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One of the CR&S DUU most beautiful we have ever made in CR&S, sober, classical, but disruptive as only can be duu.

Refined be turned off and turned on brutal, characterized by a graphic livery as bright as only a beautiful Red can give.

Ultimissima series CR&S DUU, model year 2013 with a whole series of updates to the mechanical and to the bodies that have made it a product even more reliable and durable, in time and kilometers.
Among the accessories, the engine oil tank machined from solid with the typical "porcupine" finning, the Rizoma mirrors, the vascone “belly Pan” carbon fiber, he kit “Cross” with minimal mask and poly-ellipsoidal LED headlights, the circles machined from solid Marchesini Design.
The bike is in a “conlatusa” configuration which means two-seater (some bikes came exclusively single-seater).
For the uninitiated the bike has a displacement of 2000cc (1917cc) and a power of about 105 Cv, Mentra torque delivery is well 152 Nm.

The bike has about 10000km, single-owner, one of the last produced in CR&S. Exchanges are not accepted.