Given “VRS02” Réfola

"La Rèfola is a short breath that disappears even before becoming aware of itself "

The only exception to our small bikes are bicycles .... The VRS02 is a bike we made for fun and for internal needs. He liked the idea of ​​having a fast and agile bicycle, set and stylish.
We have discarded the fixed gear but we kept the stylistic line of the bike with this type of transmission. All stuffed and accompanied by high-level components and look urban fight!

The VRS02 is the evolution of VRS01, bike which results, we have created a new finish for the aluminum frame, scraped to bring it to the naked and then giving of amaranth color traces "Rust", a typical example of our technique finish "Unpaint".


The mechanism is unchanged in its simplicity and functionality, location racing, good brakes, freewheel, ma look da "fixed gear", wide tires to copy pave urban well.