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MOTO GUZZI V11 “Darkest”

The customization of your motorcycle is something different from any other type of search anyone can do.

It is different from technological research aimed at the creation or invention of something, It is different from the design research that can be done during the conception of something, It is also different from the customization that can be done in other fields. From the most frivolous how to choose the color of socks to the more important as the great architectural renovation but actually also very different from the similar practice of customizing a car.

The make a motorcycle as similar to themselves or to their ideas or ideals or their styles is an operation that for most of the development involves many hours standing just sitting sideways to look at your bike, imagine, dreaming.

When we think of our bike imagine it as an essential complement. There can be nothing that is not how we want it, no piece, no screw, no color, no reflection, no shadow.

Our MOTO GUZZI V11 is in our opinion the real TAILOR MADE applied to motorcycles.

A painstaking definition of taste and the style of the customer, of how he drives, of how he dresses, what he likes and what he does not like, how caring and how he mistreats.

No flashy element, but a set of elegant finishes and parts, a motorcycle “good” and tasty but not shouts and is not flashy. A balance of colors and small details to discover but above all to use, applied on a simple but powerful mechanical base. A functional bike but with the taste of traditional and makes you go to the pleasant work and makes you better start to the day.

Samurai Chopper

Logo Officine Riunite Milanesi

When I see our Samurai fell silent ...

Low , long, narrow and black so that you are afraid to drive and desire to tame it.
At first glance the Samurai Chopper seems a gate with wheels van, a micro tank and that mass of cylinders that and carteroni, then you stop on the locomotive brakes and the controls on the micro-switch and start goggle ... Slowly begin to scroll jumping from one detail to another, from one contrast, Suspended from other. The alternation between the black, chromium and brass is hypnotic like a pinball full bonus ball.

Do you dwell on the arms of beautiful billet aluminum hidden by paint and hidden from real steel exhaust pipe straight from 2 mere inches.
See amazing suspension and fluffy but do not see a shadow of a damper. See strange nuts used only in remote constellations pulling logs ties with Uni-Ball joints micrometric regulating preload nulla.Poi see the painting and start to get into all the black levels that can fit in such a small tank.
And chromium, the springs of Springer, chiatto the handlebar and straight and catenone as a bridge on the Thames.
Then you jump on and parts and you are the happiest man on earth.

Velocitalia Amix

logo velocitalia Amix is ​​a bike from classical and traditional forms, but from the very current technology. Created for use everyday, think first of all the comfort and the pedaling performance, then adopts a shaft drive, which it has the huge advantage of not requiring maintenance and chain guard, so as not to soil or damage the pants in any way.

The frame is also made of composite technology with joints and tubes, just like the bike than once, thus allowing the maximum design modularity and at the same time a manufacturability"tailor made", with geometric dimensions then tailored to the customer.

The bike is characterized by extreme attention to detail and a high of clean design.

Its elegant shapes and its refined design, however, does not transcend from usability , Amix then carbon fiber fenders, very protective that allow you to travel in comfort even with the wet road.

Change in the hub 7/8 relationships, hydraulic front brake and rear disc-to-back pedaling complete the technical framework, to the satisfaction of both the sportsman elegant cyclist.