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Triumph Speed Triple 1050 “PIER”

Pier is an avid serious ones.
La sua Speed Triple 1050 spends more time under the knife or on the road. Yet Pier makes of kilometers in motion… Turns solo on the steps and torque weekend (obviously with a two-seater motorcycle)….
On his Speed ​​Pier achieved alone or with our help all the parts needed to transform its “civil” Speed ​​Triple in the beast of customization and fun that you can see on this page.
Everything was taken care to detail, screw to screw, pomellino for pomellino, until you get to the rear frame, pigtail, and wheels made according to his purpose.


In the specific case, for the tail, we started from a model made of extruded polyurethane low density “graven” by hand by the same Pier, we engineered by 3D scanning and reverse engineering, with a resolution of geometrical problems, undercuts, Draft and mirroring. From this we obtained a first ABS model milled from solid to use as “Master” mold for the fiber Carbon.
Finally we rolled the fiber until you have fully replicated the early stages with a final product super strong and only a few pounds heavier.



The wheels also have been specifically created on demand and Pier design, wheels not too thick beams, functional and read, tubless, monoarm and varnishing bicolor.
It was not easy to bring together all the requests, but with the help of our Jonich It was almost a walk.
Find the wheels also available in our shop-on line.