Color Yellow / Black Original

Available as replacement of the original plaques CR&S lacquered for duu, brass, with artisan lacquering in two colors and rear fastening pin, original parts. CAUTION: SINGLE Price per plate!!! NB: Time required 4 weeks ARO!

Forcella Given Beast Fork BF01_r

Description and product available soon. NB: Time required 8 weeks ARO!

Odometer instrumentation CR&S DUU original

ACE 4XXX-XX Tachimetro - Tachometer - Marce indicator included - fuel Level - Livetto temperature. Include 6 functions and is also available in aluminum and with different LED indicators. Functionality: Computer digital multi-function; simultaneously indicates tachometer, speeds up to 399,9 Km / h, clock, temperature and fuel level, everything at once; Dual thermal sensor 1&2 (engine and external temperature), Odometer with the partial remote sensing 1&2, It indicates the maximum and average speed, clock, journey time, Total journey time, voltometro, lap time; Diponibile with 3 backlights of different colors (rosso,verde,Blu); Include 6 LEDs for a variety of applications; It includes a telecomandino fixable on the handlebars to give the opportunity for the driver to view all internal functions of the instrument in a manner confertevole and without having to remove your hand from the handlebar. It includes a memory 99 lap times (LAP TIME), each tour includes average and maximum speed; It allows the user to set the mileometer when it is under 30 Km,above which the distance remains stored in memory,even when the unit is; Setting universal wheel circumference:1-3999mm.; Setting overspeed and high temperature adjustable in their choice; The fuel indicator has 3 different resistances incoming from +/- 100 Ohm, 250 Ohm, 510 Ohm.Possibilità not to display the fuel level using the OFF option; Tested to 8G for resistance to vibration and shock resistance of 100G; Trademarks And to ABE approved. NB: Time required 2 weeks ARO!


Idea Submission: Have you ever thought of making a motorcycle to advertise your company? A motorcycle is an object of secure communicative strength, It concerns the sphere of pure passion, and then his party will remain unlikely stranger. It can also be easily moved for trade fairs and international events and not least can be used in the way to carry around your brand. the realization of a branded motorcycle can afford to put in highlights your technologies, your skills and your style. We have all the skills in GIVEN, suppliers and machines that allow us to realize your idea, from the simplest to the most complex. Here are some examples of branded motorbikes for important brands from various sectors, Our projects are not but give a good idea of ​​how you can range from simple customizations to more complex projects. Tax Advantages The realization of a motorcycle branded allows to fully deduct the cost incurred when incurred. Such expenditure can in fact be classified alternately between: - Expenses for study and research: fully deductible pursuant to Article 108 comma 1 the TUIR - Expenditure on advertising or sponsorship fully deductible pursuant to Article 108 comma 2 the Income Tax Code as expenses incurred under a contract to correspondent performances, whose cause lies in the obligation of the counterparty to publicize / advertise, in exchange for payment, the brand and / or company's product in order to stimulate demand (C.M. 34/E/2009).Sponsorship expenses, to be fully deductible as advertising expenses, must:or Have the aim to advertise a commercial product or the name or company logo;o Be paid on a reciprocal obligation for the beneficiary. - Expenses for fairs / exhibition stand in case of use for the fairs as normal expenses, It is classified as commercial expenses deductible under the Income Tax Code dell'art.109. There are entertainment expenses, as these, necessarily inherent as well as actually incurred and documented, must be free of charge.

760554 S&S X-Wedge Cam Drive Belt, 30mmx127T

L' S&S X-Wedge is a special V-twin engine with three cams for custom applications is also used in some models Big Dog and CR&S, as well as the Morgan 3-Wheeler, that uses the engine from X121 1,983 cc (121CI). The timing belt is subject to frequent breakages, and yet on average does not lead to engine damage, It is certainly preferable to replace it before it breaks. On average, the manufacturer provides a replacement every 5000km, in particular on application motorbike (CR&S o Big Dog) it is preferable to keep an eye on this part because unlike Morgan, where the engine is mounted frontally and consequently has a better cooling, in the motorcycle it is mounted with lateral discharges which pass very close. A great way to keep an eye on the strap is to use our crankcase cover distribution. NB: Time required 2 weeks ARO!

shaped plate Ag. 925/1000 “CR&S” “CARRIES” engraved as per customer specifications

Apparently many customers complain "disappearance" the nameplate of their CR&S DUU. The plate is silver 925 and is realized ad hoc for the customer on the same etching, the production number of the motorcycle and possibly the name of the customer or nick. We are able to replicate it like the original, with the words you want. NB: The order fulfillment time is 4 weeks ARO. NB: Time required 4 weeks ARO!

Piaggio MP3 “Stream”

L'MP3 secondo GIVEN! Technological, functional and subversive. If you are interested in the project adopt it automatically and directly to our e-Shop with a deposit, Then we will define the project based on your tastes. Turn the scooter concept: The time is now right for a restyling of the classic scooter understood as covered by a beautiful mechanical ugly plastic form, the market is ready for a fresh look at modern urban commuter. There is a strong need for a means that allows us comfortable daily commute with ease, reliability and comfort. But today scooter "mature", one who seeks a reliable and usable product, but also to enable him to be noticed and you transfer to others their experience and passion motorcycle, He is willing to give up something in terms of comfort just to have a medium that characterizes it and identify, but also and above all that fun, that enthusiasm! We want to create an object that collects in unless the benefits of all motorcycle worlds, but the feelings, the drives, the typical attractions of all worlds, confluendole in a project by the easy industrialization and commercialization. .1 Performance: The engine becomes the beating heart, the coordinating element, the base, unnecessarily sound but efficiently perfect. A modern 300cc engine is the perfect balance between lightness and performances as, but in this case it is necessary a larger displacement engine (500~800cc) that transmits good vibes like a motorcycle. .2 Timeless: Always the oxymoronic combination-form vs. function has gripped designers, in this eternal dualism only one thing is certain, the function is eternal, the shape aging. Our vision is closely linked to the function of the particular, to its mechanical topical. .3 Charm: The appeal in this case is a child who looks a the washing machine spin. A daily necessity, a routine ritual that despite its visual vanity fails to enchant for its kaleidoscopic tour of colors and details. .4 Mechanics: The refined mechanics, made of functional components but also beautiful, not too industrial, well made and designed to be seen and appreciated, to intrigue and attract. The Stream is our proposal for the future style for MP3 family. And 'his natural variation in key 2020, It is still a scooter, but its details are supernaked. It 'a project with down to earth exploring paths that other motorcycle manufacturers have left unexplored for now, It means the scooter as a means of makeshift motorcycle but as an evolution of the classic motorcycle. Our proposal provides various ways of defining, from the static mock-up to a working prototype and production characteristics with concrete. E 'it equipped with the

Vespa Tattoo

What can you say about the Vespa that has not already been said ? Maybe give her a nice tattoo ? The wasp is an icon of motorcycling and popular engine, He has spanned the decades while remaining on the cutting edge, always true to herself, always a myth of the light engine. E 'was interpreted in all possible interpretations, from the most pistaiole and fun to the very hipster (o hippy), passing various cults such as that generated by the film Quadrophenia 1979, symbol of a generation in the mood to rebel against rebellion! Over the years the wasp was dismembered, colored, botched, prepared, lightened and weighted, rendered famous by e volgarizzata ... we have it tattooed simply! We have indelibly etched his steel skin (remained Steel, always faithful to the original scheme of Corradino D'Ascanio), we have carved above a beautiful floral design that has become an integral part of his body / chassis, indelible part, an everlasting love, that can not be erased with a simple coat of paint, that will always be there where it was put. We recorded the body with an awl and skilled tattoo artist or rather engraver hand we created a slight relief hardly noticeable to the touch, We then covered with the original paint "wound" created to assure durability and make it even lighter and imperceptible our intervention. The result is a design just perceptible, extremely elegant, extremely sublime, as only we know how to do Italian. The motorcycle tattoo is a process that we invented the Given and we decline it in many variations, more or less refined, more or less visible, depending on the bike, owner, and the material on which we go to work. We can work on plastic, of aluminum or iron, painted or raw, for each of these materials we have developed a process depending on the characteristics of the material and the finishing request. For more information please see our page dedicated to this finish. The processing has been given a little complex process that the body of the wasp is structural and non-removable, so it was a pleasure to work directly on the bike fun.

CR&S DUU “Elegant”

One of the CR&S duu the finest I have ever made in CR&S, sober, classical, but disruptive as only can be duu. Refined be turned off and turned on brutal, It characterized by a graphic livery tonal, a CR&S Gray disseminated to all body parts, even those that are normally in matt black. he CR&S Gray contrasts perfectly with the CNC in nickel-plated aluminum plates polished and obviously with the frame and the other stainless steel components. Ultimissima series CR&S DUU, model year 2014 with a whole series of updates to the mechanical and to the bodies that have made it a product even more reliable and durable, in time and kilometers. Among the accessories, the Discacciati DBS brake calipers for CR&S, with unique design and performance from MotoGP, the engine oil reservoir billet with the typical finning "porcupine", The mirrors on the handlebars and the aforementioned aesthetic body treatments and CNC plates. Not just finally in leather saddle with embroidery "CARRIES". The bike is in configuration "conlatusa" which means two-seater (some bikes came exclusively single-seater). For the uninitiated the bike has a displacement of 2000cc (1917cc) and a power of about 105 Cv, Mentra torque delivery is well 152 Nm. The bike has only 7000km, single-owner, one of the last produced in CR&S, registered the 24/9/2014. It is located in Rome and not accept trade-ins.


Thanks to our partnership with the manufacturer of ABS systems for original equipment, NingBo SAFE Brakes, we can follow the motorcycle manufacturers for their assembly of original equipment OEM systems motorcycle ABS. NingBo Safe Brakes systems Co,LTD was born in December 2014, with the main objective of developing a security system for vehicles with two wheels as motorcycles and high-speed electronic vehicles. It develops internally R&D, production, sales and technical services. It has a team of R&D and management with extensive experience, included 3 postdoctoral, 10 specialists and PHD, It aims to be number one in China and around the world, in the field of anti-lock brake system. The performance of our product ABS has successfully passed the certification EUR Standard IV (Luxembourg ATEEL) Agusto ad 2015 and also the EMC certification in November 2015. The company has been evaluated by TUV IATF16949 (Germany) in December 2015 and also we completed a strategic partnership with many international companies such as Benelli, PIAGGIO, AMOUNT, LONCIN, Lifan, QianJiang, Aeon, ZongShen. Product Overview : It improves stability and control of the bike shortens the braking distance lightweight design (all-in-one) and easy insertion into motion Size: 86.6× 64 × 98.6mm Peso: ≈0.746Kg Automatic identification of the type of road surface and slip variable diagnostic interface control and CAN KLINE Low radiated noise in single channel Control: front wheel dual channel control: both the front wheel and rear ABS system dual channel F / R all-in-one. Fully integrated. only 80x80x100mm Dimensions. technical benefits: Compact design and specific size for the installation of motion in micro-flow solenoid valve for the brake system algorithm development and self-generation code based on Matlab / Simulink Speed ​​control of the bike rotation based on PWM architecture with System MCU + ASIC PCB four layers RTOS complies with OSEK Development of ECU in compliance with the ISO26262 requirements for communication support through the K line and CAN, with supply of complete error diagnosis More 100 security monitoring and management strategies Supports calibration function based on CCP (CAN Calibration Protocol) Advanced production technology, error correction technology and modern production equipment Product Operation: the anti-lock braking system (MABS) It is designed specifically for motorcycles, considering the dynamics of the vehicle and the characteristics of the braking system. Relying on the state of the braked wheel movement (read every millisecond) from the wheel speed sensor, l 'ABS adjusts the braking torque to prevent the wheels from locking. This is a closed loop control system, and can have the following advantages: The stability of the vehicle can be ensured at any time of braking. The distance of the braking can be shortened

CR&S DUU “Special”

Surely one of the CR&S most exclusive duu never realized in CR&S. In addition to having all the accessories available in the catalog, this motion also presents a new headlight exclusively realized ad hoc for the current owner. A custom paint a deep blue as the Atlantic and a whole long list of accessories: Looking billet with a modular channel, Brembo monobloc calipers with radial attack, engine oil tank billet with finish "porcupine", engine intermanete polished mirror, frame brushed, Brake and clutch pumps Discacciati DBS billet with exclusive design by CR&S Racing, cap Rizoma racing etc. Come alone in the CARRIES, tons of torque (150 NM) and cavalry enough (circa 105 Cv tree). 2000km bike, Nenci 50km from the engine has been updated to version 2200 cc!!!! Single-owner, model year 2013, approximately 2000km.

