Engine air filter for S&S X-Wedge


Engine air filter for S&S X-Wedge

Transform the heart of your Morgan 3 Wheeler o CR&S DUU with our exceptional Air Filter for S Engine&S X-Wedge! Specifically designed for S engines&S X-Wedge, this filter offers a perfect combination of style, performance and functionality. Whether you want to add a touch of personality to yours 3 Wheeler or upgrade your mighty CR engine&S DUU, our high performance air filter is what you've been looking for.


Main features:

  1. Elegance and Functionality in a Single Kit: Our air filter kit is a marriage of elegance and functionality. Made with high quality materials, including aluminum and PMMA (Polymethacrylate) for the transparent part, our filter is a combination of attractive design and superior performance.
  2. Compatible with Different Models: Besides being perfect for Morgan 3 Wheeler e CR&S DUU, our filter is designed to fit all S engines&S X-Wedge. Regardless of the model, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a high quality air filter that enhances the performance of your engine.
  3. Weight Reduction and Performance Increase: Thanks to lightweight materials and optimized performance, our air filter improves engine performance, ensuring a smoother and more responsive ride. The weight reduction positively affects the overall performance of the vehicle.
  4. Careful Details for a Unique Customization: Every detail of our air filter is carefully studied, including the GIVEN logo engraved on the lens. We offer different finishes upon request, allowing you to customize the filter to your taste and create a unique combination for your S engine&S X-Wedge.
  5. Easy Installation and Long Lasting Operation: The clever design of our filter ensures quick and easy installation, while the resistant materials ensure reliable and long-lasting operation.

Give New Life to Your Engine: Give new life and grit to your S engine&S X-Wedge with our Air Filter. Whether you want superior performance or just add style to yours 3 Wheeler o CR&S DUU, our air filter is what you need to get the most out of your two-wheeled adventures.

Order Your Air Filter for S Engine Now&S X-Wedge: Discover the difference a quality product makes on your performance and the look of your engine. Whether you are an avid motorcyclist or a speed lover, our air filter will make all the difference in your road adventures.