CR&S DUU “Special”


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CR&S DUU “Special”

Surely one of the CR&S most exclusive duu never realized in CR&S.
In addition to having all the accessories available in the catalog, this motion also presents a new headlight exclusively realized ad hoc for the current owner.

A custom paint a deep blue as the Atlantic and a whole long list of accessories:

Looking billet with a modular channel, Brembo monobloc calipers with radial attack, engine oil tank billet with finish “porcupine”, engine intermanete polished mirror, frame brushed, Brake and clutch pumps Discacciati DBS billet with exclusive design by CR&S Racing, cap Rizoma racing etc.

Come alone in the CARRIES, tons of torque (150 NM) and cavalry enough (circa 105 Cv tree).

2000km bike, Nenci 50km from the engine has been updated to version 2200 cc!!!!

Single-owner, model year 2013, approximately 2000km.