Harley Davidson V-ROD “VRASCAW”

A much discussed motorcycle Harley Davidson V-Rod, in all its many variations. Even many do not consider it a real Harley Davidson because of its technological water-cooled engine, contrary to the principles of simplicity of motion of Milwaukee. Yet we like very, We like it for its low line and muscular, for its style "uselessly " performing. Maybe we could even say that better than all other Harley Davidson V-Rod is the American philosophy of going on the road, big engine, big performance, from gate cycling and busted trim. Exclusively from burn-out or highway shooting (or better "Highway"!) Our work on the bike focused, as is normal with regard to customization that we take into account, primarily on the overall volumes, in the second instance we have reconsidered the driveability and in general the measures is that anthropomorphic geometric means of motion, Finally, we focused on the details. The issue volume was resolved trying to give the bike an overall look stockier and less stretched the original version of the Harley Davidson V-Rod, we then spoke on the positioning and the shape of the bodywork components as a reservoir, faro, instrumentation and tail. As regards the structure and geometry we raised the rear in order to shorten the wheelbase, raise the center of gravity and the axis angle of steering verticalize, This has led to a better handling and drivability, more suitable for use of the motorcycle newspaper. Finally we developed all the details, mechanical and aesthetic, drawing the parts to be realized in 3D, giving a first 3D print version, and once confirmed the goodness, we switched to the realization of aluminum components, ABS plastic and PMMA plastic transparent via CNC. Ultimately our Harley Davidson V-Rod is perfectly our style of motorcycle customization tailor-made, tailor-made in every sense for the customer, so that it can quietly circled, with the rules and with attention to style but also usability.


ROBERTO A VA Boneville The navigator of the Multivan past nine stops us in front of the closed gate of a farm. off the car. In the courtyard of an old lady already he knows what will be the question that will turn. Before me beyond the gray gate he heard the same words from Graziano Rossi, Marco Belli, Makoto Tamada. "And, This address is via Ca 'Nine one, but they gave the same name to a street of the industrial area near here. You have to return to Verona. At the traffic lights turn left and at the first roundabout on the right. "I turn off the German navigator and we rely on Google Map. The smartphone Diego in ten minutes brings us to the front gate of the In-Motion. Gianna welcomes us in the office. The air conditioning yells, come to serve, and outside there are forty degrees. Through the glass, in the shed, HRC and Minolta brands they know MotoGP. Along the wall a row of colored tanks with the brand Zaeta. The girl with blue leggings packs in boxes circles Kineo ready to be shipped. A nice ass .... Roberto gave us an appointment here, the farm of Julius Bernardelle, to make photographs that tell the first installment of this crazy project. Crowds as are projects that tie men close to the passions. Roberto Maria Crepaldi sessantino is a son of art. At seventeen he accompanied the clients of his father's dealership to pick up the car Enzo Ferrari. Over the years he has helped to bring to Italy the Jaguar brand, Aston Martin, Triunph, Harley Davidson e Husquarna. In 1993 He founded the CR team&S Britten and with Britten V 1000 He has participated in three editions of the Tourist Trophy. Today, with RMC brand, Record Motor Cycles, He works to go on the salt lake of Boneville and beat the speed record locking to four hundred twenty-three km / h. While Diego prepares camera bodies and lenses, Roberto's team gradually meets. Ugo Torri is an entrepreneur and a gentleman driver with a passion for speed and beautiful motorcycles. Giulio Bernardelle is the technical manager of the project. He won two World with Valentino Rossi and Roberto Locatelli, He was technical director of the Pramac Honda and Konica Minolta Honda team in MotoGP. Donato Cannatello is the designer responsible for the streamlined body of the motorcycle. Dario Marchetti raced on the track and on the road, in World, in superbike, nell’endurance, a Macao e Suzuka. In America he has already won at Daytona and the salt lake of Boneville will almost lying on RMC to run over four hundred per hour towards the record. The guys of In-Motion lead out of the shed the prototype of the RMC. The team gathers around


Strong experience with our finish "Unpaint", we have developed a further evolution, the "Moto Tattoo"! As tattoos are engraved permanently on our skin, the same way we have tried to affect indelibly on the bike skin its graphic, his style, his artistic talent and his inspirations. We have therefore developed a final etching process that can be applied on rough surfaces, both in metal and plastic. The process is carried out by hand with the same procedures as a tattoo to human skin, then, draft on paper, transfer of part and engraving freehand. From this basis we can then cover and finish the piece with different graphics, coatings or treatments galavanici. The treatment can be applied on body parts and mechanical parts, carter, lids or other.


GIVEN Donato Cannatello P.I. IT09073830961 C.F. CNNDNT73B17F839K REA MI-2066781 Recipient Code: T9K4ZHO Via Lago di Nemi, 25 20142 Milano [MY] ITALY


Given is a company with extensive experience focused in motorcycle design. With over 10 years of project design, engineering and the motorcycle style, we can develop and follow any type of project, starting from a basic Concept via a first pencil drawing, until the complete development of a series of motion or pre-series. We have different tools and features in-house and a list of suppliers that can satisfy any request for us. Our aim is to push us to new levels of development in the design and help companies build better products at lower cost. The main objective of the Given is the motorcycle design and related services. We work hard and with 3D software in pencil, paper and computer, but also with welding equipment and complex CNC processes. The engineering is strongly related to the design because it enables the production process to be effective and realistic. This is why we specialize in easily transfer our and your ideas from paper to reality. We know that our customers need services in the whole range of design. They need details, finishes, logistics, display systems and other services to showcase their products to market and receive feedback from this. The design is nothing without style! The style means interpreting trends, fashions and work on finishing details allowing the final customer to feel his motorcycle as the most desirable object that there is.


GIVEN SHOP Welcome to our online store, in this corner found between various parts, spare parts, accessories and services. Find our products but also parts of various motorcycles, both new and used. All strictly for motorcycles, bike or for their design.

3D motion and Product Configurator

Version "Beta" our 3D configurator. This first release is a simple readjustment of the WEB version for workstations Kiosk, subsequently further evolved. To assess a local version or more defined contact.

Mask CR&S duu with DRL LED lights made from solid

short description NB: Time required 4 weeks ARO!


Are you thinking about how to make your own custom bike? Are you looking for a specialist to build your custom bike? Perfect! We are in Milan, but thanks to our network of carriers we can take your bike anywhere and bring it home. Once the motion is that we can draw it according to your ideas or requests, or alternatively you can leave design freedom and let us do everything, you just have to come and collect it and be amazed. Whatever your idea of ​​custom bikes we will be happy to share it, even to reason over a beer, if you want you can make the rendering to give you an idea of ​​how it could be customized, can we to see custom already in a 3D viewing environment where you'll see so real you will want to jump on and give gas! One of the most challenging aspects of our work is the creation of custom bikes, or "tailored", for customers who want to stand, with well-defined and custom details, we like this area because it allows us to unleash our creativity on bikes that can turn into unique items, because we like the complexities that exist in achieving a customized bikes are always different, with new materials and construction techniques that change from time to time. The customization of a motorcycle requires a lot of practical experience mechanical, but from our very important point of view are also planning skills and creativity. Design and Designing Custom bikes at the industrial level for the private client. When we make a motorcycle Given we do not just replace original parts with other found around, but we work directly on the workpiece, or on the bike, to recreate, draw, designing, just like the customer wants. Not just a cut and paste, but a real ad hoc project where details make the difference. In shaping motorcycles are designed specifically to meet the needs of the customer constraints are very different from those of the industrial design and relate to the person instead of the technical or economic interests. exclusive projects Moto Design. Italian Mechanical Engineering and Design for unique and innovative projects. Gives 20 years to the most demanding customer service. In Gusto Given we like motorcycles "rustic", of iron, with the mechanical sight, the modern form, but we are always for a more industrial approach. Each custom bikes for us to Given is an object to be enjoyed slowly, piecemeal, particular after particular. Details We like to work on all types of custom bikes, in particular we like: BMW single-cylinder boxer and, CR&S OF A DUU (on these we loooong experience ..), Harley Davidson small and large, Triumph Bonneville

Filtro aria Kuryakyn pro-r Hypercharger per CR&S DUU

We have developed a kit to mount the beautiful Kuryakyn pro-r Hypercharger on our CR&S DUU. The kit includes all the necessary hardware and filter Kuryakyn pro-r Hypercharger. If you have one and want duu + performances + style + sound, then you would not mount! NB: Time required 4 weeks ARO! Installation for Kuriakin Pro-R air filter on CR&S DUU Remove original air filter, PAY ATTENCTION, screws are in Imperial size, so keep them apart for further. Now you can see the throttle body exposed. Put original gasket at his place. Secure new fixing clamp with original Imperial screws. Add new gaskets on the fixing clamp. Now fix the new Kuryakyn pro-r Hypercharger air filter inner part with 3 screws in the kit (metric M6) Cover the screws with plastic cover. Place Air cleaner in working position. Add air cleaner cover. Secure outside shell of the Kuryakyn pro-r Hypercharger. Pay attenction to the 2 guides in the front part keeping the axle of the valves. Secure the small screw of the TOP front part keeping the axle (PAY attention it is a Imperial 7/64” hex wrench). Secure the LOWER 7/64” screw. If you cannot find 7/64” screw, you will hardly be able to secure it. Find the brass plug on the throttle body (left side looking at the bike). Remove the rubber cap. Use the rubber pipe to joint the brass plug… …with the lower plug on the air cleaner below the valves. Secure with straps. Run and Enjoy!


Thanks to our experience in motorcycle design, in design and style and three-dimensional modeling, we have developed a 3D configurator that can be declined as the bike configurator, car configurator or more generically as product configurator. In reality, to be more precise, It is a fully configured platform for multiple types of objects, primarily obviously she motorcycles capable of operating on various platforms. Because our 3D configurator? Unlike conventional configuration systems, ours is much more extensive and modular but especially evolvable in time in a very simple way. This system translates into a tool, for manufacturers of motorcycles (or other products), extremely useful and effective.

A 3D Global Configurator

An example of a possible release in 3D configurator WEB mode. It can also be used in full screen mode. Requires video card GTX or similar.


The UM RENEGADE SCRAMBLER 300W is a prototype (showbike) created for UM Global on the basis of their product currently on the market, the RENEGADE COMMANDO. Of the original motion of course we had to keep as many parts as possible to optimize the entire engineering process and put into production, we also have reused some of actual production parts UM so consertire company an advantageous economy of scale. The main change has obviously affected the new wheel sizes ( 120/70 R19 Ant. e 170/60 R17 Post.) we had to use to give the bike a new enduro trim, We then re-radiated existing hubs with a new set of Takasago Excel and mounted the panciutissimi and tassellatissimi Continental TKC 80. Similarly we had to intervene to lift the bike on set, then the back we opted for a couple of shock absorbers 380mm, while the fork has remained the series to limit investment. For superstructures we drew with pleasure by those who are the componentistic serial production UM, always at the highest level considered to be the end of the market, mixing classical elements with more modern parts, and in some cases "disruptive" as the underride protection in 4mm sheet made with our technique "Sheet-Box". We also experienced a first in the motorcycle field, namely the creation of wooden components made from 3D design through numerically controlled milling (CNC), and made of "cheeks" tank with a perfect shape bearing on the surfaces of the original tank and some details in the rear area. The rest of the parts are made in 3D printing but also by local artisans, the beautiful leather upholstery is an example, but also the sheet metal mudguards do not joke. The bike was presented at EICMA motorcycle show in Milan 2018 and according to many is one of the most exciting features that are seen.

Just returned from EICMA 2017

A beautiful gallery of photos of the event EICMA at the UM Global stand that saw us partakers of the creation of the prototype that you can see in the pictures and the preparation of the "Customization Corner". The aim of both projects was to assess the Italian market response to the motion produced UM and also to analyze the new possibilities offered by customization "on demand" linked to modern prototyping and 3D printing techniques. The results in terms of public response has been extremely rewarding. Thanks to those who went to greet us and to see what we did.

Zaeta 530 DT

For our friend we have for sale a wonderful Zaeta 530 DT The bike is still under warranty, registered in March 2017. Solo 3000km, superdivertente and reliable!

CR&S OF Full Optional !! NEW !!

We have for sale a beautiful CR&S OF con 200km (almost new), registered in 2008. It has virtually all the accessories list in CR&S: Alloy wheels Mavic Forks with scabbard and CNC treatment rods DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Rear shock absorber Ohlins Racing single radiator Mirrors Rizoma CNC Motor color painted dark gray powder Everything immaculately, everything funny! registered in the 2008, single-owner, 200km.

Given “VRS02”

The VRS02 is the evolution of VRS01, bike which results, we have created a new finish for the aluminum frame, scraped to bring it to the naked and then giving of amaranth color traces "Rust", a typical example of our finishing technique "Unpaint". The mechanism is unchanged in its simplicity and functionality, location racing, good brakes, freewheel, ma look da "fixed gear", wide tires to copy pave urban well.

Mirrors Universal mirrors with visualizzione angle-blind Smart Rider

It Helps PREVENT ACCIDENTS during the lane change by increasing visibility in the blind spot. The robust stem 9,5 mm thick reduces the FLIP and increases the robustness Roofing resistant ABS and high-density rubber covers for considerable DURABILITY AND LOOK MODERN mirror 6 inches for high visibility. UNIVERSAL MOUNTING compatible with all makes and models of motorcycles. Helps to AVOID ACCIDENTS while changing lanes by increasing visibility in the blind spot area. 9.5mm thick heavy duty stem REDUCES VIBRATION and increases sturdiness Durable ABS shell and high density rubber stem covers for added DURABILITY AND MODERN LOOKS 6 inch mirror head for INCREASED REARWARD VISIBILTY UNIVERSAL FIT compatible with all motorcycle brands and models

Spoke for Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1050

Short Description. NB: Time required 4 weeks ARO!

Motogadget Support MOSCOPE PRO for Harley Davidson

A support specifically designed to easily mount on your bike the beautiful instrument of Motogadget , in this case it allows you to mount the Motoscope PRO on all Harley Davidson XR 1200 and all Sportster models. The support does not require any changes to the bike, Simply removing the original media, and replacing on this, also it lets you use the original screws. Available in ABS plastic or aluminum, both billet with a great basic finishing, ready for installation, vernicicati, polished (for aluminum) or other. NB: Time required 4 weeks ARO!


Short Description.

STYLE FLOW – Course of Style, Design, Render e Sketches

STYLE FLOW is the fourth and final module of our course of Design, It captures the style and design skills in the field of Transportation Design. The course is organized as COURSE FULL IMMERSION and in one day, allows you to acquire the skills required in a fast and convenient. All information regarding our course 3D modeling. mode: The course is structured as a collective way with a minimum of 1 person up to a maximum of 4 students per course. For each student is provided a workstation where they can exert on site. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate of participation. Price: The course has a cost of 240 € + VAT Office: The course is carried out at our headquarters in Milan Duration: The course takes place from 12:00 all 20:00 on Wednesday in a single lesson. Who is it: Members possess good PC user skills, Windows environment , computer graphics programs that both Vector and Bitmap 3D modeling capabilities. Why participate: To acquire knowledge and professional skills in the field of automotive and motorcycle style. Program: Theory Volumes 3D rendering by rendering 2D computer through computer rendering 2D freehand

PLASTIC FLOW – physical modeling course and plastic 3D printing

PLASTIC FLOW is the third module of our course of Design, allows become familiar with the modeling of plastic materials by means of 3D printing and processing of plastic to achieve hulls or parts. The course is organized as COURSE FULL IMMERSION and in one day, allows you to acquire the skills required in a fast and convenient. All information regarding our course of plastic physical modeling. mode: The course is structured as a collective way with a minimum of 1 person up to a maximum of 4 students per course. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate of participation. Price: The course has a cost of € 292 including VAT Office: The course is carried out at our headquarters in Milan Duration: The course takes place from 16:00 all 20:00 on Monday in a single lesson. Who is it: Users possess good ability to use the PC and three-dimensional modeling. It requires that you know how to model a part with such software: Solidworks, 3D Studio Max, Rhinoceros, SketchUp or simile. Why participate: To acquire professional skills in the field of production of plastic articles for use in the field of Automotive design or Product. Thanks to this course you can go into with the right knowledge in the field of 3D printing, thus being able to be self-sufficient now to be realized in the house their plastic pieces. E 'can also find out immediately what the best 3D printing machines that allow us with minimal investment (even using machines from only 200 €) get started right away. Program: 3D Print, 3D Printers, techniques of use and typical problems. Modeling of the article made in plastic, welding, finish editing. Shooting 3D prints interrupted accidentally.

METAL FLOW - Corso welding TIG AC / DC Steel, Iron and Aluminum

METAL FLOW is the second module of our course of Design, It allows to acquire knowledge in the realization of artefacts in Steel, Aluminum, Iron Stainless the. The course is organized as COURSE FULL IMMERSION and in one day, allows you to acquire the skills required in a fast and convenient. All information regarding our course of welding and machining metals. mode: The course is structured as a collective way with a minimum of 1 person up to a maximum of 4 students per course. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate of participation. Price: The course has a cost of € 292 including VAT Office: The course is carried out at our headquarters in Milan Duration: The course takes place on Saturdays from 10:00 all 14:00 in a single lesson. Who is it: Users with good manual skills and workshop work. Why participate: Run correctly the welding process TIG AC / DC on all types of weldable materials, then iron, Stainless steel and aluminum, various alloys. Learn how to handle metals and their transformations. Program: Metal Modeling, puncture, thread, deburring etc. TIG AC and DC, of ferrous material and aluminum. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US

Triumph Speed Triple 1050 “PIER”

Pier is an avid serious ones. La sua Speed Triple 1050 spends more time under the knife or on the road. Yet Pier makes of kilometers in motion ... Turns solo on the steps and torque weekend (obviously with a two-seater motorcycle).... On his Speed ​​Pier achieved alone or with our help all the parts needed to transform its "civil" Speed ​​Triple in the beast of customization and fun that you can see on this page. Everything was taken care to detail, screw to screw, pomellino for pomellino, until you get to the rear frame, pigtail, and wheels made according to his purpose. In the specific case, for the tail, we started from a model made of extruded polyurethane low density "graven" by hand by the same Pier, we engineered by 3D scanning and reverse engineering, with a resolution of geometrical problems, undercuts, Draft and mirroring. From this we obtained a first ABS model milled from solid to use as "Master" mold for the fiber Carbon. Finally we rolled the fiber until you have fully replicated the early stages with a final product super strong and only a few pounds heavier. The wheels also have been specifically created on demand and Pier design, wheels not too thick beams, functional and read, tubless, monoarm and varnishing bicolor. It was not easy to bring together all the requests, but with the help of our Jonich was almost a walk. Find the wheels also available in our shop on-line.

Given VRS02

The VRS02 is the evolution of VRS01, bike which results, we have created a new finish for the aluminum frame, scraped to bring it to the naked and then giving of amaranth color traces "Rust", a typical example of our finishing technique "Unpaint". The mechanism is unchanged in its simplicity and functionality, location racing, good brakes, freewheel, ma look da "fixed gear", wide tires to copy pave urban well.

PIXEL FLOW – Basic course 3D modeling

PIXEL FLOW is the first module of our course of Design, It allows to acquire core competencies in the design with the ability to model their ideas in 3D. This is thanks to a 3D modeling program (Solidworks) capable of realizing its ideas. The course is organized as COURSE FULL IMMERSION and in a couple of days, allows you to acquire the skills required in a fast and convenient. It can also be carried out individually, depending on the requests for the chosen date, and it is divided into 8 hour course, divided (better) in two days in order to allow the student to practice the basics acquired, alternatively it can be developed into one intensive day on request. All information regarding our course 3D modeling: mode: The course is structured as a collective way with a minimum of 1 person up to a maximum of 4 students per course. For each student is provided a workstation where they can exert on site. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate of participation. Price: The course has a cost of € 586 including VAT Office: The course is carried out at our headquarters in Milan Duration: The course has a total duration of 8 hours divided into 2 lessons, It can also be performed in one day only in case of necessity. Who is it: Members possess good PC user skills, Windows environment and basic knowledge of computer vector and bitmap graphics. Preferable but not required to have 3D modeling capabilities with software like 3D Studio Max, o Rhinoceros, SketchUp or simile. Why participate: To acquire knowledge and basic skills Sometimes to create 3D solid models correct and functional components or assemblies of the mechanical / furniture sector with Solidwork also allows you to learn how to create 2D drawings to 3D models connected with views, sections, quote, distinct. Program: Basics SolidWorks 2D Sketching Modeling Assembly Modeling Surface Modeling of the parties to the table Mass Management Tool files rendering sheet Advanced Features Checking files

BMW R NineT “Racer”

To me the R Ninety honestly not crazy. It is no doubt a great product, fills a niche that was pretty vacant before her, certainly there are other competing models with similar features, but at BMW it was missing such a simple motion, small, modern and stylish. It will be but to me it seems to emphasize these aspects too; too small, too forcibly stylish. It lacks that character "strambo" Typical of the motion of the propeller house. At the request of a friend we have prepared a few variants from the look sportier and more personal. Its main characteristic is that of being visually a sports, but it fits in well with the use of everyday or with Gran Turismo thanks to the original manubrietto mounted on a windshield that does not interfere with the same. We want to be just a slight facelift, an operation to be custom bikes, not the concept. It could be a 'one-shot' but also possibly a conversion kit. The choice may be to you because our Ninety is sold as P.U.C.A. in our Shop.

CR&S DUU “Nd01”

the CR&S duu is a bike that we know very well, We helped develop directly in CR&S and followed the style and engineering to start up direct customizations for the most demanding customers. Now we have created a version, showcase of our design capabilities, where we could fully express our ideas about motorcycle-style and where to apply the most of the criteria that have always accompanied us: functionality, aesthetics, attention to detail and aversion to the paint and covers all futile. Our CR&S duu has obviously been the subject of a deep customization mainly due to the fact that the model from which it derives, CR&S DUU "Biotta", born as version "naked" CR&S DUU original. Due to incomplete development of the initial project in CR&S, however, the bike has been "denúdala" (Biotta n.d.r.) only the front, leaving a strange mix of naked front (even too much) and the rear that instead still had parts in traditional plastic bodywork ... Too rough for a bike of this caliber! We then sought to balance the style between the front and rear, slightly overlapping onto the first and the second stripping. In Given we have so shaped the duu in CAD before and then in aluminum, almost everything Aluminum, almost everything to CAD. Some parts have preferred her hand on the spur of the moment (it is always fair to leave a part of the work to the heart), but mostly the bike has been entirely designed, displayed and then made, all with a work-flow that now distinguishes us and sees us among the pioneers of the technique. The bike has been the result of a lot of work, in general our approach to projects always involves a preliminary phase of 2D concept which we submit to the client (be it business or private), where we try to make clear all the points that will be subjected to interventions and mainly try to identify immediately the two most important parameters: Volumes and style. Once this is done we proceed with the project definition, developing it with the use of computers, but also the pencil or directly mechanical workshop. All pieces designed by CAD systems have been realized in CNC machined from aluminum parts or plexiglass or ABS and other materials. With our expertise in project area we designed from scratch the rear light assembly is a self-illuminating frieze that recalls our logo without being too obvious.

GIVEN “Malè”

This bike was created for a very special person, consequently the bike itself should not be too "special", already is its user. We then created an object that does not give too much attention, it was discreet and elegant but subtly extravagant. As often happens in these cases, the object originates from a particular which gives the "LA" to all, in this case the wheels are in 144 provenance rays Indonesian, from these we go for the overall project, using an aluminum frame hand made in Italy and a fork "MTB old school" reinterpreted. Very important, driveability / usability has been enhanced to the maximum, with a single gear ratio, but just for the comfortable departures for good travel speed. only on the front brake and the freewheel to the rear. The painting course required many hands of paint and several attempts to find the right balance between visibility and elegance, but we're sure you turn on a bike so it will be a pleasure for its lucky owner!

