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Are you thinking about how to make your own custom bike? Are you looking for a specialist to build your custom bike? Perfect! We are in Milan, but thanks to our network of carriers we can take your bike anywhere and bring it home.

Once the motion is that we can draw it according to your ideas or requests, or alternatively you can leave design freedom and let us do everything, you just have to come and collect it and be amazed. Whatever your idea of ​​custom bikes we will be happy to share it, even to reason over a beer, if you want you can make the Rendering to give you an idea of ​​how it could be customized, can we to see custom already in a 3D viewing environment where you'll see so real you will want to jump on and give gas! One of the most challenging aspects of our work is the creation of custom bikes, or "tailored", for customers who want to stand, with well-defined and custom details, we like this area because it allows us to unleash our creativity on bikes that can turn into unique items, because we like the complexities that exist in achieving a customized bikes are always different, with new materials and construction techniques that change from time to time. The customization of a motorcycle requires a lot of practical experience mechanical, but from our very important point of view are also planning skills and creativity.



Design and Planning

Custom bikes at the industrial level for the private client.

When we make a motorcycle Given we do not just replace original parts with other found around, but we work directly on the workpiece, or on the bike, to recreate, draw, designing, just like the customer wants. Not just a cut and paste, but a real ad hoc project where details make the difference. In shaping motorcycles are designed specifically to meet the needs of the customer constraints are very different from those of the industrial design and relate to the person instead of the technical or economic interests.

exclusive projects Moto Design. Italian Mechanical Engineering and Design for unique and innovative projects. Gives 20 years to the most demanding customer service.

Harley Davidson XR1200


In Given we like motorcycles "rustic", of iron, with the mechanical sight, the modern form, but we are always for a more industrial approach. Each custom bikes for us to Given is an object to be enjoyed slowly, piecemeal, particular after particular.


We like to work on all types of custom bikes, in particular we like: BMW single-cylinder boxer and, CR&S OF A DUU (on these we loooong experience ..), Harley Davidson small and large, Triumph Bonneville e family, but also we worship the Japanese, in particular because Honda is the bike that we wanted and with whom we have grown.


We are in Milan, in a beautiful industrial context, convenient and confidential, contact us to visit us, we will be happy to design together with you your bike custom, or alternatively to make even just a chat among motorcyclists.

Vespa Tattoo

What can you say about the Vespa that has not already been said? Forse give a bel tattoo?

The wasp is an icon of motorcycling and popular engine, He has spanned the decades while remaining on the cutting edge, always true to herself, always a myth of the light engine. E 'was interpreted in all possible interpretations, from the most pistaiole and fun to the very hipster (o hippy), passing various cults such as that generated by the film Quadrophenia of the 1979, symbol of a generation in the mood to rebel against rebellion!

Over the years the wasp was dismembered, colored, botched, prepared, lightened and weighted, rendered famous by e volgarizzata ... we have it tattooed simply!

We have indelibly etched his steel skin (remained Steel, always faithful to the original scheme of Corradino D'Ascanio), we have carved above a beautiful floral design that has become an integral part of his body / chassis, indelible part, an everlasting love, that can not be erased with a simple coat of paint, that will always be there where it was put.

We recorded the body with an awl and skilled tattoo artist or rather engraver hand we created a slight relief hardly noticeable to the touch, We then covered with the original paint "wound" created to assure durability and make it even lighter and imperceptible our intervention.

The result is a design just perceptible, extremely elegant, extremely sublime, as only we know how to do Italian.

The motorcycle tattoo is a process that we invented the Given and we decline it in many variations, more or less refined, more or less visible, depending on the bike, owner, and the material on which we go to work. We can work on plastic, of aluminum or iron, painted or raw, for each of these materials we have developed a process depending on the characteristics of the material and the finishing request.
For more information please see our page dedicated to this finish.

The processing has been given a little complex process that the body of the wasp is structural and non-removable, so it was a pleasure to work directly on the bike fun.

