GIVEN is Donato Cannatello, GIVEN is Donato Cannatello, always in the world of design, He addressed various professional experiences that are all merged into its current capabilities, both project development of leading teams but also and especially of the corporate interests Management. From the product point of view, her technical training and its multidisciplinary allow him a more novel approach and at the same time easy to project. As project team leader and manager relies on his twenty years of professional experience managing to interpret at best the demands of customers ways, employees and suppliers.
It has a great propensity to use the tools in general. First digital ones that manages with mastery ranging from solids and surfaces advanced modeling tool (SOLIDWORKS), virtual display (SHOWCASE), bitmap and vector editing, as well as managing and creating websites (CMS, Dreamweaver, FTP) up to bases of management of operating systems, server, FTP e LAN. Do not disdain, however, the instruments more "concrete", and it has excellent familiarity and passion in the use of workshop tools, by Allen on a lathe, passing quietly for bur, TIG and several manual prototyping tools (Clay, Lamination of fiber). It has also much experience with prototypes from digital files such as SLA SLS but also CNC, as well as molds for injection or lamination.
Among the bikes whose production has recently partnered there are some magnificent CR&S DUU e la Matchless Model X Realoaded.

Following an interview on Italian Design by Giuseppe Palma for the magazine "Flesh Art" of the 24 June 2010 GIVEN is Donato Cannatello