Kawasaki ZXR 1100 “Lamaialona”

Created for and with "Officine Riunite Milanesi" from a Kawasaki ZXR 1100, "Lamaialona" It is a deliberately strong design studio on a very simple basis. Tired of the same interpretations in key Cafè Racer, Scrambler o Hypster, we opted for an interpretation that would allow us to do both formal experimentation both of techniques and materials used. The initial idea was a bike in Stealth Style, literally "stealth, clandestinely", We then tried to apply this concept to a national typical military means or otherwise road, of course we focused on the typical square shape of this design, on sharp edges and on the technical nature of the global design. also from "jargon" military have inherited the performance of all types of soils, from pure off-road to the runway, equipping the means of a highly efficient cycling system, replacing suspensions, wheels and braking system. The latter has been realized ad hoc according to our design from "Discacciati Brake System" Thank you for joining us in this trial involving, always with the highest standards of reliability and safety criteria, a component so exclusively technical and functional as the braking system. The bike is designed as a whole as an element of design research for future motorcycle trends both of mass production but also of private interpretation staff, we believe the result of this experiment is certainly positive, we saw that you can produce a half from the strong mechanical characterization without appearing a Rat-bike or an old tractor just emerged from years of lethargy in a barn. The result however is a bike that is very well suited for both heavy duty use, as an excursion long haul, or a ride in the hills or one stressful Futa Pass. But at the same time you can use "Lamaialona" as a daily means of transport or as a simple motion "bar". Print 3D Lamaialona was realized with the help of modern 3D design and printing systems. The first step was to bring the bike on your computer, so here we proceeded to the three-dimensional scanning as soon as the half came in the workshop, the time to remove all the superstructures and 5 minutes we had a beautiful cloud of points which allowed us to proceed to the design with a full big picture. Once we defined the style we started with the implementation of the various parties. In the first instance we have used our 3D printers to verify that the parts were assembled correctly. The bike was then created with a mixture of techniques, digital design and more practical manuals. After scanning all the pieces they were designed in 3D, but then the aluminum sheet metal parts have been cut out and welded by hand, all parties

KTM SUPERDUKE 990 “etc.”

Well KTM always born to go in the mud. The mud is carved right in the KTM logo, in every letter, as it is nestled between the dowels of its tires, in the crevices of his body. The KTM off-road experience as well as his propensity for bursting performance clearly want to off-road and aptitude for the races. But yet... We continue to dream in GIVEN to remove the pieces of a K is replaced with a pair of slick ...


it P.U.C.A. our KTM FREE The P.U.C.A. (Unique Projects in Search of Author) project ideas are presented on these pages in order to find a buyer who wishes to adopt the draft and make it his own. The cost is € 1 and includes the first phase of development as a concept rendering of customer requirements, the rest of the concrete realization of the medium and to estimate depending on the buyer requests. For more information contact us.

KTM E-SM “Free”

The KTM Freeride E-SM is a beautiful bike! Beautiful from the point of view of performance, entertainment offering and innovative electrical design. In our opinion, however,, like all KTM realizations, It has a design too traditional and too racing graphics. For this we assumed this stylistic appearance where we worked on suspension, superstructures, trim and graphics. The suspensions are replaced with fork and swingarm both monoarm Gilera CX derivation 125 . The circles created ad hoc with little oversized spokes. The superstructures seen a general reduction in volumes and a more road vocation or better 'motard' with a small storage unit (portaguanti) in the front portion of the saddle. The set-up changes are obviously aimed at improving the man / machine relationship intervening on driving position, height, hiking etc.. Our KTM Freeride E-SM as all our projects P.U.C.A. (Unique Projects in Search of Author) and only a hypothesis, idea unripe. We will be happy to declined according to your preferences if you want to join the project at the following link:


it P.U.C.A. our Piaggio MP3 I P.U.C.A. (Unique Projects in Search of Author) project ideas are presented on these pages in order to find a buyer who wishes to adopt the draft and make it his own. The cost is € 1 and includes the first phase of development as a concept rendering of customer requirements, the rest of the concrete realization of the medium and to estimate depending on the buyer requests. For more information contact us.

anti-roll device MATR 15414 Piaggio MP3 250 2006

anti-roll device MATR 15414 Piaggio MP3 250 2006 From test ! It is not guaranteed to work! If you sell "seen and liked". "As is". No refunds are allowed.

Given “Vrs01”

The only exception to our small bikes are bicycles .... This photo is in a bike that we did for fun and for internal needs. He liked the idea of ​​having a fast and agile bicycle, set and stylish. We have discarded the fixed gear but we kept the stylistic line of the bike with this type of transmission. All stuffed and accompanied by high-level components and look urban fight!


Reverse this order: what you are reading is the comment and who will want from you readers will write below the real article on special and custom display at EICMA 2016: I place myself outside the journalistic and within straight into the wild uproar of personal opinion, antipathy / sympathy something like customizing, and its many facets, which by definition is a place of confrontation between opposing ways of life and asymptotic motorcycling, so I ask everyone to consider these lines a mere comment: The genuine article I will write the willing readers. ... To try to orient myself in the hundreds of lighthouses that I winked persuasive, and to learn more, let myself be seduced by the stand of Given Motodesign that exposed among others a - Interestingly, in my opinion - Special to The Nation Kawasaki ZRX 1100 (called "Fuck") in collaboration with Officine Riunite Milanesi, which intrigued me a lot polygonal discs, to guarantee rigorous operation which has set the same supplier, the legendary Enrico Discacciati himself! Donato Cannatello (Donato-Given... I got it?), GIVEN's owner and design experience in CR&S, Matchless, fight, Aprilia, He was patient, and exchanging a chat with me has exposed me his point of view on EICMA 2016 and the future of customizing. To put GIVEN and opinions reported by Donato, We add that deals with both to provide a service of planning and design for those who want to build a prototype (from concept to pre-series to lead to the production), both those private individuals who ask "frame off" projects on their motorcycles. "Oddly enough we had much feedback from ZRX that the duu, both exhibited in our booth, despite duu is undoubtedly a more refined design and ZRX half a lot cheaper, but evidently the most "eye catcher"». And how would you rate the level of the Show within custom and special? "The level of EICMA, if we limit ourselves to the custom and special, it seems much higher and mature than a few years ago: from the realities artiginali, which still produce exceptional results, We are switching to a more mature approach both on the engineering design of the parties. From the point of view of the motorcycle, instead, I loved the Harley "OPERA" South Garage, very stylish; also he won the contest, but as you know the contest virtually win them a bit 'all (Donato refers to the myriad of categories and not very numerous participation editor's note); the corner custom instead seemed a little 'subdued, little space and decentralized than the vital center of the Show, and this seems a bit 'counterintuitive: it is the most challenging part, Instead many have not visited because

Carter distribution S X-Wedge&S e CR&S DUU

S&S X-WEDGE CAMSHAFT COVER transparent distribution Lid For the engine X-WEDGE S&S we have developed a distribution cover plates Aluminum 6000 CNC machined and milled more transparent PMMA in CNC. The crankcase proposed has been designed with the aim of allowing to enjoy the view of the pulleys of the beautiful distribution 3 Typical of this motor shafts, but also to improve the cooling of the timing belt, this solves the problem of overheating of the present some installations of this engine. The casing can be mounted on all X-Wedge engines (1.800cc-2.300cc). In particular it finds direct application of: Combat 61 Collection e G2 P51 Combat Fighter di Confederate Motorcycles CR&S carries (all models) The Shelby di Rucker Performance X-Ness di Arlen Ness Enterprise X-9X di Big Dog Motorcycles BBW Limo Python X-Wedge di Bourget’s Bike Works Sport Fighter XTR di IronHorse Motorcycle !! CAUTION !! The order fulfillment time for this product is 4 weeks !!

Just returned from EICMA 2016

We are having just returned from EICMA 2016, we still have hands stiff from all the shaking exchanged hands, a heart full of emotion and pride for the many compliments received. We want to thank everyone who came to visit and associate all those who could not come. Thank you

MV Agusta Brutale 1098 “Unpaint”

We GIVEN like finishes that leave the material in full view, that's why we developed our process "coloration" called for hulls "UNPAINT". The UNPAINT is nothing but an original paint removal process in favor of a more natural treatment of the plastics coloring. There are some tests to be done before we can apply our process, first of all you must make sure that all the coloring parts are of a similar material, for example you can not do on bikes with mixed plastic / aluminum body, it would also be preferable that all plastic parts have the same color paste, In fact, it happens often that the tanks are made with a material and process different from that of other parts. Just this case it is presented with MV Augusta Brutale 1098 on which we wanted to apply our finishing technique, Luckily we managed to get a good result despite the different materials. The body of the BRUTALE was then disassembled and completely stripped to be then processed with numerous correspondence hands coarse-grained, color and other sandpaper hands, Then another color, sanding, graphic, adhesives, transparent and yet correspondence. So our finishing requires a lot of taste not to overdo it and many biceps to be done. The end result is a motorcycle where they are not the graphic (often excessive) to dominate the scene, but the mechanics, and where the original design is enhanced by the finish which does not cover but finds!


A Cepheid is a young giant star that pulsates regularly changing its brightness in a regular cycle stremamente. Their high brightness makes Cepheid stars the standard parameter to measure the distance of globular clusters and galaxies. Our VUN as Cepheid is a reference in the motorcycle world for its timelessness and unparalleled. An exercise in exquisite elegance motorcycle. the CR&S VUN is a special and exclusive motorcycle, hand-built by a small Milan renowned motorcycle manufacturer in the world for his creations exclusive and refined performance. Built in only 50 specimens, mounting a frame assembly trellis Mixed steel tubes with aluminum plates 7075 milled from solid atelier Rhizome. The standard suspension offer high performance while remaining linked to a traditional constructive schema. The front fork, realized by Paioli, It is the only one of its class to have a traditional configuration combined with a considerable diameter and radial attachment of the front caliper for single disc. The rear shock absorber instead is mounted in a horizontal position above the wheel with direct attack, very stiff and sporty. The engine is a Rotax 652cc single-cylinder that offers so much torque and 54 horses tree. Everything has voted to keep the weight and then exaggerate the pleasure and driving precision. In this sense, the superstructures are minimized and realized with the most noble materials such as hand-wrought aluminum for the tank and carbon for automotive body parts. Come ex-Lead designer in CR&S, no other, better Donato Cannatello and its present motorcycle engineering teams GIVEN, They could work on the reconstruction of a motorcycle so important and exclusive. Work on VUN saw a complete reconstruction "frame-off", where the bike was broken up in every piece to remove the original paint of the chassis and the engine and go to work with abundance on the swingarm and the important details but hidden. For this purpose all machined and finished parts have been treated with procedures as natural as possible so as to preserve the mechanical characteristics of each piece, then the frame has been wet with a very light coating of nickel that will protect the surface from oxidation while the aluminum parts were hand-brushed so as to leave exposed the noble material. The rebuilding process has affected many small details of the bike, some redesigned and reconstructed using the CAD for steel CNC techniques, aluminum and ABS, but also with more 3D printing techniques for plastic parts. All changes are aimed at maintaining the excellent details and functionality of this already fantastic bike, the

GIVEN “Karim”

KARIM is a small MTB 24", aluminum frame and fork in Chromium Molybdenum both electroplated with gold bath and with ad hoc graphic.

MOTO GUZZI V11 “Darkest”

The customization of your motorcycle is something different from any other type of search anyone can do. It is different from technological research aimed at the creation or invention of something, It is different from the design research that can be done during the conception of something, It is also different from the customization that can be done in other fields. From the most frivolous how to choose the color of socks to the more important as the great architectural renovation but actually also very different from the similar practice of customizing a car. The make a motorcycle as similar to themselves or to their ideas or ideals or their styles is an operation that for most of the development involves many hours standing just sitting sideways to look at your bike, imagine, dreaming. When we think of our bike imagine it as an essential complement. There can be nothing that is not how we want it, no piece, no screw, no color, no reflection, no shadow. Our MOTO GUZZI V11 is in our opinion the real TAILOR MADE applied to motorcycles. A painstaking definition of taste and the style of the customer, of how he drives, of how he dresses, what he likes and what he does not like, how caring and how he mistreats. No flashy element, but a set of elegant finishes and parts, a motorcycle "good" and tasty but not shouts and is not flashy. A balance of colors and small details to discover but above all to use, applied on a simple but powerful mechanical base. A functional bike but with the taste of traditional and makes you go to the pleasant work and makes you better start to the day.

