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ROBERTO A VA Boneville

The navigator of the Multivan past nine he stopped in front of the closed gate of a farm. off the car. In the courtyard of an old lady already he knows what will be the question that will turn. Before me beyond the gray gate he heard the same words from Graziano Rossi, Marco Belli, Makoto Tamada.
"And, This address is via Ca 'Nine one, but they gave the same name to a street of the industrial area near here. You have to return to Verona. At the traffic lights turn left and at the first roundabout turn right. "
I turn off the German navigator and we rely on Google Map. The smartphone Diego in ten minutes brings us to the front gate of the In-Motion. Gianna welcomes us in the office. The air conditioning yells, come to serve, and outside there are forty degrees. Through the glass, in the shed, HRC and Minolta brands they know MotoGP. Along the wall a row of colored tanks with the brand Zaeta. The girl with blue leggings packs in boxes circles Kineo ready to be shipped. A nice ass….


Roberto gave us an appointment here, the farm of Julius Bernardelle, to make photographs that tell the first installment of this crazy project. Crowds as are projects that tie men close to the passions. Roberto Maria Crepaldi sessantino is a son of art. At seventeen he accompanied the clients of his father's dealership to pick up the car Enzo Ferrari. Over the years he has helped to bring to Italy the Jaguar brand, Aston Martin, Triunph, Harley Davidson e Husquarna. In 1993 He founded the CR team&S Britten and with Britten V 1000 He has participated in three editions of the Tourist Trophy.
Today, with RMC brand, Record Motor Cycles, He works to go on the salt lake of Boneville and beat the speed record locking to four hundred twenty-three km / h.
While Diego prepares camera bodies and lenses, Roberto's team gradually meets. Ugo Torri is an entrepreneur and a gentleman driver with a passion for speed and beautiful motorcycles. Giulio Bernardelle is the technical manager of the project. He won two World with Valentino Rossi and Roberto Locatelli, He was technical director of the Pramac Honda and Konica Minolta Honda team in MotoGP. Donato Cannatello is the designer responsible for the streamlined body of the motorcycle. Dario Marchetti raced on the track and on the road, in World, in superbike, nell’endurance, a Macao e Suzuka. In America he has already won at Daytona and the salt lake of Boneville will almost lying on RMC to run over four hundred per hour towards the record.
The guys of In-Motion lead out of the shed the prototype of the RMC. The team gathers around the motorcycle. Diego began taking.

Imagine a late afternoon winter, a man sits at his desk, He has in front of a blank sheet on which is going to start making the first, excited, pencil marks by taking the form to the sketch of his dream, two-wheeled, with a mark of his own, which certainly does not hide the ambitious goals it wants to achieve, Record Motor Cycles.
This man is called Roberto Maria Crepaldi, and dreams on two wheels has already made several. It born professionally in the environment of the four wheels, and he started working with his father, it was Ferrari Dealer. His, young, thus it will be able to get closer to an important person for his training and that ambitious dreams realized they will be a lot, Enzo Ferrari.
After the experience in the auto industry, where it goes from Ferrari to Aston Martin Jaguar, Roberto is dedicated to his passion, motorbikes, and does not stop at mere pleasure to guide them. At the beginning of 80s participating in the re-launch in Italy of three very famous brands such as Harley Davidson, Triumph e Husquarna. In 1993 founds the Team CR&S, caferac is & Superbikes and meets another important person, New Zealander John Britten, an architect motorcycle enthusiast who designed and built in his garage its a racing bike that bears
his surname. V-Twin engine 1000 cc with cycling ingenious and innovative solutions, Britten runs in the newly formed category B.E.A.R.S (reserved for prototypes of motion twins and non-Japanese tricilindriche) and Team CR&S becomes the point of reference in Europe and the Britten V1000 takes part in many international competitions titled, among which 3 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy and won the Championship B.E.A.R.S. World Series.
Robert and John are very good friends, They have ideas and common goals shared and also have a lot of passion, dressed with as much energy, It enables it to achieve these ambitious technical and sporting achievements. How many beautiful and moving stories, This also unfortunately experiencing a terrible moment when, in September 1995, As a bad relentless evil takes away John, just 45 years. And CoR yl Team Roberto&S back in the Tourist Trophy 1996, dispersed on that magical island in the Irish Sea, where it all began a few years earlier, and Shaun Harris driving, the Britten V1000 passes under the flag of the Senior TT chess, a great satisfaction to remember and honor its builder with other major sports seal that inextricably links the winning partnership came from the antipodes, and that will still surprise us and excite us in the future ... no mistake.
In 2002 Roberto becomes a builder and brand CR&S has two interesting and original motion, the single cylinder CR&S OF nel 2005 and the twin CR&S CARRIES nel 2009.
Let's go back to that sheet of paper, few minutes later, White has much more recently. Roberto, that even this has very clear ideas, in addition to having traced the lines of the bike which will be born, also it has in mind the training that will transform that draft, before honing and then materializing, creating a unique product and terribly fast, fast enough to honor the brand that will lead to the tank in an attempt to set a new speed record, rather two, the salt lake of Boneville.
The team must be cohesive and effective, because of work to do there will be a lot and we must get it right, very well. For that Roberto is joined by Hugo Towers, business owner, great lover of two wheels and ambitious achievements it will be a lot, Ugo is the Director of RMC Project.

