BMW R NineT “Racer”

To me the R Ninety honestly not crazy. It is no doubt a great product, fills a niche that was pretty vacant before her, certainly there are other competing models with similar features, but at BMW it was missing such a simple motion, small, modern and stylish.

It will be but to me it seems to emphasize these aspects too; too small, too forcibly stylish. It lacks that character “strambo” Typical of the motion of the propeller house.

At the request of a friend we have prepared a few variants from the look sportier and more personal.

Its main characteristic is that of being visually a sports, but it fits in well with the use of everyday or with Gran Turismo thanks to the original manubrietto mounted on a windshield that does not interfere with the same.

We want to be just a slight facelift, an operation to be custom bikes, not the concept.

It could be a 'one-shot’ but also possibly a conversion kit.

The choice may be to you because our Ninety is sold as P.U.C.A. in our Shop.