Samurai Chopper “Officine Riunite Milanesi”

When I see our Samurai Chopper fell silent ... Low , long, narrow and black so that you are afraid to drive and desire to tame it. At first glance the Samurai Chopper seems a gate with wheels van, a micro tank and that mass of cylinders that and carteroni, then you stop on the locomotive brakes and the controls on the micro-switch and start goggle ... Slowly begin to scroll jumping from one detail to another, from one contrast, Suspended from other. The alternation between the black, chromium and brass is hypnotic like a pinball full bonus ball. Do you dwell on the arms of beautiful billet aluminum hidden by paint and hidden from real steel exhaust pipe straight from 2 mere inches. See amazing suspension and fluffy but do not see a shadow of a damper. See strange nuts used only in remote constellations pulling logs ties with Uni-Ball joints micrometric regulating preload nulla.Poi see the painting and start to get into all the black levels that can fit in such a small tank. And chromium, the springs of Springer, chiatto the handlebar and straight and catenone as a bridge on the Thames. Then you jump on and parts and you are the happiest man on terra.Given and Officine Riunite Milanesi


Advanced concept | Concept | Search | Development For companies it is important to search for new forms, new features, new ideas then 2 parole: Advanced concept! Develop these skills internally, however, it can be expensive and time-consuming. It is also good that the creative ideas come from outside, this can become a reason research and development for internal projects. The processing phases We can cure stage or Advanced Concept concept trying to interpret the stylistic requirements of the customer, current and especially future trends, the actual technique and near future. We try to do all this with a mind free from preconceptions, creating objects that have feet on the ground only to the extent required by the customer, in the absence of explicit requests we orient ourselves towards an Advanced concept that can be much more challenging for us and for the end user. Our process first analysis of a project: GIVEN PROJECT FORM A draft Concept or Advanced concept can be expressed in analog form (rendering in pencil), digitale 2D o 3D (Static digital rendering or video) or in the form of mockup depending on the needs and the level of development required. We can take care of all these phases, or only some of them: we have the means, the skills and the necessary creativity. We can treat only the initial concept, both in advanced form (so no real relevance, but only the study of shapes and design research) in that narrow shape (therefore already have a first look at the future implementation criteria).

Triumph Speed Triple 1050 “Speed Black”

La Triumph Speed Triple 1050 It is one of our favorite motorcycle, his cycling setting, l'aesthetics, the driving position, engine characteristics make it the perfect blend of looks, fun, usability and look! Maybe we are not just for the typical chrome dual optics of this bike and the previous series, but it remains an important distinguishing feature unique and distinctive, therefore impossible to remove it. For this bike so we opted for a light restyling of the rear light area, very important and heavy base, realizing ad hoc and a headlight support plate of reduced dimensions. All the queue was then slimmed down and thanks to the low discharge and short, much racing, which gives the bike a much slimmer image. The overall result is a beautiful bike, easy to view and use, light and pleasant to drive, thanks to graphic "tone tone" It remains a mysterious and elegant object that wanders through the city at night illuminated by streetlights Quartz and punctuated by notes of Metropolitan Club.


L'Harley Davidson XR 1200 It is a beautiful mechanical base, a motorcycle that is able to conquer for its typical simplicity of Harley but also for its "badness" cycling and more formal European motorcycle. For this bike we wanted to work light to preserve the everyday usability and ease of use. We also held the passenger seat (because nothing is more beautiful than to travel by motorcycle with their partner), also it remains of the frame series in the rear area, a beautiful casting arcuate downward, typical legacy of the Harley world which severely penalizes the shape of the tail. Surely the main speech was that the exhaust system with a new very short muffler instead of the two large series of silencers, This gave impetus to the tail, and a remarkable stamp to the bike. Incredible as it may contribute to the sound of driving pleasure. For the finishing of plastic we preferred, Also here, follow a policy in line with our style, namely to remove the can and leave each material and each function as much as possible "exposed". In this case, the plastic body of the Harley (one of the few Harley with plastic) It has been stripped of all superfluous embellishment of paint, and the material was brought to "raw". This finish we call "UNPAINT". In this bike every piece does what he has to do, the performance has been enhanced soul that Harley had never put on a motorcycle; short, with two cylinders that air, molloni to amortize, frenoni curb and a little plasticaccia where needed.

Prototipi E MODELS

This is definitely the part that we prefer, and it is one that allows more freedom and interpretation. For companies or individuals who wish to present or just to see live a new idea, we can develop from scratch or from customer designs a full-scale prototype 1:1 with perfect stylistic relevance and with a high level of detail thanks to our mastery of prototyping and manufacturing tools. We can work on aluminum or iron frames or on "goats" to build ad hoc. The aesthetic structure can be realized with a thousand different techniques, Clay from the classic to the 3D printing through various types of prototyping. For these projects, in general, processing times are very low because we know that the needs are born only a few weeks from the halls or slide.

Silencer terminal for CR&S DUU

For those who do not like the original silencer CR&S duu we realized this chamber silencer and controcamera with output terminal truncated cone from the look much more aggressive and more sound "lively". Monta without any changes to the bike, in 5 minute and is equipped with all the necessary hardware. The delivery times are 4 weeks. NB muffler is only for track use, not homologated for road use. NB: Time required 4 weeks ARO!

Privacy policy

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A Renegade Tracker 300

For UM Global we made a small Scrambler and a small miracle. Just a week after the International Trade Fair of Milan EICMA motorcycle, We receive a parcel with a series of pieces and a pair of frames to be joined, in essence it came to making a motorcycle by two, from a front end, the other engine, superstructures from a reservoir and the other. The result speaks for itself, with only three days of intense sessions TIG welding, We rebuilt from scratch frame and adapted all the pieces of mechanical and superstructures. A number of details have been created using 3D printing or manually through mill /. The bike is a perfect incarnation of a modern urban scrambler, light (300cc engine 4 Rates water), small wheels, extremely fun and easy to handle. The bike has been a great success at the recent International Exhibition of Milan EICMA motorcycle 2015, UM approaching the style to what are the demands of the new (for them) European market.

Record Motor Cycles c1

Unveiled at the EICMA 2015, al Dainese D-Store, the 18 November 2015 The concept Record Motor Cycles C1 is the preview of a new ambitious project of Roberto Crepaldi. The model designed and manufactured by GIVEN design with the technical participation of In-Motion has seen us involved throughout the part of the transformation from the sketch to the final model style, through modeling Hull, 3D scanning pilot, and the reconstruction of the same pilot pattern. All once a more 'perfect integration of the pilot's silhouette with the hull, This respecting and observing the limits imposed by the FIA ​​regulations. For more information, visit RECORDMOTORCYCLES.COM In these images you can see the construction phases of the model and the frame needed to scan the real pilot in 3D. The hull of the processing steps and the frame before painting. The finished bike in our workshop. Some pictures of the preparation and presentation of the model. A "small" depth technical sull'aereodinamica result of Riccardo Capacchione RMC: THE CASING AND AERODYNAMICS The most visible component of our bikes Speed ​​Record is definitely the fairing. Also called "hull", It performs a dual function: of course aesthetic and functional aerodynamic efficiency. The aesthetic component is the subject of the designer but is not limited, as you might think, to trace "sexy" lines capable of satisfying the likely customers. Roberto Crepaldi, the creator of Project Recordmotorcycles, He drew the first sketches of style with the classic white of the paper and charcoal system. These were then processed digitally by our Donato Cannatello, a specialist in this area (, to be edited and revised quickly. Donato has also carried out a 3D scanning of the entire motorcycle-pilot system for performing a dimensional analysis and performance of the aerodynamic flows and further has made "solid" prints 3 Dimensions of each considered critical component of the overall design economy, Also to achieve the "tactile" made of partly drawn to CAD. The opposite of Flight As we said, the fairing design must take into account the very important function performed by this "cover" that wraps the bike. We refer to the aerodynamic efficiency, since the profile of the bike is nothing but an airfoil upside down ... (see Glossary, At bottom). The front fender is considered an integral part of the fairing as, excluding the tire, is the component responsible to "open" the air during the race. The fluid in which the motorcycle moves, prosaically said "air", It opposes the motion of the ... motion, and this resistance increases with the square of the speed: if we double the speed, the Fr-resistant aerodynamic force will increase by four times and so on, exponentially. Try putting a hand out


Given motodesign born early 2015 and has as its primary objective the design of motorcycles for private clients who want a made to measure, but also the design for companies that want to bring their idea into production. For companies it, it is important to search for new forms, new features, new ideas. Develop these skills internally, however, it can be expensive and time-consuming. It is also good that the creative ideas come from outside, this can become a reason research and development for internal projects. We treat the stage or Advanced Concept concept trying to interpret the stylistic requirements of the customer, current and especially future trends, the actual technique and near future. We try to do all this with a mind free from preconceptions, creating objects that have feet on the ground only to the extent required by the customer, in the absence of explicit requests we orient ourselves towards an Advanced concept that can be much more challenging for us and for the end user. What distinguishes us from other motorcycle enthusiasts, It is that we like to get our hands dirty with grease and oil, worship chip, but we are also planning fanatics computer. So our first approach to designing is computerized and especially 3D mode. With our software and hardware and with our hands we create surfaces in class A or B, Solid or simply by rendering models that are both beautiful but also and above all functional. Functional means that you can send them directly to a mill, a 5 axes or a rendering machine, and you will not have weight problems, undercuts, or other. Press review:

Study techniques and design

Posted in China with a circulation of 75.000 copy, for use as a technical manual in Chinese engineering faculty, he volume "Technical Study and Design" is the third in a successful series of technical manuals written by the prolific Professor. Stone Wen. On Inner describes some production processes adapted from us, taking them for example for young Chinese students. The publication of this book was an extremely pleasant and interesting experience. Summary temperature of only、Chenzhen Yi、Su Bolin、Enrico Leonardo Fagone、Donato Cannatello edited the "product design source and a breakthrough" from the point、line、surface、Starting body,To trace the origin of the product shape,The source points to start again,We explored the possibility of interpretation of the rich styling,To help readers design of nature dialysis。This book presents six modeling method,4A modeling step,3Products unity Tips,It provides a practical and effective method of modeling for the reader engaged in design work。For free-form surface,Proposed hybrid、Enclosed and action thinking three kinds of modeling techniques,It provides targeted solutions for the reader to control the free-form surface modeling difficulty。This book sets out to shape the psychological inertia,5 groups proposed method of modeling psychological inertia and Breakthrough,For the reader to break the limitations of their own style,Into the modeling world richer opens a window。The book interviewed a number of top European designers,Field visits to a number of Italy's top design firms,Providing readers with a new design first-hand information,Through in-depth analysis of these design cases,We can help the reader understand these excellent designers design methods and excellent design case modeling process,It helps readers design vision and improve the aesthetic level of the reader。 interview Summary: 1a. The form of motorbikes has undergone great changes ever since their emerging. What do you think might be the factors involved in this process of changing? I do not entirely agree. The soul of motorbikes has remained substantially unchanged in more than a hundred years. And this is confirmed by some models currently in production which reinterpret the style of classic motorbikes since they recall the essence of motorbikes; two wheels, an engine, vibrations and emotion. The changes in forms and styles that inevitably ensued in time depend in my opinion upon 4 reasons: technique, fashion, cultural evolution and racing. For the first 80 years we’ve been focused mainly on technical evolution, producing machines which aimed more than enything else to perfection and performance. In the last 20 years instead the development of the more interesting elements of technique and racing stopped, leaving the evolution of the motorbike to the sole socio/cultural aspects. As of today such aspects are predominant in motorcycle production and generate nostalgic, absurd, futuristic or hyper detailed models. .1b. In which way the form of European motorbikes might evolve in the future? European design, such as eastern and western design, will specialize following specific exigencies; form is always defined by the place where production begins. Notwithstanding the inevitable cultural contamination, European production will always aim to a motorbike that is both functional and passionate, a perfect balance between driving and aesthetic characteristics, fun and usefulness. Everything to go along with our own territory, so uneven, with variable landscapes, winding roads and steep hills. As American production is dedicated to their endless plains and long and straight roads, and at the same time eastern production tends to follow the markets, cities and street overcrowded with extremely functional and rational products. Each excellent motorbikes design is featured by its own unique style, conveying to the customers special emotions and connotations. As a designer, how do you illustrate the personality of the motorbike by using the form language ? In motorcycle design, and more generally in industrial design, volumes are the main feature, the first to convey a message to the customer. Looking at something against the light, one can sense immediately its character: if it conveys power,

CR&S DUU “SmallSheep”

A proposal for a light restyling for CR&S duu We tried to adapt to the style of the classic forms, with a round headlight front and the removal of some plastics and redesigned cooperture. A very conservative intervention to allow it to operate both as an upgrade or as aftermarket upgrades.


