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Triumph Speed Triple 1050 “PIER”

Pier is an avid serious ones.
La sua Speed Triple 1050 spends more time under the knife or on the road. Yet Pier makes of kilometers in motion… Turns solo on the steps and torque weekend (obviously with a two-seater motorcycle)….
On his Speed ​​Pier achieved alone or with our help all the parts needed to transform its “civil” Speed ​​Triple in the beast of customization and fun that you can see on this page.
Everything was taken care to detail, screw to screw, pomellino for pomellino, until you get to the rear frame, pigtail, and wheels made according to his purpose.


In the specific case, for the tail, we started from a model made of extruded polyurethane low density “graven” by hand by the same Pier, we engineered by 3D scanning and reverse engineering, with a resolution of geometrical problems, undercuts, Draft and mirroring. From this we obtained a first ABS model milled from solid to use as “Master” mold for the fiber Carbon.
Finally we rolled the fiber until you have fully replicated the early stages with a final product super strong and only a few pounds heavier.



The wheels also have been specifically created on demand and Pier design, wheels not too thick beams, functional and read, tubless, monoarm and varnishing bicolor.
It was not easy to bring together all the requests, but with the help of our Jonich It was almost a walk.
Find the wheels also available in our shop-on line.


KTM E-SM “Free”

The KTM Freeride E-SM is a beautiful bike!

Beautiful from the point of view of performance, entertainment offering and innovative electrical design.

In our opinion, however,, like all KTM realizations, It has a design too traditional and too racing graphics. For this we assumed this stylistic appearance where we worked on suspension, superstructures, trim and graphics.

The suspensions are replaced with fork and swingarm both monoarm Gilera CX derivation 125

. The circles created ad hoc with little oversized spokes.

The superstructures seen a general reduction in volumes and a more road vocation or better 'motard’ with a small storage unit (portaguanti) in the front portion of the saddle.

The set-up changes are obviously aimed at improving the man / machine relationship intervening on driving position, height, hiking etc..

Our KTM Freeride E-SM as all our projects P.U.C.A. (Unique Projects in Search of Author) and only a hypothesis, idea unripe. We will be happy to declined according to your preferences if you want to join the project at the following link:

Triumph Speed Triple 1050 “Speed Black”

La Triumph Speed Triple 1050 It is one of our favorite motorcycle, his cycling setting, aesthetics, the driving position, engine characteristics make it the perfect blend of looks, fun, usability and look!
Maybe we are not just for the typical chrome dual optics of this bike and the previous series, but it remains an important distinguishing feature unique and distinctive, therefore impossible to remove it.
For this bike so we opted for a light restyling of the rear light area, very important and heavy base, realizing ad hoc and a headlight support plate of reduced dimensions.
All the queue was then slimmed down and thanks to the low discharge and short, much racing, which gives the bike a much slimmer image.

The overall result is a beautiful bike, easy to view and use, light and pleasant to drive, thanks to graphic “tone tone” It remains a mysterious and elegant object that wanders through the city at night illuminated by streetlights Quartz and punctuated by notes of Metropolitan Club.

A Renegade Tracker 300


For UM Global we made a small Scrambler and a small miracle.
Just a week after the International Trade Fair of Milan EICMA motorcycle, We receive a parcel with a series of pieces and a pair of frames to be joined, in essence it came to making a motorcycle by two, from a front end, the other engine, superstructures from a reservoir and the other.

The result speaks for itself, with only three days of intense sessions TIG welding, We rebuilt from scratch frame and adapted all the pieces of mechanical and superstructures. A number of details have been created using 3D printing or manually through mill /.


The bike is a perfect incarnation of a modern urban scrambler, light (300cc engine 4 Rates water), small wheels, extremely fun and easy to handle.


The bike has been a great success at the recent International Exhibition of Milan EICMA motorcycle 2015, UM approaching the style to what are the demands of the new (for them) European market.

Given Kidster

kidster_titleKidster is a toy motorcycle created for adults. E’ a project for fun but it brings itself some solutions that could one day be thorough or be used as a starting point.

For one thing the proportions and volumes are very dynamic and ideal for a motorcycle “adults”, In fact, the next step is the re-proportioning of the motorcycle on adult size. Also the bike exasperates and cites the classic saddle “sharecropper” the Castiglioni brothers, reusing the solution of the holes to give air to the engine and “touch point” motorcycle-pilot.