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Ducati Monster Tractor

Ducati Monster Tractor is a concept designed for the competition “Design your dream” Ducati.

The theme of the course was to develop a product with a strong emotional capacity, that would evoke ideas and feelings instead of performaces and comfort.

The Ducati Monster Tractor has thus become the motorcycle transposition of a tractor 50 years, in particular the muse was the FIAT 25R '54, a small and versatile tractor widespread at the time.

The mechanism is the classic one for Ducati “L”, with water-cooled engine and radiator in the nose, more details are instead the chassis and in general the suspensions.
Without dwelling too much on feasibility, we assumed that evoked suspension mechanics, tractor, with the characteristic distinctive element of the colored coating of all the mechanical parts.

The Monster Tractor is now a project ten years ago (2003) yet it is always contemporary and futuristic. These days we're creating an updated version, follow us on these pages to the news…