Matchless Model X reloaded

The "Matchless Model X reloaded" it is a motorbike that recalls the style and charm of a classic Matchless model, the Model 1929, but with a touch of modernity and innovation. The motorcycle has a V-twin engine 1916 cc, derived from an S engine&Yes but customized by Matchless, which develops more than 96 CV. The motorcycle stands out for its unique design and cutting-edge technical solutions, like type front forks "Castle", rear traction suspension with shock absorbers positioned under the engine, the semi-lamellar frame with integrated oil tank, the brakes deactivated a 12 pistons at the front and rear 6 at the rear, and Matchless-branded engine heads. The reloaded Model X was shown for the first time at the EICMA Milan motorcycle show 2015, and is the result of the passion of the Italian entrepreneur Franco Malenotti, which purchased the Matchless brand in 2012. The project obtained the consent of the Collier family, founder of Matchless in 1899, who praised the combination of tradition, technology and elegance that distinguishes the motorbike. The reloaded Model X is a concept motorcycle that could become a reality in the future, since the house has already filed 12 patents for its solutions.

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