DUU REDSHIFT – The Contribution of the designers in the customization of motorcycles

Motorcycling is an activity in which converge harmoniously different aspects of design, the main one is finding a technical solution to the problem “transport functionality”. Manufacturers constantly seek to optimize performance in all its variants, the goal is to make the most effective and able to solve the problems of the users also speaking on style highlighting the emotional component of the medium. The emotion is the primary element, for motorcyclists all around them as they race to their means it has a completely different look, have a real and direct contact with everything. They are active consumers, living the street scene instead of looking, what they feel is an overwhelming passion that can make you feel the thrill of total freedom. The following thesis includes a study of the work experience of customizing a motorcycle CR&S DUU, the customer in question is a private whose application is to, starting from
an existing base, make unique the medium by the addition of components that would be able to enhance the aesthetic appearance of making tangible
the customer's wishes. Thanks to the strong passion
accumuna that the designer and the customer has been created
a bond of empathy, that allowed GIVEN
motodesign to fully meet the neces

sity of the consumer, making a classical base
a real collector's item. Accomu

born from this strong feeling, just the empa

tia has made communication with the customer very
simple and effective, allowing designers
to understand the customer's needs immediately and,
even in some cases, to anticipate. In this
so is teamwork is favored permet

I tend also to the customer to take part in
project giving immediate feedback on the
conducted studies and prototypes.
Through the available technologies, GIVEN
motodesign has been able to realize a mez

zo it had a strong industrial component
while maintaining an imprint of craftsmanship
found in some processes, such firm

ture and bending of plates made of aluminum
handmade by the team. The ongoing dialogue between the different
sectors has led to the creation of a product
that would express the character of the owner, bank

Landone their identity and their own being.