Idea Submission:

Have you ever thought to make a motorcycle to advertise your company? A motorcycle is an object of secure communicative strength, It concerns the sphere of pure passion, and then his party will remain unlikely stranger. Also it can be easily moved to fairs and international events and no exception can be used in road carry around your brand. the realization of a branded motorcycle can afford to put in highlights your technologies, your skills and your style.

We have all the skills in GIVEN, suppliers and machines that allow us to realize your idea, from the simplest to the most complex.

Here are some examples of branded motorbikes for important brands from various sectors, Our projects are not but give a good idea of ​​how you can range from simple customizations to more complex projects.

Given Branded motorcycle (10)

tax benefits

The realization of a motorcycle branded allows to fully deduct the cost incurred when incurred.

Such expenditure can in fact be classified alternately between:

- Expenses for study and research: fully deductible pursuant to Article 108 comma 1 the TUIR

- Expenditure on advertising or sponsorship fully deductible pursuant to Article 108 comma 2 the Income Tax Code as expenses incurred under a contract to correspondent performances, whose cause lies in the obligation of the counterparty to publicize / advertise, in exchange for payment, the brand and / or company's product in order to stimulate demand (C.M. 34/E/2009).
Sponsorship expenses, to be fully deductible as advertising expenses, must:
or Have the aim to advertise a commercial product or the name or company logo;
o Be paid on a reciprocal obligation for the beneficiary.

- Expenses for fairs / exhibition stand in case of use for the fairs as normal expenses, It is classified as commercial expenses deductible under the Income Tax Code dell'art.109. There are entertainment expenses, as these, necessarily inherent as well as actually incurred and documented, must be free of charge.