Transparent timing cover for S&S X-Wedge


Transparent timing cover for S&S X-Wedge

S&S X-WEDGE COVER CAMSHAFT transparent Timing cover

For the X-motor WEDGE S&S we have developed a distribution cover plates Aluminum 6000 CNC machined and milled more transparent PMMA in CNC.

The crankcase proposed has been designed with the aim of allowing to enjoy the view of the pulleys of the beautiful distribution 3 Typical of this motor shafts, but also to improve the cooling of the timing belt, this solves the problem of overheating of the present some installations of this engine.

The casing can be mounted on all X-Wedge engines (1.800cc-2.300cc).

In particular it finds direct application of:

Combat 61 Collection e G2 P51 Combat Fighter di Confederate Motorcycles

CR&S carries (all models)

The Shelby di Rucker Performance

X-Ness di Arlen Ness Enterprise

X-9X di Big Dog Motorcycles

BBW Limo Python X-Wedge di Bourget’s Bike Works

Sport Fighter XTR di IronHorse Motorcycle

Morgan 3 Wheeler


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