CR&S DUUThe CR&S DUU It is a bike that we know very well, we have collaborated in the development directly in CR&S following the style and engineering from the beginning up to direct customizations for the most demanding customers.
Now we have created a version, showcase of our design capabilities, where we could fully express our ideas about motorcycle-style and where to apply the most of the criteria that have always accompanied us: functionality, aesthetics, attention to detail and aversion to the paint and covers all futile.


Our CR&S duu has obviously been the subject of a deep customization mainly due to the fact that the model from which it derives, the CR&S DUU "Biotta", born as version "naked" CR&S DUU original. Due to incomplete development of the initial project in CR&S, however, the bike has been "denúdala" (Biotta n.d.r.) only the front, leaving a strange mix of naked front (even too much) and the rear that instead still had parts in traditional plastic bodywork ... Too rough for a bike of this caliber!

We then tried to rebalance the style between the front and rear, slightly overlapping onto the first and the second stripping.
In Given we then shaped duu in CAD first and then in aluminum, almost everything Aluminum, almost everything to CAD.


Some parts have preferred her hand on the spur of the moment (it is always fair to leave a part of the work to the heart), but mostly the bike has been entirely designed, displayed and then made, all with a work-flow that now characterizes us and sees us among the the technical pioneers.

The bike has been the result of a lot of work, in general our approach to projects always involves a preliminary phase of 2D concept which we submit to the client (be it business or private), where we try to make clear all the points that will be subjected to interventions and mainly try to identify immediately the two most important parameters: Volumes and style.

Once this is done we proceed with the project definition, developing it with the use of computers, but also the pencil or directly mechanical workshop.


All pieces designed by CAD systems have been realized in CNC machined from aluminum parts or plexiglass or ABS and other materials. With our expertise in project area we designed from scratch the rear light assembly is a self-illuminating frieze that recalls our logo without being too obvious.