Triumph Speed Triple 1050 “PIER”

Pier is an avid serious ones.
La sua Speed Triple 1050 spends more time under the knife or on the road. Yet Pier makes of kilometers in motion… Turns solo on the steps and torque weekend (obviously with a two-seater motorcycle)….
On his Speed ​​Pier achieved alone or with our help all the parts needed to transform its “civil” Speed ​​Triple in the beast of customization and fun that you can see on this page.
Everything was taken care to detail, screw to screw, pomellino for pomellino, until you get to the rear frame, pigtail, and wheels made according to his purpose.


In the specific case, for the tail, we started from a model made of extruded polyurethane low density “graven” by hand by the same Pier, we engineered by 3D scanning and reverse engineering, with a resolution of geometrical problems, undercuts, Draft and mirroring. From this we obtained a first ABS model milled from solid to use as “Master” mold for the fiber Carbon.
Finally we rolled the fiber until you have fully replicated the early stages with a final product super strong and only a few pounds heavier.



The wheels also have been specifically created on demand and Pier design, wheels not too thick beams, functional and read, tubless, monoarm and varnishing bicolor.
It was not easy to bring together all the requests, but with the help of our Jonich It was almost a walk.
Find the wheels also available in our shop-on line.


CR&S DUU “Nd01”

CR&S DUUThe CR&S DUU It is a bike that we know very well, we have collaborated in the development directly in CR&S by following the style and engineering to start up direct customizations for the most demanding customers.
Now we have created a version, showcase of our design capabilities, where we could fully express our ideas about motorcycle-style and where to apply the most of the criteria that have always accompanied us: functionality, aesthetics, attention to detail and aversion to the paint and covers all futile.


Our CR&S duu has obviously been the subject of a deep customization mainly due to the fact that the model from which it derives, the CR&S DUU “Biotta”, born as version “naked” CR&S DUU original. Due to incomplete development of the initial project in CR&S, however, the bike has been “denúdala” (Biotta n.d.r.) only the front, leaving a strange mix of naked front (even too much) and the rear that instead still had parts in traditional plastic bodywork… Too rough for a bike of this caliber!

We then tried to rebalance the style between the front and rear, slightly overlapping onto the first and the second stripping.
In Given we then shaped duu in CAD before and then in aluminum, almost everything Aluminum, almost everything to CAD.


Some parts have preferred her hand on the spur of the moment (it is always fair to leave a part of the work to the heart), but mostly the bike has been entirely designed, displayed and then made, all with a work-flow that now characterizes us and sees us among the the technical pioneers.

The bike has been the result of a lot of work, in general our approach to projects always involves a preliminary phase of 2D concept which we submit to the client (be it business or private), where we try to make clear all the points that will be subjected to interventions and mainly try to identify immediately the two most important parameters: Volumes and style.

Once this is done we proceed with the project definition, developing it with the use of computers, but also the pencil or directly mechanical workshop.


All pieces designed by CAD systems have been realized in CNC machined from aluminum parts or plexiglass or ABS and other materials. With our expertise in project area we designed from scratch the rear light assembly is a self-illuminating frieze that recalls our logo without being too obvious.

Kawasaki ZXR 1100 “STEALTH”

A classic reissued in a modern post / Atomic!

Logo_Officine_Riunite_MilanesiCreated for and with "Officine Riunite Milanesi" from a Kawasaki ZXR 1100, "Lamaialona" It is a deliberately strong design studio on a very simple basis.
Tired of the same interpretations in key Cafè Racer, Scrambler o Hypster, we opted for an interpretation that would allow us to do both formal experimentation both of techniques and materials used.
The initial idea was a bike in Stealth Style, literally "stealth, clandestinely", We then tried to apply this concept to a national typical military means or otherwise road, of course we focused on the typical square shape of this design, on sharp edges and on the technical nature of the global design. also from "jargon" military have inherited the performance of all types of soils, from pure off-road to the runway, equipping the means of a highly efficient cycling system, replacing suspensions, wheels and braking system. The latter has been realized ad hoc according to our design from "Discacciati Brake System" Thank you for joining us in this trial involving, always with the highest standards of reliability and safety criteria, a component so exclusively technical and functional as the braking system.

