Given It is a company with a large experience concentrated in motorcycle design.
With over 10 years of project design, engineering and the motorcycle style, we can develop and follow any type of project, from a Concept base via a first pencil drawing, until the complete development of a motion of series or pre-series. We have different tools and features in-house and a list of suppliers that can satisfy any request for us.
Our goal is to push us new levels of development in design and help companies build better products at lower cost.


The main objective of the Given is the motorcycle design and related services.
We work hard and with 3D software in pencil, paper and computer, but also with welding equipment and complex CNC processes.

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The engineering is strongly related to the design because it enables the production process to be effective and realistic.
This is why we specialize in easily transfer our and your ideas from paper to reality.

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We know that our customers need services in the whole range of design.
They need details, finishes, logistics, display systems and other services to showcase their products to market and receive feedback from this.

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The design is nothing without style!
The style means interpreting trends, fashions and work on finishing details allowing the final customer to feel his motorcycle as the most desirable object that there is.

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