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Moto Custom

Are you thinking about how to make your own custom bike? Are you looking for a specialist to build your custom bike? Perfect! We are in Milan, but thanks to our network of carriers we can take your bike anywhere and bring it home.

Once the motion is that we can draw it according to your ideas or requests, or alternatively you can leave design freedom and let us do everything, you just have to come and collect it and be amazed. Whatever your idea of ​​custom bikes we will be happy to share it, even to reason over a beer, if you want you can make the Rendering to give you an idea of ​​how it could be customized, can we to see custom already in a 3D viewing environment where you'll see so real you will want to jump on and give gas! One of the most challenging aspects of our work is the creation of custom bikes, or "tailored", for customers who want to stand, with well-defined and custom details, we like this area because it allows us to unleash our creativity on bikes that can turn into unique items, because we like the complexities that exist in achieving a customized bikes are always different, with new materials and construction techniques that change from time to time. The customization of a motorcycle requires a lot of practical experience mechanical, but from our very important point of view are also planning skills and creativity.



Design and Planning

Custom bikes at the industrial level for the private client.

When we make a motorcycle Given we do not just replace original parts with other found around, but we work directly on the workpiece, or on the bike, to recreate, draw, designing, just like the customer wants. Not just a cut and paste, but a real ad hoc project where details make the difference. In shaping motorcycles are designed specifically to meet the needs of the customer constraints are very different from those of the industrial design and relate to the person instead of the technical or economic interests.

exclusive projects Moto Design. Italian Mechanical Engineering and Design for unique and innovative projects. Gives 20 years to the most demanding customer service.

Harley Davidson XR1200


In Given we like motorcycles "rustic", of iron, with the mechanical sight, the modern form, but we are always for a more industrial approach. Each custom bikes for us to Given is an object to be enjoyed slowly, piecemeal, particular after particular.


We like to work on all types of custom bikes, in particular we like: BMW single-cylinder boxer and, CR&S OF A DUU (on these we loooong experience ..), Harley Davidson small and large, Triumph Bonneville e family, but also we worship the Japanese, in particular because Honda is the bike that we wanted and with whom we have grown.


We are in Milan, in a beautiful industrial context, convenient and confidential, contact us to visit us, we will be happy to design together with you your bike custom, or alternatively to make even just a chat among motorcyclists.

Harley Davidson V-ROD “VRASCAW”

Harley Davidson Vrod Muscle by Given CEFEIDE

A much discussed motorcycle Harley Davidson V-Rod, in all its many variations. Even many do not consider it a real Harley Davidson because of its technological water-cooled engine, contrary to the principles of simplicity of motion of Milwaukee.
Yet we like very, We like it for its low line and muscular, for its style "uselessly " performing.

Maybe we could even say that better than all other Harley Davidson V-Rod is the American philosophy of going on the road, big engine, big performance, from gate cycling and busted trim. Exclusively from burn-out or highway shooting (or better "Highway"!)

Our work on the bike focused, as is normal with regard to customization that we take into account, primarily on the overall volumes, in the second instance we have reconsidered the driveability and in general the measures is that anthropomorphic geometric means of motion, Finally, we focused on the details.

The issue volume was resolved trying to give the bike an overall look stockier and less stretched the original version of the Harley Davidson V-Rod, we then spoke on the positioning and the shape of the bodywork components as a reservoir, faro, instrumentation and tail.

As regards the structure and geometry we raised the rear in order to shorten the wheelbase, raise the center of gravity and the axis angle of steering verticalize, This has led to a better handling and drivability, more suitable for use of the motorcycle newspaper.

Finally we developed all the details, mechanical and aesthetic, drawing the parts to be realized in 3D, giving a first 3D print version, and once confirmed the goodness, we switched to the realization of aluminum components, ABS plastic and PMMA plastic transparent via CNC.

Ultimately our Harley Davidson V-Rod is perfectly our style of motorcycle customization tailor-made, tailor-made in every sense for the customer, so that it can quietly circled, with the rules and with attention to style but also usability.

