Zongshen Breakout

The BREAKOUT of ZONGSHEN is a small motorcycle declined in various motorizations, both thermal and electrical.
His style is clearly inspired by the big bikes with a marked "Italian Style" specifically requested by customers that is targeted.
Yet within this design project we tried, combines form, style and innovation, while maintaining the references required.

zongshen breakout (2)
zongshen breakout_2 (3)
zongshen breakout (1)

For this project we realized that part of the initial concept relying on mathematical 3D provided by the customer, then the optics has been to pursue the production with the least possible passage of phases.

We therefore opted to bypass the creation of a model Clay to contain the most of the development costs and time to market time.
Thanks to our specialization in the process of Digital-Clay, or the modeling and visualization of a direct form via computer, without physical passage, we could contain many months development time of the project.

On the Digital-Clay we could provide the parent company directly in the skins surface Class A, on which to mold the molds.

We believe in the new visualization and modeling tools in order to greatly accelerate the development process of a motorcycle, yet they do not disdain the use of traditional tools to get perfect shapes and sought. Our strength lies in putting together all these technologies available in the interest of the product and the customer.

Year of introduction:
Engine type:
Singol cylinder
ECE approval: