Odometer instrumentation CR&S DUU original


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Odometer instrumentation CR&S DUU original

Speedometer – Tachometer – Marce indicator included – fuel Level – Livetto temperature.
Include 6 functions and is also available in aluminum and with different LED indicators.

Computer digital multi-function; simultaneously indicates tachometer, speeds up to 399,9 Km / h, clock, temperature and fuel level, everything at once;
Dual thermal sensor 1&2 (engine and external temperature), Odometer with the partial remote sensing 1&2, It indicates the maximum and average speed, clock, journey time, Total journey time, voltometro, lap time;
Diponibile with 3 backlights of different colors (rosso,verde,Blu);
Include 6 LEDs for a variety of applications;
It includes a telecomandino fixable on the handlebars to give the opportunity for the driver to view all internal functions of the instrument in a manner confertevole and without having to remove your hand from the handlebar.
It includes a memory 99 lap times (LAP TIME), each tour includes average and maximum speed;
It allows the user to set the mileometer when it is under 30 Km,above which the distance remains stored in memory,even when the unit is;
Setting universal wheel circumference:1-3999mm.;
Setting overspeed and high temperature adjustable in their choice;
The fuel indicator has 3 different resistances incoming from +/- 100 Ohm, 250 Ohm, 510 Ohm.Possibilità not to display the fuel level using the OFF option;
Tested to 8G for resistance to vibration and shock resistance of 100G;
Trademarks And to ABE approved.


NB: Time required 2 weeks ARO!