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CLAY FLOW – Clay Course in the Automotive

1.120,00  VAT included



Our course of Clay.

Capture tools for modeling Clay for automotive applications.

It comes to the student everything you need to create a model (the part) of motion with the technique of sculpture, to know the use of the material, the tools and all the leaders to deal with a professional career in this beautiful area.


All information regarding our course Modeling Clay.
mode:The course is structured as a collective way with a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 4 students per course.
At the end of the course, students receive a certificate of participation.
Price: The course has a cost of 1 120 € tax included
seat: The course is carried out at our headquarters in Milan, Via Lago di Nemi 25.
duration:The course takes place in 3 day from 10:00 all 19:00.
Who is it:Users with good manual skills and workshop work.
Why participate:To learn how to model a motorcycle in Clay and all boundary services, with their professional interests.
- Theory, from sketches to prototype development.
- project Preparation, sketch component to achieve.
- Preparation and modeling support.

- tool Tutorial.
- Caricature of the clay model and preparation forms.

- Modeling clay.
- Finish.
- Adding 3D printing details.