Low Ride 11 2009

The 2011 It seems almost here.

A wave of modernism makes flying the little big house in Settimo Milanese. CR&S already is distinguished by the originality of their streetfighter from mixed close and the uniqueness of each piece.

The logical evolution of the mono, essential and fun, This will be twin. It seems “solo” a concept bike but a forklift DUU has already traveled several kilometers; The tests validate unusual technical choices. The twin X-Wedge is its beating heart, un v-twin “air” almost two liters that enhances the search S&S over the classical schemes of Harley-Davidson. L’angolo dei cilindri di 56 degree course cancels the vibrations; distribution with three camshafts in the crankcase and toothed belts ensures optimum geometry, via short rods and hydraulic tappets. Contained is the mechanical noise, rendendo possibile l’omologazione Euro 3 with injection and catalysts. The stainless steel exhaust is studied by QD Exhaust to centralize the masses and allow lateral inclinations greater than 40 degrees. The potential of this very big twin is remarkable even in the configuration “code”: at least 100 horses and 130 Newton / meters of torque, but the delivery is full every scheme. Change to separate 5 O 6 relationships and primary chain complete a powertrain inserted in an original frame. A big part of steel pipe from the steering head and contains the lubricant; It argues beautiful side plates, billet atelier Rhizome, to which it is anchored by means of a transverse tubular section; the single-sided swingarm. All proposals CR&S nascono con l’obiettivo di garantire piacere di guida e la ciclistica della Duu, un distillato di Made in Italy d’estrazione sportiva, will not disappoint . The details are beautiful, starting with the steering plates made by rizoma and from the modular wheels; Brembo brakes and quality suspensions allow ample adjustment. Accuracy and responsiveness agility promise to pilot , extreme folds and handling, senza cadere nell’estremo opposto di quote troppo “nervous”. With dimensions close to those of a XR1200 and weight of about 237 kg dry, grazie all’allungo infinito del motore dovrebbe risultare divertente, easy and exasperated. These qualities are added a modular philosophy to configure the motorcycle according to different driving styles and life, component quality, craftsmanship with industrial guarantees: easy to foresee immediate interest around this streetfighter. Many of the components CR&S are custom designed by Donato Cannatello by Italian companies like Rhizome. Originality and fittings “tailored” should represent an additional plus in favor of DUU. Even the fixed price promises to be interesting, circa 20.000 euro: vicino a quello dei VRSC e inferiore al nuovo V-Max… How long before the 2011?


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