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P / E Ermanno Scervino


logo velocitaliaOur “Spring Summer” is a concept bike from city aimed at a female audience of high-end.

E’ It was created for a famous fashion brand and reflects the characteristics of style, but unlike the other cycling branding operations, It is not a rehash of an existing product “sole” luxury finishes, but it is a product specially designed with development criteria aimed at the realization of an object by the strong characteristics of comfort and ease of use.

So the “Spring Summer” It is a simple and lightweight bicycle, but practice because it has an integrated gear hub that can also be used in bicycle stops, then with a changed extremely practical and simple.

The wheels instead are oriented to the formal characterization of the bike and then they Circles 144 chromates radial spokes, a strong note of elegance that characterizes the whole bicycle. The rest is intentionally understated so as not to create an object too flashy, but elegant in its interior, in her feminine essence.