CR & S OF "Sporty"

The "Sports" is beautiful because it is the result of a great collaboration 4 hands.

The design is of John Van Houten owner, we have it translated into reality following a marching its main sketch and a series of feedback during construction.

the CR&S VUN is a bike that we know very well, we have much experience on this bike, it was so easy to interfere. Also the VUN is a bike already beautiful in every component, the only parts that we were not convinced they are right and the tail fairing, so it was nice to work to try to bring this beautiful project 2005 nowadays.

Computer Aided Design

The bike has been made possible thanks to the "traditional" CNC techniques, laser cut, etc, but above all thanks to 3D printing. The hull has been specifically designed to be printed, As a result of its shape it has been optimized in order to exploit the ability of 3D printers to produce the core of the piece with a calibrated reticle type Honeycomb, this allows to have a self-supporting structure, Lightweight and robust.

At the same time this technology optimizes print times, allowing us to create the entire hull with "sun" 60 Printing hours.



Windscreen and Plexiglass

The windshield as usual included a part in plexiglass, for the user's convenience we have achieved this by using a component part in trade (source HONDA CBR1000RR), scanning the workpiece in 3D modeling and the bodywork part around the plexiglass, so you can find and quite simply replaced anywhere in the world.

Body Work

The painting, graphics and color and trim are definitely a very important part of the project.

A fantastic job has been the result of a beautiful, yet another collaboration with KAOS Design.


RIZOMA, a story within a story.

For the part of lighting and accessories that could not aim for the best for a similar project, from this need was born the opportunity to work with the great guys of RIZOMA as a world top in terms of quality of manufactured components, as well as the original supplier of the billet components of the CR&S OF original. The beautiful plates in CNC frame have thus found alongside their origins to latest LED elements such as arrows with integrated position light RIZOMA LIGHT S and arrows handlebar LOOK.

The combination of these elements has given birth to the rear light assembly is secure racing license plate light effect cantilevered and functionality.



Engine type:
Twin cylinder
Year of introduction:

Sponsors and partners of the project: