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STYLE FLOW – Course of Style, Design, Render e Sketches

292,00  VAT included



STYLE FLOW is the fifth and final module of our course of Design, It captures the style and design skills in the field of Transportation Design.

The course is organized as COURSE FULL IMMERSION and in one day, allows you to acquire the skills required in a fast and convenient.


Tutte le informazioni riguardanti il nostro corso di stile e sketch.
mode:The course is structured as a collective way with a minimum of 1 person up to a maximum of 4 students per course.
For each student is provided a workstation where they can exert on site.
At the end of the course, students receive a certificate of participation.
Price:The course has a cost of € 292 including VAT.
seat: The course is carried out at our headquarters in Milan, Via Lago di Nemi 25.
duration: The course takes place from 12:00 all 20:00 on Wednesday in a single lesson.
Who is it:Members possess good PC user skills, Windows environment , computer graphics programs that both Vector and Bitmap 3D modeling capabilities.
Why participate:To acquire knowledge and professional skills in the field of automotive and motorcycle style.
Program:Theory Volumes
Rendering 3D tramite computer
Rendering 2D via computer
Rendering 2D freehand