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KTM E-SM “Free”

The KTM Freeride E-SM is a beautiful bike!

Beautiful from the point of view of performance, entertainment offering and innovative electrical design.

In our opinion, however,, like all KTM realizations, It has a design too traditional and too racing graphics. For this we assumed this stylistic appearance where we worked on suspension, superstructures, trim and graphics.

The suspensions are replaced with fork and swingarm both monoarm Gilera CX derivation 125

. The circles created ad hoc with little oversized spokes.

The superstructures seen a general reduction in volumes and a more road vocation or better 'motard’ with a small storage unit (portaguanti) in the front portion of the saddle.

The set-up changes are obviously aimed at improving the man / machine relationship intervening on driving position, height, hiking etc..

Our KTM Freeride E-SM as all our projects P.U.C.A. (Unique Projects in Search of Author) and only a hypothesis, idea unripe. We will be happy to declined according to your preferences if you want to join the project at the following link:

+++ Elec

ELEC electric concept design Moto

+++ Elec is an electric motorcycle with a strong sporting character.
Designed to compete with the six hundred quattrocilindri, It refers to their style and their shapes while being strongly characterized by its electric motorization.

E’ still a project for which for the moment is not possible to disclose further information.



Mùnch TTX

The Munch TTX was created behind the request to design an electric bike for races which could compete in the newborn world championship of electric motorcycles.

He should bring the historic motorcycle brand what Munch known for its particularly disruptive models.

My interpretation was once obviously looking for an excellent aerodynamics, thing that has influenced the forms covering all the mechanics with an integral hull, hull but I tried to conceal as much as possible making her participate with the underlying mechanics.