For companies it is important to search for new forms, new features, new ideas then 2 parole: Advanced concept!
Develop these skills internally, however, it can be expensive and time-consuming.
It is also good that the creative ideas come from outside, this can become a reason research and development for internal projects.

The concept design It should go hand in hand with a good analysis of Marketing, and that's what we do, identification of commercial channels, analysis of the target, commercial tools company, brand image aziendale, are all parameters that converge into a single graph, that gives us the guidelines for the project.

The phases of the machining

We can cure phase Concept o Advanced concept trying to interpret the stylistic requirements of the customer, current and especially future trends, the actual technique and near future.
We try to do all this with a mind free from preconceptions, creating objects that have feet on the ground only to the extent required by the customer, in the absence of explicit requests we orient ourselves towards a Advanced concept which can be much more challenging for us and for the end user.

Our process first analysis of a project:


Project briefingCustomer nameProject Codename
Market analysisAgereferral marketFinal costGenderUsage Tipology
Customer analysisIndustrial capabilitiesProduction capabilitiesReselling capabilities
Product analysissegmentCarriage capabilitiesPerformance/FashionWeightMaterialsEngine

A draft Concept or Advanced concept can be expressed in analog form (rendering in pencil), digitale 2D o 3D (Static digital rendering or video) or in the form of mockup depending on the needs and the level of development required.
We can take care of all these phases, or only some of them: we have the means, the skills and the necessary creativity. We can treat only the initial concept, both in advanced form (so no real relevance, but only the study of shapes and design research) in that narrow shape (therefore already have a first look at the future implementation criteria).