MAX 03 2010


It is called CR&S and the hinterland is a small company with a great passion.
His motorcycle “must be something special”, They are constructed by hand and each of them is different from the other. Here's his latest gem: naked, custom, roadster? A bit’ all.

An anonymous shed just outside the rural town . It is a phrase that “tattooed” on each of the bikes that come out of there “They say in Milan, cont he heart and cont’i man”. Translated into Italian means “made in Milan, with the heart and hands”, the essence and philosophy of CR&S, a small company founded by Roberto Crepaldi visceral passion for two wheels. Crepaldi has clear ideas: every motion made by CR&S must be something special and be different from others. As his latest creation. Bring the (“due”) as the name implies it is the second motion of the short history of CR&S, It has a huge and explosive engine with two cylinders 1.916 cc and escapes to the traditional definitions. Naked, roadster, custom, streetfighter? A bit’ all these things together, but the Duu is first of all an exclusive work of art made of precious metals and refined materials molded according to forms that to define original and fascinating is almost an understatement. In addition, each customer can customize their character by choosing construction, components of the chassis and engine preparation level. Pricing starts at 20.000 euro, But besides the money you will have to have patience, because the CR&S are constructed by hand, one by one.

Stefano Bariggia

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