Belt drive X-Wedge

760554 S&S X-Wedge Cam Drive Belt, 30mmx127T


NB - Order fulfillment time "4 weeks".

760554 S&S X-Wedge Cam Drive Belt, 30mmx127T

L’ S&S X-Wedge is a special V-twin engine with three cams for custom applications

It is also used in some models Big Dog and CR&S, as well as the Morgan 3-Wheeler, that uses the engine from X121 1,983 cc (121CI).

The timing belt is subject to frequent breakages, and yet on average does not lead to engine damage, It is certainly preferable to replace it before it breaks.

On average, the manufacturer provides a replacement every 5000km, in particular on application motorbike (CR&S o Big Dog) it is preferable to keep an eye on this part because unlike Morgan, where the engine is mounted frontally and consequently has a better cooling, in the motorcycle it is mounted with lateral discharges which pass very close.

A great way to keep an eye on the strap is to use our crankcase cover distribution.


NB: Time required 2 weeks ARO!