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Vespa Tattoo

What can you say about the Vespa that has not already been said? Forse give a bel tattoo?

The wasp is an icon of motorcycling and popular engine, He has spanned the decades while remaining on the cutting edge, always true to herself, always a myth of the light engine. E 'was interpreted in all possible interpretations, from the most pistaiole and fun to the very hipster (o hippy), passing various cults such as that generated by the film Quadrophenia of the 1979, symbol of a generation in the mood to rebel against rebellion!

Over the years the wasp was dismembered, colored, botched, prepared, lightened and weighted, rendered famous by e volgarizzata ... we have it tattooed simply!

We have indelibly etched his steel skin (remained Steel, always faithful to the original scheme of Corradino D'Ascanio), we have carved above a beautiful floral design that has become an integral part of his body / chassis, indelible part, an everlasting love, that can not be erased with a simple coat of paint, that will always be there where it was put.

We recorded the body with an awl and skilled tattoo artist or rather engraver hand we created a slight relief hardly noticeable to the touch, We then covered with the original paint "wound" created to assure durability and make it even lighter and imperceptible our intervention.

The result is a design just perceptible, extremely elegant, extremely sublime, as only we know how to do Italian.

The motorcycle tattoo is a process that we invented the Given and we decline it in many variations, more or less refined, more or less visible, depending on the bike, owner, and the material on which we go to work. We can work on plastic, of aluminum or iron, painted or raw, for each of these materials we have developed a process depending on the characteristics of the material and the finishing request.
For more information please see our page dedicated to this finish.

The processing has been given a little complex process that the body of the wasp is structural and non-removable, so it was a pleasure to work directly on the bike fun.