BMW R NineT “Racer”

To me the R Ninety honestly not crazy. It is no doubt a great product, fills a niche that was pretty vacant before her, certainly there are other competing models with similar features, but at BMW it was missing such a simple motion, small, modern and stylish.

It will be but to me it seems to emphasize these aspects too; too small, too forcibly stylish. It lacks that character “strambo” Typical of the motion of the propeller house.

At the request of a friend we have prepared a few variants from the look sportier and more personal.

Its main characteristic is that of being visually a sports, but it fits in well with the use of everyday or with Gran Turismo thanks to the original manubrietto mounted on a windshield that does not interfere with the same.

We want to be just a slight facelift, an operation to be custom bikes, not the concept.

It could be a 'one-shot’ but also possibly a conversion kit.

The choice may be to you because our Ninety is sold as P.U.C.A. in our Shop.

Kawasaki ZXR 1100 “STEALTH”

A classic reissued in a modern post / Atomic!

Logo_Officine_Riunite_MilanesiCreated for and with "Officine Riunite Milanesi" from a Kawasaki ZXR 1100, "Lamaialona" It is a deliberately strong design studio on a very simple basis.
Tired of the same interpretations in key Cafè Racer, Scrambler o Hypster, we opted for an interpretation that would allow us to do both formal experimentation both of techniques and materials used.
The initial idea was a bike in Stealth Style, literally "stealth, clandestinely", We then tried to apply this concept to a national typical military means or otherwise road, of course we focused on the typical square shape of this design, on sharp edges and on the technical nature of the global design. also from "jargon" military have inherited the performance of all types of soils, from pure off-road to the runway, equipping the means of a highly efficient cycling system, replacing suspensions, wheels and braking system. The latter has been realized ad hoc according to our design from "Discacciati Brake System" Thank you for joining us in this trial involving, always with the highest standards of reliability and safety criteria, a component so exclusively technical and functional as the braking system.

A motorcycle show and the Futa Pass

The bike is designed as a whole as an element of design research for future motorcycle trends both of mass production but also of private interpretation staff, we believe the result of this experiment is certainly positive, we saw that you can produce a half from the strong mechanical characterization without appearing a Rat-bike or an old tractor just emerged from years of lethargy in a barn. The result however is a bike that is very well suited for both heavy duty use, as an excursion long haul, or a ride in the hills or one stressful Futa Pass. But at the same time you can use "Lamaialona" as a daily means of transport or as a simple motion "bar".

3D Print

Lamaialona was realized with the help of modern 3D design and printing systems. The first step was to bring the bike on your computer, so here we proceeded to the three-dimensional scanning as soon as the half came in the workshop, the time to remove all the superstructures and 5 minutes we had a beautiful cloud of points which allowed us to proceed to the design with a full big picture.
Once we defined the style we started with the implementation of the various parties. In the first instance we have used our 3D printers to verify that the parts were assembled correctly.
The bike was then created with a mixture of techniques, digital design and more practical manuals. After scanning all the pieces they were designed in 3D, but then the aluminum sheet metal parts have been cut out and welded by hand, All plastic parts instead are designed based on criteria of feasibility in the CNC for future reproductions and then implemented using FDM 3D printing. At that point a good coat of paint and here the pieces ready for installation.
The fairing instead was made from a single block of aluminum 6061 via CNC milling, this in order to obtain a very often without the classic defect of thin gauge sheet metal edge with exposed edge.


geometric visibility plate PL

The whole bike has been designed based on criteria of relevance perfect homologation, therefore it is perfectly "code compliant" according to EC DIRECTIVES (2002/24/THIS). All the lights are approved and positioned geometrically correct position, the same applies for license plate and all other accessories shown. Similarly the mechanical parts are ready to positively overcome the homologation tests related (tank, tripod etc.).

