Reverse this order: what you are reading is the comment and who will want from you readers will write below the real article on special and custom display at EICMA 2016: I place myself outside the journalistic and within straight into the wild uproar of personal opinion, antipathy / sympathy something like customizing, and its many facets, which by definition is a place of confrontation between opposing ways of life and asymptotic motorcycling, so I ask everyone to consider these lines a mere comment: The genuine article I will write the willing readers.


To try to orient myself in the hundreds of lighthouses that I winked persuasive, and to learn more, let myself be seduced by the stand of Given Motodesign that exposed among others a - Interestingly, in my opinion - Special to The Nation Kawasaki ZRX 1100 (called "Fuck") in collaboration with Officine Riunite Milanesi, which intrigued me a lot polygonal discs, to guarantee rigorous operation which has set the same supplier, the legendary Enrico Discacciati himself!

Donato Cannatello (Donato-Given... I got it?), GIVEN's owner and design experience in CR&S, Matchless, fight, Aprilia, He was patient, and exchanging a chat with me has exposed me his point of view on EICMA 2016 and the future of customizing.

To put GIVEN and opinions reported by Donato, We add that deals with both to provide a service of planning and design for those who want to build a prototype (from concept to pre-series to lead to the production), both those private individuals who ask "frame off" projects on their motorcycles.

"Oddly enough we had much feedback from ZRX that the duu, both exhibited in our booth, despite duu is undoubtedly a more refined design and ZRX half a lot cheaper, but evidently the most "eye catcher"».

And how would you rate the level of the Show within custom and special?

"The level of EICMA, if we limit ourselves to the custom and special, it seems much higher and mature than a few years ago: from the realities artiginali, which still produce exceptional results, We are switching to a more mature approach both on the engineering design of the parties. From the point of view of the motorcycle, instead, I loved the Harley "OPERA" South Garage, very stylish; also he won the contest, but as you know the contest virtually win them a bit 'all (Donato refers to the myriad of categories and not very numerous participation editor's note); the corner custom instead seemed a little 'subdued, little space and decentralized than the vital center of the Show, and this seems a bit 'counterintuitive: it is the most challenging part, instead many did not visit it because they did not know it was in the corner of the pavilion 2; it is also true that there is an audience that is not really interested in custom, They are those that have the V-Strom with the trunk behind, but there are also many real fans who prefer to see a piece billet instead have not even managed to find us ».

Sul futuro del customizing? Donato has no doubts:

"The breakthrough, in my opinion, it is very clear from the past: in designing a special it has gone from the bike rest on the bench and improvise, to do it first, as in our case, a rendering and 3D scanning, then work directly on the computer, and record hand sides, in sheet or simply printed in 3D; Customizing the future of the market do not see it in the designers' skills, because today everybody can take a computer and put a kid through to design and implement a 3D printer, but I think this will be dictated by legal factors, such as compliance with homologation standards and the evolution of style and trends: we must see how long this phenomenon customizing very artiginale, I believe that hand made could very well be supplanted in the near future by a more designed customizing, designed and evolved more ».

A last question: because the tessellated tires on a road bike? (ok, I know, it's my personal crusade ...)

«It was a customer choice ... but I must tell you that if it were not for this request the ZRX "Maialona" we would not have drawn as you see, understanding the concept of supporting abdominal muscles and not the lower parts of the tank, that seems like a solution ... "best". Perhaps without the knobbly tires we would have made a less angular motion, rounder ".

I leave the gallery of motorbikes, with admiration for all exhibitors in the custom and special sector who are certainly not there for an immediate economic return, but who often invest time and money invaded by the passion to always move the bar of excellence and madness a little higher.