A motorcycle show and the Futa Pass

The bike is designed as a whole as an element of design research for future motorcycle trends both of mass production but also of private interpretation staff, we believe the result of this experiment is certainly positive, we saw that you can produce a half from the strong mechanical characterization without appearing a Rat-bike or an old tractor just emerged from years of lethargy in a barn. The result however is a bike that is very well suited for both heavy duty use, as an excursion long haul, or a ride in the hills or one stressful Futa Pass. But at the same time you can use "Lamaialona" as a daily means of transport or as a simple motion "bar".

3D Print

Lamaialona was realized with the help of modern 3D design and printing systems. The first step was to bring the bike on your computer, so here we proceeded to the three-dimensional scanning as soon as the half came in the workshop, the time to remove all the superstructures and 5 minutes we had a beautiful cloud of points which allowed us to proceed to the design with a full big picture.
Once we defined the style we started with the implementation of the various parties. In the first instance we have used our 3D printers to verify that the parts were assembled correctly.
The bike was then created with a mixture of techniques, digital design and more practical manuals. After scanning all the pieces they were designed in 3D, but then the aluminum sheet metal parts have been cut out and welded by hand, All plastic parts instead are designed based on criteria of feasibility in the CNC for future reproductions and then implemented using FDM 3D printing. At that point a good coat of paint and here the pieces ready for installation.
The fairing instead was made from a single block of aluminum 6061 via CNC milling, this in order to obtain a very often without the classic defect of thin gauge sheet metal edge with exposed edge.


geometric visibility plate PL

The whole bike has been designed based on criteria of relevance perfect homologation, therefore it is perfectly "code compliant" according to EC DIRECTIVES (2002/24/THIS). All the lights are approved and positioned geometrically correct position, the same applies for license plate and all other accessories shown. Similarly the mechanical parts are ready to positively overcome the homologation tests related (tank, tripod etc.).

Officine Riunite Lamaialona by GIVEN (LR) (2)

MV Agusta Brutale 1098 “Unpaint”

We GIVEN like finishes that leave the material in full view, that's why we developed our process “coloration” called for hulls “UNPAINT”.
The UNPAINT is nothing but an original paint removal process in favor of a more natural treatment of the plastics coloring.
There are some tests to be done before we can apply our process, first of all you must make sure that all the coloring parts are of a similar material, for example you can not do on bikes with mixed plastic / aluminum body, it would also be preferable that all plastic parts have the same color paste, In fact, it happens often that the tanks are made with a material and process different from that of other parts.
Just this case it is presented with MV Augusta Brutale 1098 on which we wanted to apply our finishing technique, Luckily we managed to get a good result despite the different materials.
The body of the BRUTALE was then disassembled and completely stripped to be then processed with numerous correspondence hands coarse-grained, color and other sandpaper hands, Then another color, sanding, graphic, adhesives, transparent and yet correspondence.
So our finishing requires a lot of taste not to overdo it and many biceps to be done.
The end result is a motorcycle where they are not the graphic (often excessive) to dominate the scene, but the mechanics, and where the original design is enhanced by the finish which does not cover but finds!

Samurai Chopper

Logo Officine Riunite Milanesi

When I see our Samurai fell silent ...

Low , long, narrow and black so that you are afraid to drive and desire to tame it.
At first glance the Samurai Chopper seems a gate with wheels van, a micro tank and that mass of cylinders that and carteroni, then you stop on the locomotive brakes and the controls on the micro-switch and start goggle ... Slowly begin to scroll jumping from one detail to another, from one contrast, Suspended from other. The alternation between the black, chromium and brass is hypnotic like a pinball full bonus ball.

Do you dwell on the arms of beautiful billet aluminum hidden by paint and hidden from real steel exhaust pipe straight from 2 mere inches.
See amazing suspension and fluffy but do not see a shadow of a damper. See strange nuts used only in remote constellations pulling logs ties with Uni-Ball joints micrometric regulating preload nulla.Poi see the painting and start to get into all the black levels that can fit in such a small tank.
And chromium, the springs of Springer, chiatto the handlebar and straight and catenone as a bridge on the Thames.
Then you jump on and parts and you are the happiest man on earth.


CR&S DUU “SmallSheep”

A proposal for a light restyling for CR&S DUU

We tried to adjust to the style of the classic forms, with a round headlight front and the removal of some plastics and redesigned cooperture.

A very conservative intervention to allow it to operate both as an upgrade or as aftermarket upgrades.