A less classic cut, more disruptive for the small home CR&S.

Redesigned superstructures, with a greater tendency to minimalism. Forms more stunted, made to measure for the customer, both for the anthropomorphic measures for the stylistic taste.

Compared to the original the VuneMES was mechanically iperrifinita, It was already perfect , It was then adopted the top of the range for the cycling components we have replaced, but in the mechanical substance it has remained unchanged.

A big difference as far as the mechanics were made from the wide handlebars, straighter and with oversize attack. This has led to a more proportionate driving position, with shoulders and elbows working more naturally.

He deserves a special mention the form and the body.

Completely made of functional prototyping, the wave of novelty involved: pigtail, saddle, fairing and front fender.

Moreover, all the details in the bike have been taken care maniacally, by brake pumps with integrated reservoir Rizoma, up to parapignone and other technical details.