Thanks to our experience in motorcycle design, in design and style and three-dimensional modeling, we have developed a 3D configurator which can be declined as motion configurator, car configurator or more generically as product configurator. In reality, to be more precise, It is a fully configured platform for multiple types of objects, primarily obviously she motorcycles capable of operating on various platforms.


Because our 3D configurator?

Unlike conventional configuration systems, ours is much more extensive and modular but especially evolvable in time in a very simple way.


This system translates into a tool, for manufacturers of motorcycles (or other products), extremely useful and effective.





Functionality 3D configurator:



With our system the customer can easily insert them in the configuration container:

  • Multiple models or variants, evolve them over time and details (such costs, currencies, localizations etc.)
  • Systems for monitoring and tracking end-user data (Geolocation, addresses and preferences ...)
  • lists updated in real-time multi-currency
  • Connecting and Configuring directly into Dealer Corner
  • Online purchase
  • immersive systems for events, exhibitions and presentations
  • of Graphics Updates, accessories, colors and of course models
  • Model Year Change





At the fair ?

Our 3D configurator runs on two monitors, a control and a display, in this way, the user experience is not exclusive, but it involves the entire audience!

Try it out!

a virtual tour events in our 3D configurator for UM Motorcycles