We sell a beautiful and exclusive CR&S OF. Fun to drive, lightweight and powerful. Accessories Tank brushed aluminum Forks Ceriani with sheaths from full and DLC treatment Handlebar into two pieces (most original) Headlight fairing carbon single radiator plus (more 'original stereo) Looking for Alpina Tubeless Rear Shock Ohlins disc brake braking daisy type offer Passage of ownership to the buyer Euro emission standard 2 Damaged No Displacement 652 cc of previous owners 0 Color GRAY weakened No Only use track No ABS Special No No No Power

CR&S duu used

We have for sale a Bellima CR&S duu used. The bike is perfect and very equipped, it is a version 2013 then with various small improvements to the bike. The mileage is very low and the price of the new exceeds 50000 euro. The bike has a headlight layout "cross" poliellissoidali with LED and is the DUU #1 (the first specimen) more door fairing on the dedication of the members CR&S. Type selection of properties Step up to the buyer Euro emission standard 2 Damaged No Displacement 1.916 cc of previous owners 1 Color BLUE Conditions tires Tires. 80% post. 80% Only use underpowered No track No ABS Special No No No Power

Given, structure…

Given is a young motorcycle design and planning workshop, formally founded recently but making use of our long experience in the development of the bikes, and thanks to previous experiences in Aprilia, and struggling, then in CR&S ed ultimamente in Matchless. Given also lives thanks to the enthusiasm and professionalism of its employees. He lives also thanks to our suppliers, from the long relationship built together, national and international suppliers, near and far, that can solve (quasi) all the needs related to the development of a motorcycle, by the supply of small spacers from 5mm up to the realization of an injection mold or the design of an ad hoc engine. The company In our company, This Milan in an industrial district, but at the same time in the heart of the city, we have a workshop for light machining such as turning, milling, sandblasting, welding and one dedicated to the coating space. In addition to this type of traditional processes, we can create components using a technology that for us represents the future of Given: 3D printing. The two machines we have in the company allow us to see done in less than 24 hours the parts that are modeled in 3D. 3D printing allows us then to get useful parts to dimensional checks during pre-production but also in some cases to have finished products. Here from Given's all it takes to entertain us and make the customer happy.

Victory Hammer “Dnt”

The Victory Hammer DNT has been designed to DNT Racing, It 'a motorcycle showcase that represents what you can do with a Victory Hammer without any structural modification or homologation. All parts on the bike in question have been designed ad hoc and can be mounted on the motorcycle without any modification. From this bike it will be made in a very short conversion kit regularly on sale through the sales network DNT Racing. it Kit, mountable on any Victory Hammer family, you can mount without any modification, and retaining the approval characteristics of the bike, It will therefore be composed of various parts, allowing the end user to customizzarsi its Victory from tractor to the tail, through technical details such as spoked wheels with channel 10" faces to accommodate rear tire 300mm. The bike was subsequently further modified to make the industrial building process and "cost effective", then the tail has been realized with a more style "classic".

Customers and suppliers

These below are some of our best and most trusted suppliers, customers and friends. And 'thanks to them that we can offer our services in such a precise, thank you.

RIDERS 08 2009

In a Milan increasingly cont el coeur in man, fortunately there is still someone who builds motorcycles with the heart and hands. Singly, with great care and passion. The momentum stories and so many men they have been told, but this is the story of an idea. A simple story, but special in its small. If two wheels move the soul, the courage of a few friends managed to bring a motorcycle brand in Milan. A long shadow of the Madonna were operating brands such as Bianchi, Miller-Balsamo, Iso Moto, Parilla, Guazzoni, Innocenti. And Paton Peppino Pattoni, the last GP in private constructor to fight against the Japanese giants, with the four green cylinders. Today, the city of fashion, to cut motion on the extent there is CR & S. View from outside, its headquarters is a small shed like so many others in the industrial area of ​​Settimo Milanese. Except for one thing, motorcycles lined up outside: look alike, but they are not identical. They are single-cylinder a bit 'cafe racer, a little 'naked pocket size. They are called Vun. They Idea. The people who have carried out work under the same roof, as parts of the same motorcycle. The shop is on the ground floor, the walls are plastered by posters of the Bol d'Or, Tourist Trophy and Assen. The design and paperwork department is on the open plan mezzanine (rather, spasi avÈrt), dominated by the sinuous fairing superbike Britten V 1000. Roberto Crepaldi sits right in front. It was he who founded the Cafe Racers & Superbikes in 1992, after leaving the Number One opened with Carlo Talamo and Max Brun. The following year, he met John Britten, the brilliant engineer Zealander famous for its V 1000. He too fast in pursuit of an idea. let Britten, supported in Europe by CR & S, it showcases in competitions around the world, until the disappearance of the same Britten. Using the experience of entrepreneur in motor insurance (It had been dealer of Ferrari, Jaguar e Aston Martin), Crepaldi takes its cue from the last John's project of a single-cylinder racing, single-seater, with the weight and power ratio equal to one. One. of, Milanese dialect ... John Cabassi and Giorgio Sarti are friends, entrepreneurs, Free bikes thinkers in 2002 They have flanked Crepaldi in CR & S. Two years after Roberto Pattoni, son Peppino and owner of Paton, become partners of the CR & S as a technical development manager. The engine choice is the Rotax Bombardier 650, appreciated on the BMW F thanks to its street-oriented and reliability . Conceived as a racing mono, The Vun proves an animal to mixed close, also excellent for use in citY . The design combines the classic lines of the frame tubes


Thanks to our proximity to the International Fair of the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, we can offer to domestic and foreign companies a complete logistics service and management of the exhibition space at the fair. We can receive your bikes, sdoganarle, remove from packaging, refit, if necessary, make any changes or finish to ensure that they appear in the best possible, and of course modify or even prepare a concept in record time. Even all to and from the fair would be moving to our total care, you only need to design the settings, we we also deal with all the bureaucratic and organizational proceedings against the trade fair.


We are very experienced some beautiful movement of the CR&S, famous Milanese brand founded at the beginning of the century by three major motorcycle enthusiasts, Cabassi, Crepaldi and Tailors. The production of the CR&S has always been distinguished for the refinement of their achievements and the exclusivity of its products, in particular motorcycles produced are CR&S OF (presented in 2006) is CR&S DUU (presented in 2009). Our considerable experience on these bikes comes from the fact that our Donato Cannatello was for many years responsible for the design for this company, contributing to the style and the engineering of duu and to the production and customization of the same and the previous VUN. Currently we try to satisfy all customers CR&S following them with their crazy ideas of customization, but also mechanical assistance for their toys.

MAX 03 2010

MIRACLE IN MILAN It's called CR&S and the hinterland is a small company with a great passion. His motorcycle "must be something special", They are constructed by hand and each of them is different from the other. Here's his latest gem: naked, custom, roadster? A bit 'all over. An anonymous shed just outside the rural town . It is a phrase that "tattooed '' on each of the bikes coming out from there "They say in Milan, cont heart he e cont'i man". Translated into Italian means "made in Milan, with the heart and hands", the essence and philosophy of the CR&S, a small company founded by Roberto Crepaldi visceral passion for two wheels. Crepaldi has clear ideas: every motion made by CR&S must be something special and be different from others. As his latest creation. Bring the ("due") as the name implies it is the second motion of the short history of CR&S, It has a huge and explosive engine with two cylinders 1.916 cc and escapes to the traditional definitions. Naked, roadster, custom, streetfighter? A bit 'all these things together, but DUU is first and foremost a unique work of art made of precious metals and sought-molded materials according to forms that define original and fascinating is almost reductive. In addition, each customer can customize their character by choosing construction, components of the chassis and engine preparation level. Pricing starts at 20.000 euro, But besides the money you will have to have patience, because the CR&S are constructed by hand, one by one. Stefano Bariggia max

AMD USA 01 2010

CR&S Motorcycles used the 'EICMA' motorcycle show in Milan, Italy, to debut its newest prototype model - the X-Wedge powered Duu. Initially being shown as a concept bike, when the Duu, designed by Donato Cannatello, goes into full production, each bike will be hand-built with the customer having the choice of a range of technical and aesthetic options. The available options will include a single and/or two-seater base module. "We believe this Euro sport cruiser has the potential to be a kind of American equivalent to the Triumph Speed Triple, but with Italian style," said Roberto Crepaldi, the Managing Director at CR&S. "Duu is the right name for this model - it's a V-twin, the second member of the CR&S family, it will have a two-liter engine, will weigh 200 kilos, and will carry two people. What else could we cali it?! "Production will start early in 2011.We've already begun road testing the development bike, but we're ali really anxious to get some feedback from the public."

International Dealer News 01 2010

Roberto Crepaldi's latest project, the Duu, is an air-cooled big twin built around S&S Cycle's American-made 1916cc/117ci 60 degree V-twin engine. Shown as a concept bike at EICMA, Crepaldi says the Duu will be a modular-built bike, with customer configuration options that he hopes to sell at a base price of €20,000, with a production volume of a few dozen units per year, and first deliveries targeted for 2011... ukidn012010

Low Ride 11 2009

The 2011 It seems almost here. A wave of modernism makes flying the little big house in Settimo Milanese. CR&S already is distinguished by the originality of their streetfighter from mixed close and the uniqueness of each piece. The logical evolution of the mono, essential and fun, This will be twin. It seems "solo" a concept bike but a forklift DUU has already traveled several kilometers; The tests validate unusual technical choices. The twin X-Wedge is its beating heart, un v-twin "air" almost two liters that enhances the search S&S over the classical schemes of Harley-Davidson. The angle of the cylinders of 56 degree course cancels the vibrations; distribution with three camshafts in the crankcase and toothed belts ensures optimum geometry, via short rods and hydraulic tappets. Contained is the mechanical noise, making the Euro approval can 3 with injection and catalysts. The stainless steel exhaust is studied by QD Exhaust to centralize the masses and allow lateral inclinations greater than 40 degrees. The potential of this very big twin is remarkable even in the configuration "code": at least 100 horses and 130 Newton / meters of torque, but the delivery is full every scheme. Change to separate 5 O 6 relationships and primary chain complete a powertrain inserted in an original frame. A big part of steel pipe from the steering head and contains the lubricant; It argues beautiful side plates, billet atelier Rhizome, to which it is anchored by means of a transverse tubular section; the single-sided swingarm. All proposals CR&S born with the aim of ensuring driving pleasure and the chassis of DUU, a distillate of Made in Italy sports extraction, will not disappoint . The details are beautiful, starting with the steering plates made by rizoma and from the modular wheels; Brembo brakes and quality suspensions allow ample adjustment. Accuracy and responsiveness agility promise to pilot , extreme folds and handling, without falling into the opposite extreme of units too "nervous". With dimensions close to those of a XR1200 and weight of about 237 kg dry, thanks all'allungo infinity engine should be fun, easy and exasperated. These qualities are added a modular philosophy to configure the motorcycle according to different driving styles and life, component quality, craftsmanship with industrial guarantees: easy to foresee immediate interest around this streetfighter. Many of the components CR&S are custom designed by Donato Cannatello by Italian companies like Rhizome. Originality and fittings "tailored" should represent an additional plus in favor of DUU. Even the fixed price promises to be interesting, circa 20.000 euro: close to that of the VRSC and below the new V-Max ... How long before the 2011? DOWNLOAD PDF ...


NAC is a concept motorcycle designed for an Asian manufacturer who has commissioned a study of style of their pre-existing mechanical base. The base is a twin cylinder 650cc of frontemarcia, a light yet powerful motorcycle, inspiration Kawaski ER6. Of this resumes the swingarm with shock absorber offset in a lateral position, the motor geometry and cycling and ergonomic dimensions. The request was to develop a concept characterized by strong appeal racy but modern at the same time, featuring everything with the particular optical and in general a lot of attention to lighting systems, giving preference where possible LED technology. We made a slight road beautiful, equipped with fairing with good coverage of the pilot, but giving emphasis on driving pleasure in every day thanks to a naked handlebar that allows a more comfortable driving position, relaxed and ready. The discharge under the saddle, the singular saddle very slender lines complete a picture of a motorcycle by the strong evocative flavor but by the easy usability and accessibility.

