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Given “Vrs01”

The only exception to our small bikes are bicycles…. This photo is in a bike that we did for fun and for internal needs. He liked the idea of ​​having a fast and agile bicycle, set and stylish.
We have discarded the fixed gear but we kept the stylistic line of the bike with this type of transmission. All stuffed and accompanied by high-level components and look urban fight!

GIVEN “Karim”

KARIM is a small MTB 24″, aluminum frame and fork in Chromium Molybdenum both electroplated with gold bath and with ad hoc graphic.

Velocitalia Honda Sportlite

logo velocitaliaThe SportLite originates from a base Cinelli "pathway", the frame and 'was brought to bare by paint (complicated operation, congratulations to Cinelli for his painting) and then chromed.

5 very long marches and spoked wheels make it a perfect object from city .

E 'for a research prototype was born in 1990, the wheels are used in aluminum Grimeca, a product as beautiful as complicated to use, their weight and their delicacy make the bike a difficult object, but highly satisfactory to use.


Velocitalia Sportlite 2 Velocitalia Sportlite Velocitalia Sportlite 1

Velocitalia Amix

logo velocitalia Amix is ​​a bike from classical and traditional forms, but from the very current technology. Created for use everyday, think first of all the comfort and the pedaling performance, then adopts a shaft drive, which it has the huge advantage of not requiring maintenance and chain guard, so as not to soil or damage the pants in any way.

The frame is also made of composite technology with joints and tubes, just like the bike than once, thus allowing the maximum design modularity and at the same time a manufacturability"tailor made", with geometric dimensions then tailored to the customer.

The bike is characterized by extreme attention to detail and a high of clean design.

Its elegant shapes and its refined design, however, does not transcend from usability , Amix then carbon fiber fenders, very protective that allow you to travel in comfort even with the wet road.

Change in the hub 7/8 relationships, hydraulic front brake and rear disc-to-back pedaling complete the technical framework, to the satisfaction of both the sportsman elegant cyclist.

Paton PG 500 RR

paton logo

“Alone against all, in spite of who, with the excuse of passion for motorcycles benefits his bank account. The tenacity and skill of those who, in spite of everything, He can still put on track a 500 crafts.”
Vanni Spinoni

ThePaton and this, passion and tenacity; the challenge of creating something extremely competitive giving vent to all its resources, both mechanical and of men and means, and extreme attention to detail and the watchful eye of those who make things done quietly and with dedication.

The Paton now wants to return to the scene of the slopes PG500RR, but not in the scenario of the competitions, but within that of enthusiasts who want a truly extreme means to have fun on track. A 500 four-cylinder two times with more than 170 horses and a rabid temperament is something very far from the imagination of today, something far behind and too far, something that does not even exist in dreams, even in those more than 70 thousand euro…

Therefore the appearance of a similar item is something extremely delicate, from all points of view.

Currently (the bike is still in the early stage of development) there is a trend towards a very traditional solution, that preserves the most of the original forms, but denoting definitely an attention to detail worthy of a similar item. Here's the “details” take on a different quality compared to the one usually used in the field of motorcycle design. The details in this case is something that does not detract in the field of performance and historical memory, ma “solo” add in the context of the Exaltation “graphics” content.

Here the Paton PG500RR as a hull shapes typical of the period beginning 2000, but with graphics that evoke the classic historical tradition Paton, the dreaded two-cylinder four-stroke of the late sixties.


Velocitalia Carrobasso


logo velocitaliaCarrobasso is a bike created for our brand “Velocitalia”, a bike born from precise requirement to provide a fast means, powerful and fascinating.

E’ a prototype that has among its features the extreme elegance of style, but the typical performances of a modern city bikes .

E’ the bike for the keen cyclist who has already in the garage by the very special 8kg and full suspension MTB, but he wants to use a bicycle to get around town or in the country that is not too demanding, but at the same time both elegant and guaranteeing performance similar to that of his beloved parked in the garage.

A means that you can leave the street, made of sturdy steel and components of proven reliability .

salient Features:
1] High tecnologicità
2] Alte performances
3] Low purchase price
4] durable materials
5) Easy availability of spare parts / accessories


P / E Ermanno Scervino


logo velocitaliaOur “Spring Summer” is a concept bike from city aimed at a female audience of high-end.

E’ It was created for a famous fashion brand and reflects the characteristics of style, but unlike the other cycling branding operations, It is not a rehash of an existing product “sole” luxury finishes, but it is a product specially designed with development criteria aimed at the realization of an object by the strong characteristics of comfort and ease of use.

So the “Spring Summer” It is a simple and lightweight bicycle, but practice because it has an integrated gear hub that can also be used in bicycle stops, then with a changed extremely practical and simple.

The wheels instead are oriented to the formal characterization of the bike and then they Circles 144 chromates radial spokes, a strong note of elegance that characterizes the whole bicycle. The rest is intentionally understated so as not to create an object too flashy, but elegant in its interior, in her feminine essence.