Timing belt S&S X-Wedge

Timing belt for S&S X-Wedge


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Timing belt for S&S X-Wedge

Compatible replacement

L’ S&S X-Wedge is a special three-cam V-Twin engine for custom applications produced by the S&S.

It is mainly used in some motorcycles including CR&S DUU e BIG-DOG, as well as in the Morgan 3-Wheeler, that uses the thruster X121 gives 1,983 cc (121CI).

The timing belt is subject to frequent breakages, and yet on average does not lead to engine damage, It is certainly preferable to replace it before it breaks.

On average the manufacturer provides for one replacement every 5000 km, in particular on application motorbike (CR&S o Big Dog) it is preferable to keep an eye on this part because unlike Morgan, where the engine is front mounted and has better cooling, on motorbikes it is mounted on the side with the exhausts passing very close to it for less than optimal ventilation.

A great way to keep an eye on the strap is to use our transparent distribution cover casing. which in addition to being a valuable item to have on your motorcycle or 3-Wheeler, it is also an excellent system for always keeping an eye on the timing belt.

Replacement not original S&S, standard HTD.

Original code S&S : 106-0571
Codice OEM Morgan : SV130003