Are you thinking about how to make your own custom bike? Are you looking for a specialist to build your custom bike? Perfect! We are in Milan, but thanks to our network of carriers we can take your bike anywhere and bring it home.

Once the motion is that we can draw it according to your ideas or requests, or alternatively you can leave design freedom and let us do everything, you just have to come and collect it and be amazed. Whatever your idea of ​​custom bikes we will be happy to share it, even to reason over a beer, if you want you can make the Rendering to give you an idea of ​​how it could be customized, can we to see custom already in a 3D viewing environment where you'll see so real you will want to jump on and give gas! One of the most challenging aspects of our work is the creation of custom bikes, or "tailored", for customers who want to stand, with well-defined and custom details, we like this area because it allows us to unleash our creativity on bikes that can turn into unique items, because we like the complexities that exist in achieving a customized bikes are always different, with new materials and construction techniques that change from time to time. The customization of a motorcycle requires a lot of practical experience mechanical, but from our very important point of view are also planning skills and creativity.



Design and Planning

Custom bikes at the industrial level for the private client.

When we make a motorcycle Given we do not just replace original parts with other found around, but we work directly on the workpiece, or on the bike, to recreate, draw, designing, just like the customer wants. Not just a cut and paste, but a real ad hoc project where details make the difference. In shaping motorcycles are designed specifically to meet the needs of the customer constraints are very different from those of the industrial design and relate to the person instead of the technical or economic interests.

exclusive projects Moto Design. Italian Mechanical Engineering and Design for unique and innovative projects. Gives 20 years to the most demanding customer service.

Harley Davidson XR1200


In Given we like motorcycles "rustic", of iron, with the mechanical sight, the modern form, but we are always for a more industrial approach. Each custom bikes for us to Given is an object to be enjoyed slowly, piecemeal, particular after particular.


We like to work on all types of custom bikes, in particular we like: BMW single-cylinder boxer and, CR&S OF A DUU (on these we loooong experience ..), Harley Davidson small and large, Triumph Bonneville e family, but also we worship the Japanese, in particular because Honda is the bike that we wanted and with whom we have grown.


We are in Milan, in a beautiful industrial context, convenient and confidential, contact us to visit us, we will be happy to design together with you your bike custom, or alternatively to make even just a chat among motorcyclists.