For the technical part of the project and executive responsibilities of this fascinating adventure is taken by the engineer Giulio Bernardelle, with vast experience in racing both in two-stroke engines, contributing to the World Titles of Roberto Locatelli and Valentino Rossi riding the Aprilia 125 e 250 cc, is where the engines are four-stroke MotoGP spent in.
Aerodynamics is another chapter of fundamental importance to beat the current record, that Boneville for the category Partially Streamlined, partially exposed faired with pilot, where our have decided to try their hand, and of 423 km / h. And, you read that right are quattrocentoventitrè km / h, and motorcycle lines will be managed and implemented by Donato Cannatello, Given the holder, dynamic company specializing in prototype study and implementation of complex body.
Even in the choice of the pilot Roberto again proves to handle it really. He who will bear the burden, and honor, to rotate the throttle is called Dario Marchetti, professional driver from the thirty-year career, Dario has raced in many paths and tracks of the most important and fascinating world, from Daytona Macau collecting many successes. During a pleasant chat Dario tells me: "Sai, the fact that they chose me not only fills me with pride, I'm excited and very honored to be part of this team, Roberto I am known him for a long time and I respect him a lot, we are friends and I raced for him a few years ago, right on the fantastic bike called Britten V1000 Team CR&S”. everything back, magically, with passions and emotions that meet and intertwine. "Then", goes on, "To my long career, missing only two things, an attempt to record and the Tourist Trophy Isle of Man to which I had to take part in the 80's but for the latter it is too late ".
Big Dario, now we think of the record, and then for the TT – understood as Lap of Honor – maybe you can do something …but for the moment we do not reveal anything and we remain focused on Bonneville.
Completing the Team Media Manager Riccardo Capacchione, professional journalist and an active tester for many magazines and Raffaele Canepa, photographer, and director who held the function Media Producer.
The project is very interesting and technically very intriguing. A frame with mixed structure will host the engine naturally aspirated 8 cylinders, very compact, positioned longitudinally. The displacements of 2000cc will be for "Red Spirit", that pays tribute to the immense Italian motorcycling culture, for many years the absolute reference point for all other nations, and of 2500 cc for "Tribute to John Britten" to honor this brilliant character with few resources, assisted by a handful of technicians friends, He has created one of the best racing motorcycles ever existed, sealing the strong bond between John and speed. In 1993 a motorized torpedo Britten V1000 conquered the world record in the quarter mile and the mile with standing start and the flying kilometer.
The work is proceeding and shipped in a while we hear the sound of this mighty engine that will have a capacity of over 400 cavalli. It 'started the countdown for the Speed ​​Week of Boneville 2017. Ghost will have the pleasure and honor to tell all the evolutionary stages of this beautiful and exciting adventure.
Thanks Steve and thanks to the whole Team RMC. Bonneville approaches, we turn on the motors!!!


Text: Pier Giuseppe Ortalda
Photo: Diego Mola