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KTM E-SM “Free”

The KTM Freeride E-SM is a beautiful bike! Beautiful from the point of view of performance, entertainment offering and innovative electrical design. In our opinion, however,, like all KTM realizations, It has a design too traditional and too racing graphics. For this we assumed this stylistic appearance where we worked on suspension, superstructures,…
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ELEC electric concept design Moto

+++ Elec

+++ Elec è una moto elettrica dal forte carattere sportivo. Disegnata per competere con le seicento quattrocilindri, si rifà al loro stile ed alle loro forme pur essendo fortemente caratterizzata per la sua motorizzazione elettrica. E’ un progetto ancora per il quale per il momento non è possibile rivelare maggiori informazioni.    

Mùnch TTX

The Munch TTX was created behind the request to design an electric bike for races which could compete in the newborn world championship of electric motorcycles. He should bring the historic motorcycle brand what Munch known for its particularly disruptive models. My interpretation was once obviously looking for an excellent aerodynamics,…
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