+++ Elec

+++ Elec is an electric motorcycle with a strong sporting character. Designed to compete with the six hundred quattrocilindri, It refers to their style and their shapes while being strongly characterized by its electric motorization. It 'still a project for which for the moment is not possible to disclose further information.

Given | Donato Cannatello

Donato Cannatello is Given, the mind of this company, always in the world of design, He addressed various professional experiences that are all merged into its current capabilities, both project development of leading teams but also and especially of the corporate interests Management. From the product point of view, her technical training and its multidisciplinary allow him a more novel approach and at the same time easy to project. As project team leader and manager relies on his twenty years of professional experience managing to interpret at best the demands of customers ways, employees and suppliers. It has a great propensity to use the tools in general. First digital ones that manages with mastery ranging from solids and surfaces advanced modeling tool (SOLIDWORKS), virtual display (SHOWCASE), bitmap and vector editing, as well as managing and creating websites (CMS, Dreamweaver, FTP) up to bases of management of operating systems, server, FTP e LAN. Do not disdain, however, the instruments more "concrete", and it has excellent familiarity and passion in the use of workshop tools, by Allen on a lathe, passing quietly for bur, TIG and several manual prototyping tools (Clay, Lamination of fiber). Many also experience with prototypes from digital files such as SLA SLS but also CNC, as well as molds for injection or lamination. Among the bikes whose production has recently partnered there are some magnificent CR&S DUU e la Matchless Model X Realoaded.

Motorcycle Design Association | 2012 Milan night

The historic brand Moto Guzzi, belonging to the Piaggio group, He received the Motorcycle Design Association Award, a testament to the quality of the direct style center from Miguel Galluzzi. The awards ceremony, It held mercoledì¬ morning in the Scorpio room inside the conference center EICMA, It made about the Italian style and the quality and professionalism of the Piaggio design center. It 'was the president of the Motorcycle Design Association in person, Glynn Kerr, to deliver into the hands Dario Lopez, on behalf of 'graphic area of ​​the Piaggio Group, the coveted award that annually gives recognition of the design world to the best motorcycle product in terms of innovation and style. Present at the ceremony were Donato Cannatello, designer and member of the international. For the edition 2009 the awards, the organization design (boasting 165 members across four continents) It decided to grant the award not for a single model, but three belonging to the same brand, in this case Guzzi. The award is therefore went to the V12 Strada, the V12 and V12 LM X. Motorcycle Design Association brief description "Motorcycle design is a unique and highly specialized area, yet there has previously been no central body to represent the cause, an omission which has been to the detriment of both designers and manufacturers alike. As a result, the Motorcycle Design Association was created in 2001 by co-founders Glynn Kerr and Francois-Marie Dumas. The aims of the association are to bring together motorcycle designers of all nationalities, to promote their activities and to ease communication between designers and potential clients. We are also effective in promoting students' work, and helping create links between colleges and the motorcycle industry. The Association now boasts a membership of over 150 members, including freelance designers, engineers, modelmakers and design studios all over the world."


CARRIES, BUT NOT OF SPADES For sale in a year at the starting price of 20 thousand euro, DUU view the last Milan show as a concept (and we have described a preview of number Riders 22) It is one of the few truly original proposals of recent times. The Milan CR&S that bore is the same as the lightweight single-cylinder Vun: Roberto Crepaldi, Giorgio Sarti and John Cabassi, All three riders before entrepreneurs, They have focused on an unexplored niche but interesting. The Duu is a special produced in small series, modular and highly customizable, with exclusive content of American and European style of Confederate Wakan French, but offered at a fraction of the cost. leads, two dialect meneghino, because the cylinders are two and the displacement (1.916 this) It is next to two liters, and why, wanting, the bike PUE be in two places and not as the single-seater Vun. This maxi streetfighter Assembles V2 of 56 ° X-Wedge the American S&S, a strong monster with its 16 kgm torque maximum just three thousand revolutions. The frame is made of polished stainless steel: a big girder which also acts as gasoline container, with aluminum side plates to hold the rear swingarm (always a big curved steel tube) and the petrol tank which also holds the saddle. The design is signed by Donato Cannatello, who worked for Aprilia Bimota, which it has positioned unloading under the engine, It hid all the abutments and created an easily editable minimalist line by adding, or removing, a set of accessories (including panniers or a container above the reservoir) functional and aesthetic appendices. The saddle can be in one or two places and there are different solutions for headlights and surface finishes. Despite the big engine, the bike is altogether compact in its kind and weighs as much as a Harley Sportster 883, because DUU is made to be driven not only ostentatious. An ambitious project, not devoid of resistances to be overcome, as its experience and reputation of the CR&S. But it must be said that this reality is organized, small, like a real motorcycle industry. (Maurizio Gissi)

Two wheels

Big twin a Milano! After the twin mono: from a small artisan did this exuberant two-liter unique style of Richard Capacchione ... Fada on to MILAN, it cont cont i heart th man ' ". We translate for non-Milanese: "Made in Milan, with the heart and hands ", And 'the phrase written on the bikes built by CR&S Settimo Milanese. To date the only model in the catalog was the Vun, The slim single which now has a sister, not at all streamlined, It called DUU. In Milanese dialect Vun means "one" as a cylinder, a place and "unique". leads, as you'll see, instead wants to say "two" as two cylinders, two seats and ... only, she too. The customers of the CR&S, indeed, They can order your bike by choosing the setting, the chassis components, the preparation of the motor and of course the colorations. This is why the price varies a lot, starting from the base of 20.000 euro. The design philosophy behind the CR models&S is simple to enunciate, less to achieve: the bike must be essential, the entire engine and chassis at sight, but it must also be a style, rather two: that of the manufacturer and the customer that, as mentioned, He participates actively in the creation of its own motion. IF AND 'THE duu? Gia ', What is Duu? It is a powerful twin-cylinder that escapes the normal definitions: custom naked, roadster, streetfighter? Difficult to attribute a specific genre. Better, simply, describe the technical characteristics, really unique. The chassis is constructed from CR&S and is composed of an upper tubular giant alloy steel, reminiscent of the schema used by the Swiss specialist Fritz He; those with a little 'of springs behind recall , among the others, He sports the wonderful Vincent 1967. The large main frame tube Duu also performs the function of the fuel tank, An example of the strategy of the CR project&S, which tends to the maximum integration and simplification of each component. In the rear part the structure is closed by splendid light alloy plates, obtained the cutter from a "full" forged. The rear swingarm lattice of steel tubes is coupled to the shock absorber side. The wheels, other exclusive CR&S, They are splendid and in particular the rear, cantilever mounted with a single central nut and available in different designs of the breeds. The fiberglass superstructures are few and essential; really unusual solution for the front headlight ... not c'é, replaced by two lateral optical assemblies accommodated in the "shark gills" at the sides of the fork, reminiscent of the stylistic traits of Vun. The cars can be DUU, like the one we tested, but it is expected the construction to two and that travel, with bags and special accessories. MOTHER

mockup DIGITAL

The digital mockup is our strength. And 'the last frontier in the field of motorcycle design and is also its natural digital evolution. The digital mockup is a process by which companies that want to produce a motorcycle can avoid the classical phase mockup in clay, the phase of restyling and Accommodation Prototype, but also the complicated, slow and expensive step of scanning and reverse engineering. This can be translated to a company in an average savings of 4/6 months on TTM (Time To Market) and a cost saving of about 80 / 120,000 € . Today this process can be very suitable for companies with small productions or frequent redesign or reduced product margins. Thanks to our design sensibility and our display systems, as well as our 3D scanning systems, we can design a completely digital mockup, with already some attention to the engineering, if this is not sufficient, we can quickly create a scale model 1:1 or reduced with prototyping techniques, to best display the final result. What we realize in digital we have a perfect stylistic consistency and proportions for a possible real model.


The design needs to Engineering What distinguishes us from other motorcycle enthusiasts, It is that we like to get our hands dirty with grease and oil, worship chip, but we are also planning fanatics computer! So our first approach to designing is computerized and especially 3D mode. With our software and hardware and with our hands we create surfaces in class A or B, Solid or simply by rendering models that are both beautiful but also and above all functional. Functional means that you can send them directly to a mill, a 5 axes or a rendering machine, and you will not have weight problems, undercuts, or other.


Prototyping is a key component of our work, we use it to evaluate the goodness of the pieces designed before proceeding with the actual construction, the use for small series of pieces where it is not justified the cost of a mold, we use it to make an initial visual assessment, functional, dimensional. For some prototypes we are organized in house in order to make fast the first phase of testing, other features will provide some specialist suppliers with whom we have a direct line and thanks to which we are developing a lot of knowledge in this sector still strong growth. For more information on these services visit the website: Prototyping CNC Molding under vacuum Prototypes aluminum sheet metal laser cutting parts rapid Molds Pressofusione SLA / SLS Extrusion parts silicone / rubber Various surface finishes


Among our interests there training, This allows us to have continuous exchanges of opinions and points of view and to work with other motorcycle and design enthusiasts like us. So we organized a course that allows the student or the collector to acquire a basis for all necessary and sufficient skills in the field of motorcycle design. The individual can then devote himself to this world for both professional needs for simple passion "do-it-yourself". The course is divided into four distinct modules, each module can be followed individually.

Italian Design

Our thoughts on what I believe to be the Italian design. Following an interview on Italian Design by Giuseppe Palma for revisits "Flesh Art" of the 24 June 2010 Donato Cannatello CEO GIVEN Motodesign. Interviewer: Donato, we would like to start this interview in a decidedly provocative. Over the years we have become accustomed to admire the fabulous versions of many built cars: see the NCR productions but also the Moto Guzzi MGS-01 or special versions of the MV designed by Tamburini. These bikes have entered the collective positioning itself along the lines of Ferrari (to use a car comparison partially guessed) come "chimere", beautiful objects as unreachable to the point of getting away tragically from the reality of everyday made motorbike "usabili" every day and "affordable" in the price. How are you aware that you have created, together with CR&S in fact the first "The special serie" at a price, after all, reasonable if we think about how much it costs a BMW GS or a Ducati Multistrada? Donato: The idea of ​​creating a "The special serie" It was strongly desired for certain verses, for others it has been a natural unconscious challenge. E 'was desired because in my nature, although lover dell'eclusività art, I am a fan of ' "Industrial design", It understood precisely as in production scale, hence the desire to create something that had a strong characteristic of an object unique emotional approach, but at the same time the quality and reliability of an object of industrial production. In other respects has been a natural challenge because the CR&S has the numbers and the right steps to create a product with a proper relationship exclusivity / Price. With VUN did about 30 bikes a year, with duu we want to increase the number to about 150 bikes a year. In fact the question you raise is relative to the number of pieces produced. It 'too easy to do as some of the manufacturers you mentioned make super-special, infarcirle of valuable materials, refined manufacturing parts for jewelry, for objects that weigh like a bike, costing as much as a luxury car, and they are usable as a F1. And then the exclusivity What really is? Spend the extra money to have the same or less? For us the exclusivity does not lie in being able to afford a certain spending, but in owning something that represents yourself and not the fashion of the moment. Interviewer: How complex is the industrialization of a Special duu like and what compromises you had to bend as a designer? Donato: The industrialization of a particular motion as the duu in general is not as complex as that of a motorcycle of a large series, It is true that the complexities are different and in some ways more, but there is much more margin

CR&S VuneMes

A less classic cut, more disruptive for the small home CR&S. Redesigned superstructures, with a greater tendency to minimalism. Forms more stunted, made to measure for the customer, both for the anthropomorphic measures for the stylistic taste. Compared to the original the VuneMES was mechanically iperrifinita, It was already perfect , It was then adopted the top of the range for the cycling components we have replaced, but in the mechanical substance it has remained unchanged. A big difference as far as the mechanics were made from the wide handlebars, straighter and with oversize attack. This has led to a more proportionate driving position, with shoulders and elbows working more naturally. He deserves a special mention the form and the body. Completely made of functional prototyping, the wave of novelty involved: pigtail, saddle, fairing and front fender. Moreover, all the details in the bike have been taken care maniacally, by brake pumps with integrated reservoir Rizoma, up to parapignone and other technical details.

