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NAC is a concept motorcycle designed for an Asian manufacturer who has commissioned a study of style on one of their pre-existing mechanical base.…

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+++ Elec

ELEC electric concept design Moto

+++ Elec is an electric motorcycle with a strong sporting character. Designed to compete with the six hundred quattrocilindri, refers to their style and their…

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Given Kidster

Kidster is a toy motorcycle created for adults. E’ a project for fun but it brings itself some solutions that may someday…

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Bimota DB666

  For this project we have developed a “advanced concept” based on a number of specific requests received from the customer. The “brief” It concerned the development of a motorcycle…

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Aprilia Kerkennah

Kerkennah is a bike conceived with the memory of the race bikes, but with greater attention to the general public and civil. The memory racing…

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