The leads it's a motorcycle produced by CR&S from 2011.

The prototype was presented at 'EICMA of the 2009. It was designed and built by Roberto Crepaldi in collaboration with Donato Cannatello for design and Beppe Bulla for the chassis and mechanics. The DUU is powered by the X-Wedge of American S&S, and the whole project revolves around it. The engine is a 1.917 American extraction cc, its architecture is reminiscent of the twins Harley Davidson, but its design is completely modern. It is the second model of the house, and as such, its name means "due" in Milanese dialect.

The Duu born around this engine and then geometry is then focused on: high engine, wheelbase compact, swingarm the longest possible and angle of inclination steerer content, this leads to excellent handling but good stability at high speeds.

Year of introduction:
Engine type:
Twin cylinder
ECE approval: