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GIVEN “Malè”

This bike was created for a very special person, consequently the bike itself should not be too "special", already is its user.
We then created an object that does not give too much attention, it was discreet and elegant but subtly extravagant.

As often happens in these cases, the object originates from a particular which gives the "LA" to all, in this case the wheels are in 144 provenance rays Indonesian, from these we go for the overall project, using an aluminum frame hand made in Italy and a fork "MTB old school" reinterpreted.
Very important, driveability / usability has been enhanced to the maximum, with a single gear ratio, but just for the comfortable departures for good
Travel speed.

only on the front brake and the freewheel to the rear.

The painting course required many hands of paint and several attempts to find the right balance between visibility and elegance, but we're sure you turn on a bike so it will be a pleasure for its lucky owner!