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A Cepheid is a young giant star that pulsates regularly changing its brightness in a regular cycle stremamente.
Their high brightness makes Cepheid stars the standard parameter to measure the distance of globular clusters and galaxies.
Our VUN as Cepheid is a reference in the motorcycle world for its timelessness and unparalleled.

An exercise in exquisite elegance motorcycle. the CR&S VUN is a special and exclusive motorcycle, hand-built by a small Milan renowned motorcycle manufacturer in the world for his creations exclusive and refined performance. Built in only 50 specimens, mounting a frame assembly trellis Mixed steel tubes with aluminum plates 7075 milled from solid atelier Rhizome. The standard suspension offer high performance while remaining linked to a traditional constructive schema. The front fork, realized by Paioli, It is the only one of its class to have a traditional configuration combined with a considerable diameter and radial attachment of the front caliper for single disc. The rear shock absorber instead is mounted in a horizontal position above the wheel with direct attack, very stiff and sporty. The engine is a Rotax 652cc single-cylinder that offers so much torque and 54 horses tree.
Everything has voted to keep the weight and then exaggerate the pleasure and driving precision. In this sense, the superstructures are minimized and realized with the most noble materials such as hand-wrought aluminum for the tank and carbon for automotive body parts.
Come ex-Lead designer in CR&S, no other, better Donato Cannatello and its present motorcycle engineering teams GIVEN, They could work on the reconstruction of a motorcycle so important and exclusive.
Work on VUN saw a complete reconstruction "frame-off", where the bike was broken up in every piece to remove the original paint of the chassis and the engine and go to work with abundance on the swingarm and the important details but hidden. For this purpose all machined and finished parts have been treated with procedures as natural as possible so as to preserve the mechanical characteristics of each piece, then the frame has been wet with a very light coating of nickel that will protect the surface from oxidation while the aluminum parts were hand-brushed so as to leave exposed the noble material.
The rebuilding process has affected many small details of the bike, some redesigned and reconstructed using the CAD for steel CNC techniques, aluminum and ABS, but also with more 3D printing techniques for plastic parts.
All changes are aimed at maintaining the excellent details and functionality of this already fantastic bike, its engine, its performances and the high specialization of the construction method. The engine and the intake system have remained substantially the same to preserve the constructive and above all homologation characteristics. In this way the "body-kit" It can be universally used on similar motion.
A lot of effort was put into updating the swingarm instead, mounting a double arm in die-cast aluminum, bolted with a central plate that has reported the geometric characteristics of the original quota, thus allowing to preserve the excellent chassis of the bike.
For a bike so special we opted for an intervention "aggiornativo" keeping the important characteristics and improving those in CR&S could not care for reasons of cost to the public.
The result is a highly recognizable bike but with a strong personality and elegance, which preserves both performance and exclusivity that possibility of daily use. We love it.

Aprilia Kerkennah

logo aprilia

Kerkennah is a bike conceived with the memory of the race bikes, but with greater attention to the general public and civil.
The racing memory is recalled in the minimum dimensions in particular in the front area free from the radiator and from refined chassis, as well as from plastics by particularly technical forms and captivating.
The civil aspect instead is underlined by extremely reliable engine, and alloy wheels that require less maintenance compared to those traditionally used in the race rays.

Aprilia Kerkennah is powered by a single cylinder engine 4 valves with single overhead camshaft distribution equipped with a high design modernity, throughout the bike wheel, that is born, around it and to some very innovative solution ciclistiche.

The rear subframe and the tank / saddle group revolve on a hinge located behind the steering, in this “arto”?? They are also housed the battery, the air box and all electronic. The air box is grafted onto a plastic flange mounted to the throttle body downstream with rubber sealing system at the time of closing of’ “arto ??”.

The chassis is based on a well known system in Aprilia, or perimeter frame in double-shell die and rear swingarm, also it presents a series of steering system without steel sleeve ( the fork plates are monobloc) .
Although the scheme is conventional, the development of the chassis is completely new because it reflects some parallel technical solutions that have influenced the project must be, primarily the presence of the radiator behind the swingarm pivot and also the steering system without steerer. These two elements are incorporated in the design of the frame and swingarm leading to a low total development and slender in the upper part, in this way the masses have moved towards the central zone of’ roll axis of the motorcycle so smagrendo the crotch region to leave total maneuverability and freedom of movement to the legs.
The exhaust system is composed of a system 2 in 1 stainless steel for the collectors 2 in1 and paracalore, while the silencer is made of steel sheet.

The headlight beam using a double-focus parabola and Reflex lamp in position so as to have a reduced front section of the protective glass and an excellent accessibility to the lamp. The instrumentation is housed in an appendix of the front mask so as to be obtained from a single plastic shell, the same is exclusively digital with an LED screen by definition very low but highly visible thus eliminating any mechanical component and LCD panels.

Kerkennah is an extremely technological motorbike, but with not excessive solutions and costs ??, dedicated to a passionate user but want to use the bike every day to have fun on the roads every day.