Officine Riunite Lamaialona by GIVEN (LR) (2)

MV Agusta Brutale 1098 “Unpaint”

We GIVEN like finishes that leave the material in full view, that's why we developed our process “coloration” called for hulls “UNPAINT”.
The UNPAINT is nothing but an original paint removal process in favor of a more natural treatment of the plastics coloring.
There are some tests to be done before we can apply our process, first of all you must make sure that all the coloring parts are of a similar material, for example you can not do on bikes with mixed plastic / aluminum body, it would also be preferable that all plastic parts have the same color paste, In fact, it happens often that the tanks are made with a material and process different from that of other parts.
Just this case it is presented with MV Augusta Brutale 1098 on which we wanted to apply our finishing technique, Luckily we managed to get a good result despite the different materials.
The body of the BRUTALE was then disassembled and completely stripped to be then processed with numerous correspondence hands coarse-grained, color and other sandpaper hands, Then another color, sanding, graphic, adhesives, transparent and yet correspondence.
So our finishing requires a lot of taste not to overdo it and many biceps to be done.
The end result is a motorcycle where they are not the graphic (often excessive) to dominate the scene, but the mechanics, and where the original design is enhanced by the finish which does not cover but finds!


A Cepheid is a young giant star that pulsates regularly changing its brightness in a regular cycle stremamente.
Their high brightness makes Cepheid stars the standard parameter to measure the distance of globular clusters and galaxies.
Our VUN as Cepheid is a reference in the motorcycle world for its timelessness and unparalleled.

An exercise in exquisite elegance motorcycle. the CR&S VUN is a special and exclusive motorcycle, hand-built by a small Milan renowned motorcycle manufacturer in the world for his creations exclusive and refined performance. Built in only 50 specimens, mounting a frame assembly trellis Mixed steel tubes with aluminum plates 7075 milled from solid atelier Rhizome. The standard suspension offer high performance while remaining linked to a traditional constructive schema. The front fork, realized by Paioli, It is the only one of its class to have a traditional configuration combined with a considerable diameter and radial attachment of the front caliper for single disc. The rear shock absorber instead is mounted in a horizontal position above the wheel with direct attack, very stiff and sporty. The engine is a Rotax 652cc single-cylinder that offers so much torque and 54 horses tree.
Everything has voted to keep the weight and then exaggerate the pleasure and driving precision. In this sense, the superstructures are minimized and realized with the most noble materials such as hand-wrought aluminum for the tank and carbon for automotive body parts.
Come ex-Lead designer in CR&S, no other, better Donato Cannatello and its present motorcycle engineering teams GIVEN, They could work on the reconstruction of a motorcycle so important and exclusive.
Work on VUN saw a complete reconstruction "frame-off", where the bike was broken up in every piece to remove the original paint of the chassis and the engine and go to work with abundance on the swingarm and the important details but hidden. For this purpose all machined and finished parts have been treated with procedures as natural as possible so as to preserve the mechanical characteristics of each piece, then the frame has been wet with a very light coating of nickel that will protect the surface from oxidation while the aluminum parts were hand-brushed so as to leave exposed the noble material.
The rebuilding process has affected many small details of the bike, some redesigned and reconstructed using the CAD for steel CNC techniques, aluminum and ABS, but also with more 3D printing techniques for plastic parts.
All changes are aimed at maintaining the excellent details and functionality of this already fantastic bike, its engine, le sue performances e l'alta specializzazione del metodo costruttivo. Il motore e l'impianto di aspirazione sono rimasti sostanzialmente gli stessi per conservare le caratteristiche costruttive e sopratutto omologative. In this way the "body-kit" It can be universally used on similar motion.
Grande sforzo è stato impiegato invece nell'aggiornamento del forcellone, mounting a double arm in die-cast aluminum, bolted with a central plate that has reported the geometric characteristics of the original quota, permettendo così di conservare l'ottima ciclistica della moto.
For a bike so special we opted for an intervention "aggiornativo" keeping the important characteristics and improving those in CR&S could not care for reasons of cost to the public.
The result is a highly recognizable bike but with a strong personality and elegance, which preserves both performance and exclusivity that possibility of daily use. We love it.

MOTO GUZZI V11 “Darkest”

The customization of your motorcycle is something different from any other type of search anyone can do.

It is different from technological research aimed at the creation or invention of something, It is different from the design research that can be done during the conception of something, It is also different from the customization that can be done in other fields. From the most frivolous how to choose the color of socks to the more important as the great architectural renovation but actually also very different from the similar practice of customizing a car.