Given Kidster

Kidster is a toy motorcycle created for adults. It 'a project for fun but it brings itself some solutions that could one day be thorough or be used as a starting point. For one thing the proportions and volumes are very dynamic and ideal for a motorcycle "adults", In fact, the next step is the re-proportioning of the motorcycle on adult size. Also the bike exasperates and cites the classic saddle "sharecropper" the Castiglioni brothers, reusing the solution of the holes to give air to the engine and "touch point" motorcycle-pilot.

Velocitalia Honda Sportlite

The SportLite starts from a base Cinelli "pathway", the frame and 'was brought to bare by paint (complicated operation, congratulations to Cinelli for his painting) and then chromed. 5 very long marches and spoked wheels make it a perfect object from city . E 'for a research prototype was born in 1990, the wheels are used in aluminum Grimeca, a product as beautiful as complicated to use, their weight and their delicacy make the bike a difficult object, but highly satisfactory to use.

Velocitalia Amix

Amix is ​​a bike from classical and traditional forms, but from the very current technology. Created for use everyday, think first of all the comfort and the pedaling performance, then adopts a shaft drive, which it has the huge advantage of not requiring maintenance and chain guard, so as not to soil or damage the pants in any way. The frame is also made of composite technology with joints and tubes, just like the bike than once, thus allowing the maximum design modularity and at the same time a manufacturability "tailor made", with geometric dimensions then tailored to the customer. The bike is characterized by extreme attention to detail and a high of clean design. Its elegant shapes and its refined design, however, does not transcend from usability , Amix then carbon fiber fenders, very protective that allow you to travel in comfort even with the wet road. Change in the hub 7/8 relationships, hydraulic front brake and rear disc-to-back pedaling complete the technical framework, to the satisfaction of both the sportsman elegant cyclist.

Sym Angelica 125

Angelica is a scooter designed for the Indian market and in general in South East Asia (obviously for a predominantly female market). The briefing concerned a scooter on an existing mechanical base, very simple and classic. With this mechanism was necessary to design a body for women of average age , with the usual typical functional criteria of the East Asian markets (high comfort, load capacity and low cost). With this in mind we have staked everything on the beautiful lines, soft, with simple and elegant surfaces, introducing the feature of "sign" etched into the body in the process of mold so as to cancel the cost of nameplates and graphics. Angelica is part of an operation conducted in collaboration with SYM and NOVA Design.

Paton PG 500 RR

"Alone against all, in spite of who, with the excuse of passion for motorcycles benefits his bank account. The tenacity and skill of those who, in spite of everything, He can still put on track a 500 crafts." Vanni Spinoni The Paton is this, passion and tenacity; the challenge of creating something extremely competitive giving vent to all its resources, both mechanical and of men and means, and extreme attention to detail and the watchful eye of those who make things done quietly and with dedication. The Paton now wants to return to the scene of the slopes PG500RR, but not in the scenario of the competitions, but within that of enthusiasts who want a truly extreme means to have fun on track. A 500 four-cylinder two times with more than 170 horses and a rabid temperament is something very far from the imagination of today, something far behind and too far, something that does not even exist in dreams, even in those more than 70 thousand euro ... Therefore the appearance of a similar item is something extremely delicate, from all points of view. Currently (the bike is still in the early stage of development) there is a trend towards a very traditional solution, that preserves the most of the original forms, but denoting definitely an attention to detail worthy of a similar item. Here's the "details" take on a different quality compared to the one usually used in the field of motorcycle design. The details in this case is something that does not detract in the field of performance and historical memory, ma "solo" add in the context of the Exaltation "graphics" content. Here the Paton PG500RR as a hull shapes typical of the period beginning 2000, but with graphics that evoke the classic historical tradition Paton, the dreaded two-cylinder four-stroke of the late sixties.

Mùnch TTX

The Munch TTX was created behind the request to design an electric bike for races which could compete in the newborn world championship of electric motorcycles. He should bring the historic motorcycle brand what Munch known for its particularly disruptive models. My interpretation was once obviously looking for an excellent aerodynamics, thing that has influenced the forms covering all the mechanics with an integral hull, hull but I tried to conceal as much as possible making her participate with the underlying mechanics.

Ducati Monster Tractor

Ducati Monster Tractor is a concept designed for the competition "Design your dream" Ducati. The theme of the course was to develop a product with a strong emotional capacity, that would evoke ideas and feelings instead of performaces and comfort. The Ducati Monster Tractor has thus become the motorcycle transposition of a tractor 50 years, in particular the muse was the FIAT 25R '54, a small and versatile tractor widespread at the time. The mechanism is the classic one for Ducati "L", with water-cooled engine and radiator in the nose, more details are instead the chassis and in general the suspensions. Without dwelling too much on feasibility, we assumed that evoked suspension mechanics, tractor, with the characteristic distinctive element of the colored coating of all the mechanical parts. The Monster Tractor is now a project ten years ago (2003) yet it is always contemporary and futuristic. These days we're creating an updated version, follow us on these pages for the news ...

Bimota DB666

For this project we have developed a "advanced concept" based on a number of specific requests received from the customer. The "brief" It concerned the development of a motorized Ducati 8 valves and frame Bimota DB4, this to create an object equipped with the best components available today. A motorcycle without the price measure, but only the performance and effectiveness on the track. From this it produced a blueprint from extreme aesthetic characteristics, well that frame a mechanical excellence as its name Bimota claims.

Aprilia Kerkennah

Kerkennah is a bike conceived with the memory of the race bikes, but with greater attention to the general public and civil. The racing memory is recalled in the minimum dimensions in particular in the front area free from the radiator and from refined chassis, as well as from plastics by particularly technical forms and captivating. The civil aspect instead is underlined by extremely reliable engine, and alloy wheels that require less maintenance compared to those traditionally used in the race rays. Aprilia Kerkennah is powered by a single cylinder engine 4 valves with single overhead camshaft distribution equipped with a high design modernity, throughout the bike wheel, that is born, around it and to some very innovative solution ciclistiche. The rear subframe and the tank / saddle group revolve on a hinge located behind the steering, in this "arto"?? They are also housed the battery, the air box and all electronic. The air box is grafted onto a plastic flange mounted to the throttle body downstream with rubber sealing system at the time of closing of ' "arto ??". The chassis is based on a well known system in Aprilia, or perimeter frame in double-shell die and rear swingarm, also it presents a series of steering system without steel sleeve ( the fork plates are monobloc) . Although the scheme is conventional, the development of the chassis is completely new because it reflects some parallel technical solutions that have influenced the project must be, primarily the presence of the radiator behind the swingarm pivot and also the steering system without steerer. These two elements are incorporated in the design of the frame and swingarm leading to a low total development and slender in the upper part, in this way the masses have moved towards the central zone of 'roll axis of the motorcycle so smagrendo the crotch region to leave total maneuverability and freedom of movement to the legs. The exhaust system is composed of a system 2 in 1 stainless steel for the collectors 2 in1 and paracalore, while the silencer is made of steel sheet. The headlight beam using a double-focus parabola and Reflex lamp in position so as to have a reduced front section of the protective glass and an excellent accessibility to the lamp. The instrumentation is housed in an appendix of the front mask so as to be obtained from a single plastic shell, the same is exclusively digital with an LED screen by definition very low but highly visible thus eliminating any mechanical component and LCD panels. Kerkennah is an extremely technological motorbike, but with not excessive solutions and costs ??, dedicated to a passionate user but want to use the bike every day for

Aprilia Ramsex

Open it RÂMSEX is an advanced concept developed by order of the Aprilia, the basic mechanics is that of the Aprilia Dorsoduro, then V-twin engine of 90 degrees and mixed frame tubular structure / aluminum plates in pressofusione.Aprilia RÂMSEX 750. Our proposal sees the most 'slender superstructures, front wheel 19" , low discharges and tank under the saddle, all this for a more 'product road, more 'minimal, oriented more 'to a large cubic supermotard a endurona trend.

Honda John Deere motorcycle

Honda John Deere was born with the precise intent of "to run"?? the crazy speed 60 km / h on tracks made of endless green fields, rolling hills of sunflowers Fiorentina province, its barge rear wheel tassellata allows to always have the necessary traction on steep slopes and plows fields, the strictly two-seater because otherwise what the hell we going to do in the fields then if I'm alone, the sump guard stole an Africa Twin grateful for the new life that was granted after some "falco"?? Naples had reduced to little + a pot roast after a few years of chases and shootouts through the narrow streets of Naples "good"??, the engine has gained a bit of vitality to opening up all the airways because we know that farmers are angry and tend to shoot you if you get caught on their fields with a scooter tessellated. The John Deere chassis has been completely rebuilt in the back, It works long nights working in the workshop of "maestro"?? Tony Pizzo Casoria, the saddle is a Monster but was duly remodeled and re-dressed by another skilled craftsman Casoria. The front fender of unknown origin took into order: stapled sawed and hammered in abundance by myself, shots flex artist Giovanni Scafuro aka Giannigià , other good hammered by a bunch of other people and finally a paint casino good Raffaele Foscarino Mugnano, therefore obvious that at the end of its shape is not of + soft and flowing. The construction of the motorcycle has cost 4 months , the first two days to dismantle it piece by piece, others 3 months to change, repainting and procure the individual pieces and finally a very hard last month to reassemble everything in the house ! In the true sense of the word because this bike you see that was not born in the workshop, but even in the garage, nor in the cellar, it was born right in my room, next to my couch, my bed and thankfully my stereo, on the first floor of a building in Naples, but no problem kids, even when it came to light it, the building was shaking like when I organize a party so no one paid much attention + from time, the problem has come to the time to take it down the stairs, but it was enough to organize a launch party and behold, the hand of cheap labor is served! The John Deere is finally open road to race! And in fact he ran.. another for if he ran ... After less than a month after the end of the work was brought to Padova for the then BIKE

Scooter HT

The scooter is always the scooter! Always demonized, blamed and despised! For us it is not so! The scooter has its charms, terms of comfort, performance (Yes!) and usability. At the bottom it is to be interpreted as a working medium, like a wheelbarrow or a tractor, It can have its charm, his personality. We hypothesized a number of proposals for an Asian manufacturer, the target is a young public, average spending, very fashionable (the oriental style) and then ... why not give him the means it deserves ??!


L'"UNPAINT" is a finishing process that we have developed in GIVEN. It 'a proposal for customization "light" for those bikes that already have a good style or design, there are many and today ... on which we do not like the idea of ​​intervening too. then A minimally invasive procedure, which retains the functional characteristics of the series of motion (pairings, quality and functionality), while giving the bike a more personal look, most experienced and also more usable. The finish is nothing more than a long correspondence process with different grain cards, color bases which are then blended, graphic, logos, various stickers and finally transparent varnish.

Velocitalia Carrobasso

Carrobasso is a bike created for our brand "Velocitalia", a bike born from precise requirement to provide a fast means, powerful and fascinating. It 'a prototype that has among its features the extreme elegance of style, but the typical performances of a modern city bikes . And 'the bike for the keen cyclist who has already in the garage by the very special 8kg and full suspension MTB, but he wants to use a bicycle to get around town or in the country that is not too demanding, but at the same time both elegant and guaranteeing performance similar to that of his beloved parked in the garage. A means that you can leave the street, made of sturdy steel and components of proven reliability . salient Features: 1] High tecnologicità 2] Alte performances 3] Low purchase price 4] durable materials 5) Easy availability of spare parts / accessories

P / E Ermanno Scervino

Our "Spring Summer" is a concept bike from city aimed at a female audience of high-end. E 'was created for a famous fashion brand and reflects the characteristics of style, but unlike the other cycling branding operations, It is not a rehash of an existing product "sole" luxury finishes, but it is a product specially designed with development criteria aimed at the realization of an object by the strong characteristics of comfort and ease of use. So the "Spring Summer" It is a simple and lightweight bicycle, but practice because it has an integrated gear hub that can also be used in bicycle stops, then with a changed extremely practical and simple. The wheels instead are oriented to the formal characterization of the bike and then they Circles 144 chromates radial spokes, a strong note of elegance that characterizes the whole bicycle. The rest is intentionally understated so as not to create an object too flashy, but elegant in its interior, in her feminine essence.