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L’Harley Davidson XR 1200 It is a beautiful mechanical base, a motorcycle that is able to conquer for its typical simplicity of Harley but also for its “badness” cycling and more formal European motorcycle.

For this bike we wanted to work light to preserve the everyday usability and ease of use. We also held the passenger seat (because nothing is more beautiful than to travel by motorcycle with their partner), also it remains of the frame series in the rear area, a beautiful casting arcuate downward, typical legacy of the Harley world which severely penalizes the shape of the tail.

Surely the main speech was that the exhaust system with a new very short muffler instead of the two large series of silencers, This gave impetus to the tail, and a remarkable stamp to the bike. Incredible as it may contribute to the sound of driving pleasure.

For the finishing of plastic we preferred, Also here, follow a policy in line with our style, namely to remove the can and leave each material and each function as much as possible “exposed”. In this case, the plastic body of the Harley (one of the few Harley with plastic) It has been stripped of all superfluous embellishment of paint, and the material was brought to “raw”. This finish we call “UNPAINT”.

In this bike every piece does what he has to do, the performance has been enhanced soul that Harley had never put on a motorcycle; short, with two cylinders that air, molloni to amortize, frenoni curb and a little plasticaccia where needed.

Motorcycle Design Association | 2012 Milan night

The historic brand Moto Guzzi, belonging to the Piaggio group, He received the Motorcycle Design Association Award, a testament to the quality of the direct style center from Miguel Galluzzi.

The awards ceremony, It held mercoledì¬ morning in the Scorpio room inside the conference center EICMA, It made about the Italian style and the quality and professionalism of the Piaggio design center. It 'was the president of the Motorcycle Design Association in person, Glynn Kerr, to deliver into the hands Dario Lopez, on behalf of 'graphic area of ​​the Piaggio Group, the coveted award that annually gives recognition of the design world to the best motorcycle product in terms of innovation and style. Present at the ceremony were Donato Cannatello, designer and member of the international.

Miguel Galluzzi e Donato Cannatello
International Motorcycle Design Prize

For the edition 2009 the awards, the organization design (boasting 165 members across four continents) It decided to grant the award not for a single model, but three belonging to the same brand, in this case Guzzi. The award is therefore went to the V12 Strada, the V12 and V12 LM X.

Aprilia_Guzzi_design Team


100_1751Motorcycle Design Association brief description

"Motorcycle design is a unique and highly specialized area, yet there has previously been no central body to represent the cause, an omission which has been to the detriment of both designers and manufacturers alike.

As a result, the Motorcycle Design Association was created in 2001 by co-founders Glynn Kerr and Francois-Marie Dumas. The aims of the association are to bring together motorcycle designers of all nationalities, to promote their activities and to ease communication between designers and potential clients. We are also effective in promoting students' work, and helping create links between colleges and the motorcycle industry.

The Association now boasts a membership of over 150 members, including freelance designers, engineers, modelmakers and design studios all over the world."

Given Kidster

kidster_titleKidster is a toy motorcycle created for adults. E’ a project for fun but it brings itself some solutions that could one day be thorough or be used as a starting point.

For one thing the proportions and volumes are very dynamic and ideal for a motorcycle “adults”, In fact, the next step is the re-proportioning of the motorcycle on adult size. Also the bike exasperates and cites the classic saddle “sharecropper” the Castiglioni brothers, reusing the solution of the holes to give air to the engine and “touch point” motorcycle-pilot.

Bimota DB666


For this project we have developed a “advanced concept” based on a number of specific requests received from the customer. The “brief” It concerned the development of a motorized Ducati 8 valves and frame Bimota DB4, this to create an object equipped with the best components available today. A motorcycle without the price measure, but only the performance and effectiveness on the track. From this it produced a blueprint from extreme aesthetic characteristics, well that frame a mechanical excellence as its name Bimota claims.