The make a motorcycle as similar to themselves or to their ideas or ideals or their styles is an operation that for most of the development involves many hours standing just sitting sideways to look at your bike, imagine, dreaming.

When we think of our bike imagine it as an essential complement. There can be nothing that is not how we want it, no piece, no screw, no color, no reflection, no shadow.

Our MOTO GUZZI V11 is in our opinion the real TAILOR MADE applied to motorcycles.

A painstaking definition of taste and the style of the customer, of how he drives, of how he dresses, what he likes and what he does not like, how caring and how he mistreats.

No flashy element, but a set of elegant finishes and parts, a motorcycle “good” and tasty but not shouts and is not flashy. A balance of colors and small details to discover but above all to use, applied on a simple but powerful mechanical base. A functional bike but with the taste of traditional and makes you go to the pleasant work and makes you better start to the day.

Samurai Chopper

Logo Officine Riunite Milanesi

When I see our Samurai fell silent ...

Low , long, narrow and black so that you are afraid to drive and desire to tame it.
At first glance the Samurai Chopper seems a gate with wheels van, a micro tank and that mass of cylinders that and carteroni, then you stop on the locomotive brakes and the controls on the micro-switch and start goggle ... Slowly begin to scroll jumping from one detail to another, from one contrast, Suspended from other. The alternation between the black, chromium and brass is hypnotic like a pinball full bonus ball.

Do you dwell on the arms of beautiful billet aluminum hidden by paint and hidden from real steel exhaust pipe straight from 2 mere inches.
See amazing suspension and fluffy but do not see a shadow of a damper. See strange nuts used only in remote constellations pulling logs ties with Uni-Ball joints micrometric regulating preload nulla.Poi see the painting and start to get into all the black levels that can fit in such a small tank.
And chromium, the springs of Springer, chiatto the handlebar and straight and catenone as a bridge on the Thames.
Then you jump on and parts and you are the happiest man on earth.

Triumph Speed Triple 1050 “Speed Black”

La Triumph Speed Triple 1050 It is one of our favorite motorcycle, his cycling setting, aesthetics, the driving position, engine characteristics make it the perfect blend of looks, fun, usability and look!
Maybe we are not just for the typical chrome dual optics of this bike and the previous series, but it remains an important distinguishing feature unique and distinctive, therefore impossible to remove it.
For this bike so we opted for a light restyling of the rear light area, very important and heavy base, realizing ad hoc and a headlight support plate of reduced dimensions.
All the queue was then slimmed down and thanks to the low discharge and short, much racing, which gives the bike a much slimmer image.

The overall result is a beautiful bike, easy to view and use, light and pleasant to drive, thanks to graphic “tone tone” It remains a mysterious and elegant object that wanders through the city at night illuminated by streetlights Quartz and punctuated by notes of Metropolitan Club.

A Renegade Tracker 300


For UM Global we made a small Scrambler and a small miracle.
Just a week after the International Trade Fair of Milan EICMA motorcycle, We receive a parcel with a series of pieces and a pair of frames to be joined, in essence it came to making a motorcycle by two, from a front end, the other engine, superstructures from a reservoir and the other.

The result speaks for itself, with only three days of intense sessions TIG welding, We rebuilt from scratch frame and adapted all the pieces of mechanical and superstructures. A number of details have been created using 3D printing or manually through mill /.


The bike is a perfect incarnation of a modern urban scrambler, light (300cc engine 4 Rates water), small wheels, extremely fun and easy to handle.


The bike has been a great success at the recent International Exhibition of Milan EICMA motorcycle 2015, UM approaching the style to what are the demands of the new (for them) European market.

Aprilia Ramsex


logo apriliaOpen it RÂMSEX is an advanced concept developed by order of the Aprilia, the basic mechanics is that of the Aprilia Dorsoduro, then V-twin engine of 90 degrees and mixed frame tubular structure / aluminum plates in pressofusione.Aprilia RÂMSEX 750.

Our proposal sees superstructure more’ spindly, front wheel 19″ , low discharges and tank under the saddle, all this for a product more’ road, more’ minimum, oriented more’ towards a supermotard cubing that a large endurona trend.