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Velocitalia Amix

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Amix is ​​a bike from classical and traditional forms, but from the very current technology. Created for use everyday, think first of all the comfort and the pedaling performance, then adopts a shaft drive, which it has the huge advantage of not requiring maintenance and chain guard, so as not to soil or damage the pants in any way.

The frame is also made of composite technology with joints and tubes, just like the bike than once, thus allowing the maximum design modularity and at the same time a manufacturability "tailor made", with geometric dimensions then tailored to the customer.

The bike is characterized by extreme attention to detail and a high of clean design.

Its elegant shapes and its refined design, however, does not transcend from usability , Amix then carbon fiber fenders, very protective that allow you to travel in comfort even with the wet road.

Change in the hub 7/8 relationships, hydraulic front brake and rear disc-to-back pedaling complete the technical framework, to the satisfaction of both the sportsman elegant cyclist.

Scooter HT


The scooter is always the scooter!

Always demonized, blamed and despised!

For us it is not so! The scooter has its charms, terms of comfort, performance (Yes!) and usability. At the bottom it is to be interpreted as a working medium, like a wheelbarrow or a tractor, It can have its charm, his personality.

We hypothesized a number of proposals for an Asian manufacturer, the target is a young public, average spending, very fashionable (the oriental style) and then… why not give him the means it deserves ??!