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A screw… but giant!

In GIVEN do not just motorcycles, but design projects in general, We realized for the company EJOT a prototype very unusual, it is a screw on the size never seen, whose height is 1,60m for weight 290kg. This project has served the company to beat a World lifting records, and I would say that we were able to meet the customer's expectations both from the weight standpoint reached, obbligatorimente 300 kg, with the ability to change it to + -20kg, both from the point of view of aesthetics final.

As a first step, we first carried out a study of design ed engineering. This was a mandatory step but crucial since it allows to better evaluate the possible procedures to be carried out for the realization of the object; especially if, as in this case, They are required many operations and many processes. The approach differs depending on the project you have in front, in our case allowed us to evaluate a realization through a mix of techniques and materials.

The soul of the screw is composed of a block of steel settled, They have been pasted on the surface of stampe 3D that are going to reconstruct the appearance of the vine. These external parts were printed in PLA da November “in home” dove, After a few weeks of release, They have been sanded, pasted steel, grouted and finally painted. During the assembly and construction of the screw, a continuous weight monitoring has enabled us to keep under control the screw, while confirming the engineering studies previously.

The same procedure was done for the trolley, the beams of steel They have been welded among them (so as to be able to act both as a support for the screw that transport) and subsequently painted red.

Here are the images that illustrate the various steps undertaken to implement the prototype.

Stay tuned and stay up to date, a similar project ( if not even more bizarre) could knock on our door at any moment.
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