Filtro aria Kuryakyn pro-r Hypercharger per CR&S DUU


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Filtro aria Kuryakyn pro-r Hypercharger per CR&S DUU

We have developed a kit to mount the beautiful Kuryakyn pro-r Hypercharger on our CR&S DUU.

The kit includes all the necessary hardware and filter Kuryakyn pro-r Hypercharger.

If you have one and want duu + performances + style + sound, then you would not mount!


NB: Time required 4 weeks ARO!


Installation for Kuriakin Pro-R air filter on CR&S DUU

Remove original air filter, PAY ATTENCTION, screws are in Imperial size, so keep them apart for further.

Now you can see the throttle body exposed.

Put original gasket at his place.

Secure new fixing clamp with original Imperial screws.

Add new gaskets on the fixing clamp.

Now fix the new Kuryakyn pro-r Hypercharger air filter inner part with 3 screws in the kit (metric M6)

Cover the screws with plastic cover.

Place Air cleaner in working position.

Add air cleaner cover.

Secure outside shell of the Kuryakyn pro-r Hypercharger. Pay attenction to the 2 guides in the front part keeping the axle of the valves.

Secure the small screw of the TOP front part keeping the axle (PAY attention it is a Imperial 7/64” hex wrench).

Secure the LOWER 7/64” screw.

If you cannot find 7/64” screw, you will hardly be able to secure it.

Find the brass plug on the throttle body (left side looking at the bike).

Remove the rubber cap.

Use the rubber pipe to joint the brass plug…

…with the lower plug on the air cleaner below the valves.
Secure with straps.
Run and Enjoy!