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Piaggio MP3 “Stream”

The Piaggio MP3 according GIVEN!

Technological, functional and subversive.

Turn the scooter concept: The time is now right for a restyling of the classic scooter understood as covered by a beautiful mechanical ugly plastic form, the market is ready for a fresh look at modern urban commuter. There is a strong need for a means that allows us comfortable daily commute with ease, reliability and comfort. But today scooter "mature", one who seeks a reliable and usable product, but also to enable him to be noticed and you transfer to others their experience and passion motorcycle, He is willing to give up something in terms of comfort just to have a medium that characterizes it and identify, but also and above all that fun, that enthusiasm!

We want to create an object that collects in unless the benefits of all motorcycle worlds, but the feelings, the drives, the typical attractions of all worlds, confluendole in a project by the easy industrialization and commercialization.
.1 Performance: The engine becomes the beating heart, the coordinating element, the base, unnecessarily sound but efficiently perfect. A modern 300cc engine is the perfect balance between lightness and performances as, but in this case it is necessary a larger displacement engine (500~800cc) that transmits good vibes like a motorcycle.
.2 Timeless: Always the oxymoronic combination-form vs. function has gripped designers, in this eternal dualism only one thing is certain, the function is eternal, the shape aging. Our vision is closely linked to the function of the particular, to its mechanical topical.
.3 Charm: The appeal in this case is a child who looks a the washing machine spin. A daily necessity, a routine ritual that despite its visual vanity fails to enchant for its kaleidoscopic tour of colors and details.
.4 Mechanics: The refined mechanics, made of functional components but also beautiful, not too industrial, well made and designed to be seen and appreciated, to intrigue and attract.

The Stream is our proposal for the future style for MP3 family. And 'his natural variation in key 2020, It is still a scooter, but its details are supernaked. It 'a project with down to earth exploring paths that other motorcycle manufacturers have left unexplored for now, It means the scooter as a means of makeshift motorcycle but as an evolution of the classic motorcycle.
Our proposal provides various ways of defining, from the static mock-up to a working prototype and production characteristics with concrete. E 'equipped with the top of the current range regarding mechanical and motoring. Its innovative contribution concerns the non-mechanical style.