Super Special N°14


Last 4 July at the Milan garage Given Motodesign was presented REDSHIFT, una moto custom su base CR&S DUU. We all know CR&S and his works on two wheels, we all remember the duu with its powerful twin-cylinder, a motorcycle "handmade, his heart, in Milan", designed for mass production but which remained highly artisanal and full of character, special already in origin and made even more special by a team of design experts.

To discover all the secrets of this motorcycle we decided to interview Donato Cannatello, former lead designer at CR&S e ora leader del team Given.
We are warmly welcomed into the lovingly furnished Atelier where REDSHIFT was born. Let's go and chat in the mezzanine office from which we can see the whole workshop and the guys from the team at work.

- First of all, how the Given Motodesign reality was born?
Given was basically born after my motorcycle experience in some companies such as CR&S, Matchless, Aprilia and others.
I preferred to open my own space and focus on a company that could give space to my ideas. Thus was born Given which is nothing more than the translation into English of my name "Donato".
Here I try to put my experiences from concept and design to work in the workshop to good use ... because in small and beautiful companies like CR&S, where we were in 10, obviously you take care of the design but you also have to go to the workshop to assemble and check all the steps ... and so I had a 360 ° experience in the development of the motorcycle.